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10 PPT to SCORM Converters

Ed App

PPT to SCORM converters allows users to input their old PowerPoint files and transform them into more modern, useful SCORM content that is easier to distribute as learning content. It is important to utilize PPT to SCORM converters as they often have added features that make it convenient for learners to access and understand the content. PPT to SCORM Converter #1 – EdApp. PPT to SCORM Converter #2 – isEazy. PPT to SCORM Converter #4 – Scormify.

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10 Company Training Software

Ed App

Luckily, with the different types of company training software available today, you can solve all of these problems and more. Company Training Software # 1 – EdApp. Company Training Software # 2 – GoToTraining. Company Training Software # 3 – Trainual.


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10 Micro Learning Tools

Ed App

With the growing popularity of microlearning in the world of L&D, it’s no surprise that the global market is now saturated with a wide range of micro learning tools. To help you out, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best micro learning tools to consider for your future training initiative. . Micro Learning Tool #1 – EdApp. Among the main standout features of EdApp is its SCORM authoring tool , which promises ultimate ease of use.

10 Elearning Authoring Platforms

Ed App

Elearning authoring platforms make creating training content easy and efficient with the various features they provide. To help you create meaningful learning content, we’ve rounded up 10 elearning authoring platforms. Elearning Authoring Platform #1 – EdApp . Its template library has over 80 microlearning templates, carefully designed to cater to all learning styles. Just add your existing images and graphics without having to leave the authoring tool.

10 Elearning Development Tools

Ed App

But with the availability of eLearning development tools, managers now have the option to use those to speed up the process of training preparation. Here are 10 eLearning development tools to help you with your training. Elearning Development Tool #1 – EdApp.

PowerPoint or Prezi: Which is Best for eLearning?

Association eLearning

The question is becoming more and more common — “Should I use PowerPoint (PPT) or Prezi?” Regardless of whether you use PPT or Prezi, content and design are key. These programs are tools; what you do with them determines whether or not they’re effective. Both programs are designed as presentation tools, so either one should be able to fill that role. I’ve already written about how to create eLearning using PPT, so I won’t re-visit that here.

10 Scorm Creator Software

Ed App

For years, SCORM creator software has continued to gain popularity from several L&D professionals, managers, andtrainers due to its unique advantage of producing online courses that are compatible with multiple LMS platforms. Here are the tools we highly recommend: .

10 Training Management Software

Ed App

It may sound like a complicated process but with the right tools, trainers and HR staff can quickly design their training and seamlessly deploy it to different teams. Take a look at the 10 training management software that HR professionals can use for training employees. Course library.

10 Training Evaluation Tools

Ed App

Training evaluation tools gauge and visualize the performance of learners and check if they meet the determined learning objectives. In this article, we’ll be looking at 10 training evaluation tools that you can use to assess training effectiveness and help improve your learning outcomes.

10 Tools to Improve Your Elearning Portfolio

Ed App

In this article, we covered some of the best tools to improve your elearning portfolio. You can take advantage of the tools we’ve listed below to spruce up your elearning portfolio and showcase to your potential clients or employers what you are capable of. Tool to Improve Your Elearning Portfolio #1 – EdApp. The authoring tool is part of EdApp’s core elearning software solutions , which allows you to build microlearning course content even without design expertise.

10 Onboarding Software

Ed App

Building an onboarding program is not easy but with the availability of onboarding software online, HR professionals need not worry about how to create or adopt courses to present to the new hires. There are countless ways to execute your onboarding strategies with EdApp’s tools and features.

20 Frequently Asked Questions About E-learning Rapid Authoring Tools

CommLab India

With hundreds of e-learning development software available in today’s marketplace, choosing the right one which fully meets your training needs can be a major challenge. Authoring tools differ in their suitability for various factors such as learning styles, delivery platforms, file formats, e-learning standards, and the e-learning development process. In case you choose a tool that does not fully meet your training needs, you lose more than just your time and money.

10 Automated Training Tools

Ed App

Thankfully, with the presence of automated training tools, you no longer have to deploy training courses manually – they can automatically do it for you. There are a lot of automated tools out there but we’ve narrowed it down to what fits best for your training. Authoring tool.

10 Tools For Learning And Development Managers

Ed App

Thankfully, there are online tools that learning and development managers can use to build and manage programs simultaneously, even at scale. With the help of innovative learning platforms, managers can author and deploy training courses on time and with ease. Authoring tool.

10 Tools for Corporate Trainers

Ed App

In this article, we’ve gathered 10 tools for corporate trainers that managers and HR staff can leverage to deliver high-quality training. Tools for Corporate Trainers #1 – EdApp. The existing templates streamline course authoring and make it easier to distribute content to teams.

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5 Employee Training Management Software that You Must Consider


Why should you even consider investing in a fancy employee training management software when you can easily stick to your traditional employee training methods (read – classroom training) without having to break a sweat! Kitaboo Insight - Employee Training Management Software.

10 Induction Training Software

Ed App

This is why it’s important to leverage the right tools, such as induction training software, to easily carry out tasks, streamline processes, and engage learners with your training material. They are also fully responsive and perfectly formatted for any web browser of your choice.

