The Mobile Learning Approach: What is it and What are the Benefits?


In recent years, the world has become dependent on mobiles. The rise of smartphones and handheld devices has ushered in a lot of useful and revolutionary applications and features, and one trend that has sprung from the rise of handheld tech has been mobile learning.

How to Record Your Own Audio Narration

Rapid eLearning

In e-learning software like Storyline 360 and Rise 360 you can record (or import) audio narration into your courses. Since many e-learning developers tend to produce all media that belongs in the course, recording audio narration usually is one of those responsibilities.

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When to Use Background Audio in E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

Background audio is not as common as it once was in e-learning. Also, with mobile technology (and some limitations playing multiple audio tracks) it may create some problems playing the way you intend it. However, there are times where background audio makes sense.

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Audio Best Practices

TechSmith Camtasia

Nothing turns off viewers faster than a video with bad audio. If you are recording with mobile devices or lower end cameras, they will most likely have very poor built-in mics that are designed to pick up a wide pattern of sound. Unless you have a higher end camera that has a built-in shotgun mic, you are going to want consider recording audio separately from your video. They do a great job of picking up only the audio that is close by. Selecting an Audio Recorder.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

audio elements, including your voice. provide processing on video and audio content. is vital to making sure you’re ready for this mobile- first world and feel confident that your content. Whether you’re taking your first steps into mobile learning or looking to.

Best Practices: Audio in the Virtual Classroom

InSync Training

To support the mobile , social , and modern virtual classroom , we share our findings and lessons learned with our audience to encourage the creation of training that sticks. For example, as anyone who has taught or participated in a virtual learning environment knows, audio plays a key role in a program’s success. Audio connectivity issues can quickly derail a session, making effective planning essential. How should you encourage learners to connect to audio?

TechSmith Tips – Microphones, Recording Audio & How to Sync Audio with Video

TechSmith Camtasia

I am Mike, a video producer for TechSmith and in this episode I am going to give some advice on types of microphones, audio recorders and methods to easily sync your audio with video. Nothing turns off viewers faster than a video with bad audio. If you are recording with mobile devices or lower end cameras, they will most likely have very poor built-in mics that are designed to pick up a wide pattern of sound. Selecting an Audio Recorder. Recording Audio.

Clark Quinn on Designing Mobile Learning (Audio Interview)

Learning Visions

Mobile Learning – seems to finally be tipping. If you’re involved with training, I suspect the push for providing mobile solutions is getting stronger. If you’re an Instructional Designer and freaking out that now you have to do mobile too – on top of everything else?! – And then be sure to pick up Clark’s newest book: Designing mLearning: Tapping into the mobile revolution for organizational performance. mobile mlearning clark quinn

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My Favorite Microphones for Recording Audio Narration

Rapid eLearning

While I’ve covered audio recording tips and tricks in the past, one of the most frequent questions I’m still asked is about microphones. I’ll have to admit, I’m no audio pro and I’m also a bit less dogmatic about audio quality than some elearning developers. My main goal is to get decent sounding audio without a lot of post-production. Simple Audio Recording Tips. You want to record the best audio quality you can initially.

What You Need to Know to Get the Best Audio

TechSmith Camtasia

Audio Best Practices. Nothing turns off viewers faster than a video with bad audio. If you’re recording with mobile devices or lower end cameras, they will most likely have very poor built-in mics that are designed to pick up a wide pattern of sound. Unless you have a higher end camera that has a built-in shotgun mic, you are going to want consider recording audio separately from your video. They do a great job of picking up only the audio that is close by.

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Designing Mobile Learning Content: Getting Started

Origin Learning

After getting enough inspiration from the current trends and stats about mobile learning , the obvious next question that must be bothering you is – where and how to start? Just like with any new project, a mobile learning implementation program needs a thorough assessment of the current training situation and the tools being used to deliver training.

How Mobile Learning is Changing the Educational Landscape

Hurix Digital

Smart devices and mobile phones have completely taken over our lives, right from entertainment and communication, to the way we learn. Mobile Learning in education is transforming learning for digital natives. Why should Institutions Leverage Mobile Learning in Education?

Apple iBooks Author for Interactive Textbooks and Mobile Learning [VIDEO]

mLearning Revolution

The idea is to revolutionize Textbook as we know them (static) and make them interactive through video, audio, quizzes and other types of interactivity. What I didn’t know was how easy Apple would make it for anyone to create these interactive books, using video, audio, Keynote presentations and even simple-to-create quizzes, that’s where iBooks Author for Mac comes in. Mobile Learning , mLearning , Apple , iBooks. eLearning Mobile Learning

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5 Key Benefits of the Best Mobile LMS


However, those with mobile compatibility have gained an even greater advantage. Workforces everywhere turned to mobile devices to remain productive and this is where the best mobile LMSs provided a seamless transition. Significant benefits of the best mobile LMS are-.

