Augmented Reality In Social Media, Marketing, Mobile Apps and More


Firstly, real workplace scenario is created and then elements are augmented through sensory inputs such as audio, video or graphics. AR implementation across social media platforms.

6 Ways Brands Can Be More Authentic on Social Media


Although brand authenticity is a wider concept, providing affirmative answers to these specific questions will move you closer to being an authentic brand. Take a Look at How These Brands Proved Their Authenticity: Here Are a Few Brands That Are Truly Authentic on Social Media-.

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Tips for Adding Visuals to Your Social Media

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One of the most popular ways to use video, however, is on social media — especially Facebook. But what does it take to be successful with social media videos? Facebook is the king of all social media platforms. The Social Media Video Experimental Campaign.

Tools for conviviality? Illich and social media

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Ivan Illich hoped for a time when the transmission model of education, or ''funnels'', would be replaced by ''educational webs'' - his notion of what we now recognise as social networks. What would Illich have made of the social web?

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

being provided through primitive PowerPoint. Fosway Group (2017), ’Fosway 9 – Grid Authoring Systems’ Share Stories with Screen Recording1 1 11Index: Table of contents @gomolearning User-Generated Videos: Tapping into Social Sharing2 Quick, Accurate Auto-Captioning.

Social Media Video: Why You Should Use It, Plus 3 Tips for Success

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One of the most popular ways to use video, however, is on social media — especially Facebook. But what does it take to be successful with social media videos? Facebook is the king of all social media platforms. The Social Media Video Experimental Campaign.

5.1 Reasons How and Why to Build Learning with Social Media

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Using social media (SM) to prepare material for instructional design, courseware and webinars and such is the flip side of the same coin that encourages social media as intake media. A Social Collective. People learn best in a social context and are self-directed, particularly when focused on a specific task. Point…since social media is an online ecology shouldn’t its construction be too? Change Futurism Social Media

10 Social Media Tools For Learning

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Do you have a training or information need that could benefit from a social media strategy? So here are descriptions of ten applications representing different social media technologies that promote learning. Category: Social Networking Platform.

5 Corporate Training Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

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What makes the most sense strategically, as well as operationally, is to provide the exact information that is just for me, when and where I need it, as long as it supports the business needs of the company.”. More social media.

LMS/LCMS Social Media & Side Notes

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If you haven’t been looking at LMS/LCMS solutions lately or if you have, you may be noticing a trend - social media. After the Kobe earthquake, students from Kobe provided us actual eyewitness accounts and articles, which we published in our high school paper. Instead, let’s call it, what it really is and what it will be going forward – “Social Media&#. Social Media – Followed by an example.


Google Wave - Social Media Resources - Best of eLearning Learning

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Social Media: Trends and Implications for Learning. The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. Microphones and Audio Information - eLearning Technology , November 4, 2009. Audio in E-Learning - Kapp Notes , November 3, 2009. Top 8 Reasons Why Training Providers Are Adopting eLearning - Upside Learning Blog , October 29, 2009. The following are the top items based on social signals. Social Media (28).

Localization & eLearning: The Translation Process

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Transcribing (if it is not already done) the audio script for recording to include time stamp. Audio Client Review. Localization engineers will sync audio files to the animations, ensuring all files are running properly. Language tester will do a final QA of the end product, checking that all audio clips are clear and running to match the animation on screen. by Jen Weaver.

LearnX Asia Pacific 2009 - Day 1

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Learning without boundaries: Ben Saunders , Business Analyst Consultant at HCS , provided us with a comprehensive overview of m‑learning. promote the notion of “one community&# , train the trainer, maintain your transparency, provide constant support, measure and report.

5 Creative Ways to Market Your eLearning on a Budget

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Social media is your best bud when you have a limited marketing budget. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on expensive web banners and ads in industry newsletters, spend an hour each day sharing the word about your new eLearning offering on social networks. In addition to the tips we shared in our recent Smarter Uses for Social Media blog post, here are a few more specific tips you can use to market your association’s eLearning.

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Part 2: Using Facebook as a learning platform (videos)


Social networking sites have educational benefits: University of Minnesota researcher Christine Greenhow breaks down how her research has found that social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace can have an impact for learning and educational growth for high school students.

Making Tweeps

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These are where Tweeps in a specific community, like learning and development or health care providers, etc. I will applaud great service from stores and restaurants, but I also provide my criticisms when necessary. It is from @LnDDave and although it does not include his audio, the slide content itself stands up well even without the full webinar audio. Social Media TwitterI having been using Twitter for several years now and still loving it.

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LearnX Asia Pacific 2009 - Day 2

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His point is: if you aren’t interacting with other people through media such as mailing lists, blogs, Twitter, discussion forums etc, then you are not developing professionally and you will eventually stagnate.

5 Ways to Tell Stories in eLearning

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Social Media. Depending on the purpose of your story, you might encourage learners to share their own similar stories to personalize your point or analyze the story provided to draw out key content and tacit knowledge. Audio Narrative. With this in mind, an audio narration may be the way to go. If you opt for audio, you’ll also need to decide what visual stimulus to include on the screen. Instructional Design Audio Video Storytelling eLearning

May's Big Question

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We are already seeing the impact of social media and informal learning, but we will see it blend immensely with both classroom and e-learning. Asynchronous e-learning will incorporate social media into courses allowing for more collaborative learning and formative evaluation by the course designer. More access and advances in smart phones, tablets and smart boards will help blend e-learning, social media and classroom training.