10 Elucidat Alternatives

Ed App

Its built-in drag-and-drop authoring is intuitive and easy to use, which makes creating lessons a breeze. You can even convert existing PPT to SCORM if you have Powerpoint decks at your disposal. You can also choose from hundreds of courses available in the content library, which you can edit and customize as needed. Key features: Rapid authoring tool. Course library. Key features: Content authoring. Key features: Rapid authoring.

Learning Management System – LMS

Ed App

Today, this system is online and web-based, using digital software and technology. The user interface, the part the instructors and learners use, is a collection of input devices and software. The software would be a particular training course they are working on.

10 LMS Systems

Ed App

We’ve curated a list of LMS Systems that are equipped with tools for automating, streamlining, and simplifying training tasks so you can deliver timely and relevant training programs for your employees. Key features: Authoring tool. Course library. Open-source software.

10 MLearning Training Portals

Ed App

This software is free, yet is jam-packed with a range of intuitive, customizable, and highly adaptive tools that gives L&D professionals the flexibility to develop their training. Features: User-friendly authoring tool. Editable course library. Library section.

10 Digital Adoption Platforms

Ed App

Streamline and simplify how your team works with your tech tools and data with EdApp , a digital adoption platform that’s equipped with top-notched features ranging from course creation to tracking and documentation. . The best thing about EdApp is its free authoring tool , which anyone, regardless of design or coding expertise, can easily use to build courses. There’s a library of game-based templates to present your content in the form of smartphone games.

10 Best eLearning Development Companies


These solutions include: eLearning authoring tools. By making mostly customizable tools and resources available online eLearning content development companies help users get their eLearning programs up and running in record time. eLearning Authoring Tool.

10 Digital Learning Platforms

Ed App

It has a free course library that follows a microlearning design mode, where information is broken down into easily digestible chunks for better understanding and retention. You can also make use of its microlearning template library that is suited to a diverse set of learning methodologies.

10 Corporate Learning Sites

Ed App

These sites also feature employee engagement tools to help you drive better learning outcomes. It provides you flexible, customizable, and adaptive tools for easier management. Free editable course library curated by thought leaders and industry experts. Course authoring.

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10 Litmos Alternatives

Ed App

These tools are packed with robust features, which even include free options to help you deliver training without breaking the bank. Its free content library contains hundreds of courses that you can deploy immediately or edit and customize as you wish. If you prefer to create courses from scratch, EdApp’s drag-and-drop authoring tool can help you create training content in minutes with over 80 e learning templates to choose from. Key features: Course library.

10 Online Course Platforms

Ed App

The best ones even have intuitive tools that allow you to build your online courses from scratch and monitor the learning progress of your employees. Key features: Microlearning content library, editable courses, authoring tool, gamified quizzes, AI translation tool.

Three Takeaways Today

eLearning 24-7

PowerPoint is not E-Learning and shouldn’t be used as your course tool/development – For whatever reason, there are people who have been around online learning for years, who still see PPT as a means for the creation of content – i.e. courses. PPT is boring.

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27 Best Online Learning Platforms (updated 2022)


Best Authoring Tools. Unlike online learning platforms, online course platforms are cloud-hosted software that allows instructors to create online classes or individual lessons uploading education material that they have created using text, image, video, PDF files, and audio.

10 Docebo Alternatives

Ed App

EdApp’s rapid authoring solution is free and very much easy to use – no add-ons or any coding experience needed to get started. There’s no need to leave your authoring page – now from within EdApp, you can choose from millions of photos and animations, fonts, and templates from Canva to build beautiful media content. . Their tracking tools can help you monitor how many users have completed and unlocked their training, as well as how frequently they use the application. .

One size fits all learning platforms are a thing of the past


For instance, QuoDeck , with its template authoring system, authors mobile responsive content. All you have to do is upload the existing PPT or PDF content and make a micro-learning platform with the inbuilt authoring tool. . See whether the software is stable.

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Programming Is Back The Rise of HTML5 for E Learning

ATD Learning Technologies

Fortunately, e-learning authoring tools came into prominence. You simply opened PowerPoint, created a presentation, and clicked a button to have an interface wrap your PPT in a nice SCORM package. And for a long time, many e-learning authoring tools exported solely to a Flash format, and the.swf files they generated required the Flash player for learners to view the content in a browser. “Just program it in HTML5.”

The 10 best digital training management systems of 2020

Ed App

It is a wonder how a DTMS that has unlimited courses in a world-class editable library is free. In addition to the free courses that you will have access to on EddApp, you can create your own courses using its powerful authoring tool.

10 Online Training Platforms

Ed App

We’ve collected the 10 best online training systems along with their key features so you can find the tool that best suits your needs and preferences. With its flexible and adaptive learning tools , it’s easy for training managers to deploy and manage online training courses.

How to Convert Flash-Based Websites to HTML5 Right Now!

Hurix Digital

Extract all the media and content from the existing website, followed by copying the text and labels of navigation buttons in the GUI (graphical user interface) into a PPT or MS-Word document. Use a robust authoring tool and follow the conversion process. Zoe Tool From CreateJS.

10 PPE training courses

Ed App

Users will find it easily customizable, and the Canva authoring tool makes adding PPE training videos seamless. You can also add your own PPE Training PPT simply by copying and pasting your existing training content.

Top 10 best training websites

Ed App

Now, it can be overwhelming to choose the best training tools for your teams. To access this you just need to open the editable course library and create a course from scratch in just a few minutes. In just a few simple steps you can give your PPT slides a more modern look.