Will the ‘Sound of Silence’ create new paths in learning?

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Think of Simon Garfunkel and the enchanting music of ‘Sound of Silence’ compel you to break into a song. The created piece is then popularized by leveraging technology and social media – LinkedIn, YouTube and so on! v=wKsdMenonLw (Compliance, Sound of Silence).

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The Sound of Silence | Social Learning Blog

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The usual rationale given for why eLearning needs both text and audio is that it accommodates multiple learning styles.

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eLearning: What's the Best Microphone for Voiceover Audio?

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I received an email asking the following: What specific advice can you give about the kind of microphone to purchase for making good quality audio narrations to accompany my Captivate training sessions, minimizing echo and other audio problems? each can produce awesome eLearning content that will be enhanced if you include voiceover audio. It's got a built-in sound card (built right into the cord) that does a great job of cancelling out internal computer noises.

Three Reasons Not to Use Audio Narration in Your Online Training

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Audio narration is part of multimedia and adds a lot of value to your elearning courses. However, there are times when it makes sense to NOT use audio. Do Not Use Audio Narration When They Can’t Hear It. The computers may not have sound cards or speakers.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

organizations: • Value personal development among their teams • Create curated learning experiences • Use learning technologies to achieve their goals As leading analysts Fosway Group point out, learning technology deserves a much more strategic. audio elements, including your voice.

Using Audio in e-Learning (or not…)

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If you’ve read any of my other blog posts (or, say, met me in person) you might get the idea that I like cool technology. You’d think that, given any chance, I’d want to use audio and video and animation in my e-learning courses. But I recently had a situation where I was the one making the case to avoid using moving pictures and audio. Like any other tool at our disposal, audio is appropriate in some cases and in appropriate in others. Good Reasons to Use Audio.

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Microphones and Audio Information

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I start by going to eLearning Learning and then I search for something like audio which gets me quickly to a page that's a bunch of great posts and other items all about Audio in eLearning. And make sure you read about creating the mini-sound booth shown below.

7 Free Audio Editors for Your E-Learning Courses

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Even though many elearning applications have their own audio tools, I usually don’t use them. I may for quick projects, but generally, I like to keep my audio production separate from my elearning course production. Audacity is probably the most popular of the free audio editors.

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How to Use Augmented Reality for Technology Based Learning

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Technology acts funny at times. On the other hand, cutting edge graphics and 3D technology make it possible to create life like, real environments! Audio guidance and visual displays for complex tasks. It works to make the real virtual, and uses virtual to simulate reality.

How Technology Solutions Made Learning Process Easy

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Sounds simple? It is as if the technology wave that we are witnessing is what is determining the learning path. Technology is used to convey reality through the virtual medium and simulated environments. Sounds weird or wired? What you think and what you learn matters!

Technology for E-Learning: What You Need


To be a successful e-learning instructor, you need to know your way around technology. Anyone who’s spent any time reading about the e-learning industry knows that online courses and traditional classrooms use very different technological tool kits. Because of this, if most of your teaching/learning experience comes from a traditional classroom environment, you may not be as familiar with some of the technological tools available to you as you launch your online course.

How to (and Why) Produce High Quality Audio for E-Learning


Let’s get one thing out of the way right from the start and answer the question, “Should you use audio narration in your e-learning courses?” There are two ways to go when recording audio narration. Here are some tips to get the most out of recording audio yourself.

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Technology-aided Learning Helps Intra-Organizational Knowledge Sharing


The main challenge sounds simple enough to tackle but is often the greatest hindrance – compressing a lot of information into short learning capsule that would not intimidate or discourage learners. A lot of knowledge resides within an organization.

Assistive Technology: Creating new possibilities for Differently Abled Learners


Technology has changed the way learning is created and consumed in the 21 st century. With the help of Assistive Computer Technology (AT) anybody – irrespective of any disability – can effectively interact with a computer.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Audio in eLearning: Cultural Differences?

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Audio in eLearning: Cultural Differences? Whats your take on using audio in eLearning? Do you use audio on every slide because the client says people will think its broken if you dont? In the UK, Mark tells me that audio is used sparingly.

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Learning Technologies 2016 UK Recap

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New post Learning Technologies 2016 UK Recap on Obsidian Learning. I had the pleasure of being in London last week attending the annual Learning and Technologies 2016 conference ( [link] ) there. The technology has to work. I paid for the audio guided tour.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Digital Audio Basics

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Well-designed, planned, narrated and produced audio content has the facility to engage the audience and transport the listener, providing the right cognitive environment for learning or entertainment or whatever goal the podcast seeks to achieve.

