xAPI’s Tipping Point for Both Community & Industry


Since last year, I worked with IEEE to standardize the Experience API (xAPI) specification. Most of my work is with the IEEE-LTSC but recently a few other IEEE standards groups expressed interest in using xAPI. Organizations interested in counting on xAPI for their business needs must have a way to know the tools work. As well, people using these tools should be recognizable as a professional class that reliably works with xAPI.

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xAPI, LRS – The Interview

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My job was to help author SCORM 2004, focusing on how to develop content that would work in SCORM systems. Project Tin Can” was the name Rustici Software came up with to describe the work ADL contracted them to do. They reviewed almost 100 white papers authored for LETSI, who in 2007-2008 was looking at what a “SCORM 2.0” ADL, IEEE and many people and businesses talking about this technology call it xAPI. Tin Can” is a trademarked name owned by Rustici Software.

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