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How to Sync Audio and Video Sources

TechSmith Camtasia

Nothing turns off viewers faster than a video with bad audio. If you are recording with mobile devices or lower end cameras, they will most likely have very poor built-in mics that are designed to pick up a wide pattern of sound. Unless you have a higher end camera that has a built-in shotgun mic, you are going to want consider recording audio separately from your video. They do a great job of picking up only the audio that is close by. Select an audio recorder.

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Mobile Learning: Taking Learning Where They Are

JCA Solutions

Mobile Learning is Not Just the Latest Fad. There is growing evidence that mobile learning is not any of those things. Mobile Learning is Not Just Another Name for eLearning. One of the best quick and easy descriptions I have heard is that mobile learning is “ learning on the go “ That’s pretty accurate as far as it goes. Mobile learning, at least in its current form, is also eLearning. Support for Learning on Mobile Devices.

Extending Mobile Models

Clark Quinn

In preparation for a presentation, I was reviewing my mobile models. The point is that content is prepared media, whether text, audio, or video. So, this is a more nuanced look at the mobile opportunities, and certainly more complex as well. mobile You may recall I started with my 4C ‘s model (Content, Compute, Communicate, & Capture), and have mapped that further onto Augmenting Formal, Performance Support, Social, & Contextual.

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How to Create a Better Blended Learning Experience on Mobile


How can mobile learning make blended classrooms more effective? This blended learning approach has been very successful for many educators, but combining it with mobile learning can be a challenge. Individually, blended learning and mobile learning each require a learning curve to master. Problems aside, the educators who are able to effectively combine mobile learning and blended learning will have set themselves up for a successful learning program.

Mobile Learning App: Revolutionize Your Online Training

Online education using WordPress as LMS

Mobile apps have revolutionized the way a learner access their courses and learn through the courses. Mobile learning Apps are innovative and cutting-edge technology to provide continuous learning. Mobile Learning App For Your eLearning. Mobile Apps Delivers Effective Learning.

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

Origin Learning

Global mobile data traffic grew 69 percent in 2014 and was nearly 30 times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000. Mobile video traffic exceeded 50 percent of total mobile data traffic for the first time in 2012. Mobile network (cellular) connection speeds grew 20 percent in 2014. These are just some excerpts from Cisco’s Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update for 2014 to 2019, but they clearly prove a point.

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Y A (Yet Another) Misleading Mobile Marketing Post

Clark Quinn

So there was a post on 5 mobile learning strategies. I’m a wee bit opinionated on mobile learning, so I thought I’d have a look. Worse, it’s really not specific to mobile, and, therefore,…misleading. But this (differentiated) is not unique to mobile, it’s good advice over all! For instance, the audio might be inappropriate in certain contexts, and hands-free may require a visual focus that can’t be distracted. mobile

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Mobile Learning Guide

Ed App

When my daughter leaves the house, she takes two things with her: her car keys and her mobile phone. via her mobile phone. Roughly 50% of her life is lived on her mobile phone. This mobile learning guide is ready to show you why. The rise of mobile usage and learning.

Essential Tips To Deliver Localized Training Over Personal Mobile Devices


With technological innovations and mobile learning development, localization has developed significantly over the past few years. Whether audio, graphics, text or presentations, team of experts work in collaboration to improve the overall training outcomes. With digitization, learning across customized mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has exponentially increased. Audios are embedded with the courses for better clarity of the content. ?

Personal Mobile Mastery

Clark Quinn

So the question is, how do we do personal knowledge mastery with mobile? Most of what you do on the desktop, particularly social networking, is doable on a mobile device. And take notes by text or audio. I’m not a big fan of ‘learning’ on a mobile device, maybe a tablet in transit or something, but not courses on a phone. meta-learning mobile A conversation with a colleague prompted a reflection.

10 Elearning Mobile Apps

Ed App

By delivering eLearning materials on a mobile app, you’re able to adapt your training to make it engaging for any nature of work or employee schedule. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve listed 10 eLearning mobile apps that allow employees to learn at their own convenience.

10 Mobile Learning Solutions

Ed App

With the widespread use of smartphones, mobile learning gives an innovative avenue for supplemental training, making it the future of learning. Mobile learning solutions offer: . EdApp is a mobile learning solution that specializes in microlearning.

The Future of Mobile?

Clark Quinn

In the webinar I did the day before yesterday, one of the questions I was asked was what I thought the future of mobile would be. My first response was that mobile wasn’t going away, and that we’d see more converged devices. We’ll also have audio, both to listen to, and to communicate with. And I think they’ll be in a variety of form factors, some choosing pocketable, some choosing to tradeoff mobility for screen real estate. mobile

Mobile 151

Enhance Your Mobile Learning Delivery with 7 Eye-openers.