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The Right Assistive Technology Can Maximize Accessibility for People with Auditory Impairment

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Today, with advances in technology, accessibility can be maximized with the help of assistive tech solutions. Hearing disabilities include deafness or complete inability to hear, being hard of hearing, or inability to hear high- and/or low-frequency sounds.

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10 Technological Advances That Will Impact The Future Of Mobile Learning At Workplace


In today’s modern era, technology has transformed the world in ways that are unimaginable. Looking towards the future, it seems quite clear that the scope of mobile learning lies in a world where technology is cost-effective, robust and more connected than it is today.

Adobe Captivate: Two-Bits for the Best Rate

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You can easily record audio from within Captivate by choosing Audio > Record to. You can record audio directly to slide objects, a single slide, multiple slides, or the project background. Regardless of your choice, you'll find yourself in the Slide Audio dialog box.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Introduction to Audio Production

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Today, I'm going to talk about digital audio, and the basic hardware and software you'll need to begin creating your own podcasts. In the last five years however, the price of recording audio has gone down, while the quality of consumer recording devices has increased exponentially.

LearnTrends - Sound - Best of eLearning Learning

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LearnTrends 2009 – Free Online Conference - eLearning Technology , September 21, 2009. Multitrack audio and creating MP3 podcast files: Podcasting for E-Learning - The E-Learning Curve , September 21, 2009. Sound (27). Multitrack audio and creating MP3 podcast files: Podcasting for E-Learning , September 21, 2009. Best of eLearning Learning. September 18, 2009 to September 25, 2009. Upcoming Free Online Webinars.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Recording Audio

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Typically, audio narration is recorded longform – that is, you record a large segment – maybe 10 minutes or so in one take. Make an audio note for yourself by saying something like “I’m going to take that again” before repeating the phrase to be redone and carrying on with the narration.

A Recipe for Success: Recording Clear Audio for Your E-Learning Courses

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The ability to record and edit audio is becoming easier and easier due to user-friendly technology. Most computers are sold with software preloaded that makes audio recording a snap. Here is the recipe we use for our in-house audio recording.

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Podcasting for E-Learning: Benefits of Digital Audio

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The first principle of digital audio is: Digital audio is the study of discrete values. This characteristic is very important: it allows us to manage audio information very efficiently. In a previous post, I discussed a little about the basics of digital audio.

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Podcasting for E-Learning: Audio Editing + Audacity

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Previously in this series of E-Learning Curve Blog posts about Podcasting for E-Learning, I discussed downloading and installing the open source audio editor called Audacity. The Scenario: The source audio is a short piece of recorded voice-over of the presenter counting from one through ten.

How Can Mobile Technology Change Education?


Research indicates that mobile technology is an ideal tool to facilitate a more engaging learning and teaching experience, and with the tech-savvy generation of children we are raising, it appears that mobile technology will change the way traditional classrooms operate. If you’re in the education space and wondering how you can marry mobile technology with learning, we’re here to inspire you. Audio Feedback. Turnkey technologies like Pinlearn make this possible.

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Learn eLearning Audio Production from an Expert

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Are you an eLearning developer struggling with audio? You're getting stuff done, but you wish your audio was better. I know many of you just farm out the dirty work of audio scripting, producing, recording, publishing. Audio is a big part of developing eLearning.

#40years of educational technology: Games

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From cinema, through to television, the experience of media was defined by an amalgamation of sound and vision. This combination was not only the mainstay for entertainment and commerce, it also became the technological touchstone for many courses and programmes of study.

#40years of Educational Technology: First days

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I've just celebrated 40 years working in educational technology. But for most of my new job I was going to be working with something called educational technology. Classroom technology Most of the classroom technology in 1976 was didactic, teacher led.

#40years of educational technology: Games

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From cinema, through to television, the experience of media was defined by an amalgamation of sound and vision. This combination was not only the mainstay for entertainment and commerce, it also became the technological touchstone for many courses and programmes of study.

Elearning innovation: examples, tips and technology


The latest technology. Using audio to simulate a realistic work conversation is a great way to immerse learners in a life-like situation. Through active participation, this audio-driven, first-person scenario helps sales staff learn by practicing in a simulated environment.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | December 27, 2019

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Learning, Design & Technology Miscellany. tools] Descript – Edit audio by editing text. Drag and drop to add music and sound effects. I love talking about learning, design, and technology. “There is so much we do not know.

Best Practices for Voice-Over


Oftentimes, the subject matter experts record audio themselves. ” Two hundred words typically equals 1 minute of produced audio, so if you are trying to keep the multimedia clip short, you may need to trim the script. Studio microphone and pop shield on mic stand.

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Audio grilled. a radio star

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Hewlett Packard roped me in, after they did some research into how children use information technology in the home, and the roles parents think technology will play in the future of education.

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