Top 10 LMS/LCMS Trends and Forecasts

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Forecast: Continued growth and expansion, as this space has profit written all over it, especially if the vendor provides a skinned/branded solution, e-comm (with currency options inc. Another small trend is providing advanced admin capabilities in the form of admins who have CSS, Flash,PHP or other languages. LMS/LCMS vendors wishing to a slight degree to incorporate social learning without fully entering are adding Widgets to the mix. Social Learning.


Keeping Up - April's Big Question

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It is tough to stay on top of all the great stuff being offered out there, but the blogs and social media certainly help. Cloud Blogging Social Media Twitter Google e-Learning Cloud ComputingApril's Big Question from Learning Circuits is "How to Keep up?" This is in reference the immense and rapidly expanding technology tools. It is tough to stay on top of all the emerging tools. However, being involved in an e-learning community is a big help.

Video Learning Platforms

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1995 – Real Media arrives on the internet scene streaming an entire baseball game that probably no one watched. Screen recording and capture with audio narration. – may/may not include audio incl. Media Library – Where your videos, audio, etc.

New offerings provide a gateway to Learning 2.0

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The first is from one of the major corporate LMS providers, Saba. According to the announcement , Saba Social will incorporate "comprehensive social networking tools - blogs, communities of practice, wikis, discussion boards and social connection capabilities will enable people to conduct informal knowledge exchange, build connected communities and extend blended learning." allows you to "tap the power of social media for your organisation."

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5 Trends to Watch 4 n 2011

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They love to show the amount of space in huge font and what it means (x number of courses/content, graphics, files, audio, video, etc.). The marketplace provider receives a small percentile or $ per course. provider, etc. Social Learning and M-Learning. The trend is already appearing with more systems adapting to this change, and shows every sign of significant growth, especially with APIs & social learning.

2010 in Review Part 2: My 10 favourite resources in 2010

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Blog C4LPT Jane Hart Advice Workshops Social Learning Handbook Resources Contact 2010 in Review Part 1: Top 10 C4LPT resources Happy Christmas! 2010 in Review Part 2: My 10 favourite resources in 2010 On December 22, 2010, in Uncategorized , by Jane Hart In this the second part of my Review of 2010 I am going to present my 10 favourite resources that I have posted on my Pick of the Day (JPOD) and Social Media for Working and Learning (SMWL) blogs this year. 

LMS vendors: R u hearing us?

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30% vendors offer at least one type of social media – from my latest LMS directory. Many made it nearly impossible to find their social media to follow, friend or check out their social bookmarks. Social Media & Social Learning – LMS Style. No social networking sites, no social bookmark sites, no app sharing sites, no video sharing, nothing. Social Media. Provide only their local phone number.

Technology for E-Learning: What You Need


If you plan to appear in your course videos, invest in some good lighting, and use a lavalier microphone to make sure you get good audio for your video. Webinar hosting software can usually accommodate more guests than your typical conference call, and provides more controls for the webinar host. Social media. Social media intersects with online learning on several fronts. Second, social media is a way to deliver content.

Utilizing Social Learning for Workplace Learning: What Can Learners and Managers Do?


Social media is here to stay. Modern users are utilizing social media in a number of ways – get updates, shop, connect, collaboration and even learn. What can Learners do to ensure Social Learning success? What can managers do to ensure Social Learning success?

5 Top IT-enabled business trends that are affecting Corporate Learning


Here are the reigning IT-enabled trends that are defining corporate training today: It’s All Social. The greatest of all trends – the trend that’s reigning supreme in corporate circles – is the power of social media.

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e-Learning budgets: Doing more with less


Use audio and video to create impactful learning. Contrary to popular belief, audio and video can be introduced in an e-course without creating a hole in training budgets. Your SME can double up as your audio-voiceover artist. Harness social media.

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Offer a More Accessible UI & UX with Inclusive Web Design

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The concept of universal design is to listen and provide for all communities, without any discrimination. Audio and video transcripts are being used for people who have trouble hearing properly. Audio and Voice Commands.

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How to Make The Best Online Courses for Higher Education

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With advances in technologies, students today want more than just a mix of text, audio and video. These interactive videos can be used to provide virtual tours, create thematic scenes, and also enable students to interact with different characters in the scene.

Top 7 Innovations in K-12 Education


It provides students an opportunity to study independently at home and increase their practical knowledge along with their communication and collaboration skills in the classroom. Audiobooks provide a sensory experience, keeping students engaged and helping them retain information.

10 Helpful Types of Video for Business

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It often includes audio, though the sound is not a need. Provide clear feedback. Social media video. Social media video can be presented in a variety of formats or styles. Using video for business is no longer an upcoming trend–it’s the norm.

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The Rise of the Digitals

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For instance they are very comfortable with and quick to learn applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, using Tools and Applications, Audio and video applications and tools. The internet provides a good source for eLearning for digitals.