With emerging technologies, mobile learning development is also becoming streamlined and budget-friendly. Keeping at par with the growing popularity of smartphones and mobile devices, users too are inclined to use these devices to do more, and this trend is likely to increase. They are also keen on accessing social networking sites and streaming or downloading video or audio content via smartphones and mobiles. How long does it take to go mobile?

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Creating The Desired Impact From Audio-Conferencing: Some Tips To Increase Effectiveness


Silence your mobile phones and avoid working on your computer or checking e-mail and so on. Finally, use a land line if available because mobiles and even cordless phones can cause extra noise which can disrupt the flow of a conference call. In the day and age of high-end communication technology, most organisations are trying to cut travel expenses and save time by organizing conference calls which are a means of conducting business, update each other and even learn.

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How to deliver mobile training to millennials and Gen Z


Younger generations like millennials and Gen Z expect their organizations to deliver mobile training—and with good reason. If you can deliver mobile training, your millennial and Gen Z staff will be more engaged, and more likely to learn. What is mobile training?

Is HTML5 Ready for eLearning Development?

Upside Learning

Last week, while justifying Apple’s refusal to allow Flash player on iPhone/iPad, Steve Jobs wrote– “ New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too) ”. Browsers Lack HTML5 Full Support – While making HTML5 the de-facto standard Apple seems to have forgotten that none of the web browsers for mobile or desktop have full HTML 5 implementations at this time.

Five Tips for Creating Graphics for Mobile Devices

Upside Learning

Mobiles are fast becoming the platforms of choice for all we do in life – browsing, chatting, other social interactions, & even starting to be used for learning delivery as well. At Upside Learning we’ve been creating various learning applications for mobile devices including apps for iPhone, Blackberry, & Android; browser based courses; short movies/animations etc. In this brief note, I share five tips which will make creation of graphics for mobile devices less painful.

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5 Ways Mobile Learning Can Enhance Your Course


By making online education mobile, instructors have a new opportunity to engage learners. Language apps have been especially popular as a mobile learning tool, and for good reason: mobile apps help create the immersive experience most of us long for when we learn new languages. However several mobile language apps have included a chat feature so that members of their language community can text each other and help with corrections within the app.

How to choose between web and native apps for mobile learning?

Origin Learning

Since every mobile device comes with a pre-installed browser, web apps are easy to create and deliver for a large audience. Eventually, updating is also faster and easier because these apps can cater to a whole lot of devices, which include not just mobile phones but desktops as well. A common example of a web app is mobile websites of newspapers. A lot of organizations are resorting to device agnosticism as a simple solution to adopt mobile learning. Web apps.

Web 208

Mobile First Designs in eLearning: A Mobile Learning Case Study

Adobe Captivate

From being a desirable approach, mobile learning is fast becoming a standard for online training. Now, you hear of debate on mobile friendly vs. mobile first designs. In this article, I share a case study featuring a mobile first design in eLearning. A Case Study On Mobile First Designs In eLearning. Mobile learning has matured over the last 8 years and has seen a steady increase in its adoption by L&D teams worldwide.

How to Transform Video to Audio


Potentially be added to a pc, CD, mobile mobile phone, product, or MP3 grower. The post How to Transform Video to Audio appeared first on Learn Loft Blog.

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Augmented Reality In Social Media, Marketing, Mobile Apps and More


Firstly, real workplace scenario is created and then elements are augmented through sensory inputs such as audio, video or graphics. AR in latest mobile apps. With technological advancement, the trend of using latest apps on your personalized mobile devices is also increasing. Augmented Reality (AR) in which virtual content is incorporated with real-world scenarios, is an emerging trend in the field of workplace learning and development.

Mobile Learning – A Catalyst To Enhance Banking Salesforce Performance


Modern learners interact a lot, use mobile devices and are always on the go. It is because of the latest technology-aided mobile learning solutions that employees engage more and collaborate better via effective communication channels. With mobile devices becoming more efficient and user-friendly, mobile learning is gaining worldwide acceptance. How Does Mobile Learning Helps Salesforce Sell Better?

10 Technological Advances That Will Impact The Future Of Mobile Learning At Workplace


Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets permeate our daily life, imparting incredible access to latest information and communication. Looking towards the future, it seems quite clear that the scope of mobile learning lies in a world where technology is cost-effective, robust and more connected than it is today. Technological Advances Driving the Trend of Mobile Learning. Modern learners prefer bite-sized content which is accessible across varied mobile devices.

I have created voice-over audios for my interactive deck. My Deck has 30 slides. Do I need to go and upload each audio/slide?


Do, revisit the slides to confirm if the correct audio files have been uploaded. e-Learning Learning Management System Mobile Learning Q & A QuoDeck QuoDeck Creator Queries elearning Game-based learning Learning management systems learning technology QuoDeck Learner QueriesNo, you don’t have to upload it on each slide. Here’s how you can do a bulk upload ; Step 1: Make sure you are inside your Interactive Deck Editor. Step 2: Go to the tools tab.

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