7 Technical Tips for Creating Video Lectures

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Check out 7 tips for creating video lectures on how to put together text, visuals and audio for the ultimate video lecturing experience. Creating video lectures these days is a piece of cake. There are a bunch of software tools that will accommodate most of your needs, and more.

Free eLearning software (Easygenerator) for teachers as of today!

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As an individual teacher you very often simply do not have the budget to buy tools. Get easygenerator (eLearning software) now for free. There is none, we give you are eLearning authoring software and you will create cool things with it.

E-Learning Authoring Tools Characterized

The E-Learning Curve

E-Learning authoring tools are part of a larger organizational infrastructure and learning ecosystem which typically includes hardware, software, content delivery mechanisms, and processes that support the delivery and management of learning programs.

Training: Tracking Learner Interaction in Video-based Courses

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Topic: Tracking Learner Interaction in Video-based Courses Date and time: Thursday, 14th November, 2013 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM US/Pacific Description: Now-a-days, video is considered the best form of content delivery. There is a video available for almost everything. Even the trainers and educators are adopting this form of content delivery but there are some […]. Adobe Presenter How do I.

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The 10 Must-Have LMS Software Features


Support for Mobile Devices What good is a mobile responsive e-learning course if your LMS software isn’t mobile compatible? Tin Can (xAPI) / SCORM Compliance Tin Can and SCORM are software specifications that allow LMS applications to talk to other applications (cross-software communication).

The 12 Best Free eLearning Tools and How To Use Them to Improve Your Corporate Training


You also want to make a good impression on these new employees, and so forcing them to sit in a conference room for several hours a day, while someone lectures to them, is probably not ideal. One of the ways to make assembling an eLearning course cheaper is by using some free eLearning tools. Using these tools, in conjunction with a Learning Management System, will transform the way you train your employees, and hopefully, save you some money in the long run.

The 10 essential features of an ideal online learning delivery platform

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Online teaching tools are evolving to boost efficiency, bridge gaps as soon as they appear. An LMS Software (LMS) is one such platform that is helping to improve eLearning ROIs, increase learner motivation, and create effective online learning programs.

Online courses must die!

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There’s method in my madness… The myth of rapid authoring. The proliferation of so-called rapid authoring tools over the last few years has coincided with an explosion in the number of online courses developed in-house. A touch dramatic, isn’t it?

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The Flipped Learning Revolution — Coming to a Brain Near You?

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My colleague Jon Matejcek first covered it back in March in his article “ Online Academy Helps to Keep Lectures Where They Belong: Out of the Classroom.” Essentially, the idea is to upend the traditional teaching model of classroom lecture followed by personal practice at home.

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7 Things to Consider to Ensure the Proper LMS Prescription

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The last 2,5 years my focus has been on eLearning authoring and I think this a very informative post on selecting a LMS. She researches and writes about trends in a variety of software verticals, with a particular focus on learning management software.

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Top 6 Corporate Learning Management Systems!

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This is a familiar name for those who have attended online classes and lectures. It is smooth-sailing software that also provides the option of LMS training. This software is not costly and is extremely simple to use. Author Bio.

Design Learning Experiences – Not Instructional Presentations

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I remember when the Word document was the all-powerful tool, the template for the storyboard with its neatly structured boxes/placeholders to add on-screen text, voiceover text, and instructions for the graphic designer all fine-tuned.

Online Learning Space: Why Teachers Should Use It?


To help you understand its true value, we have created a list of reasons why you should use an online learning tool to provide the best experience to your students. One of the simplest tools that offers these benefits is Google Docs and it’s free to use.

Delivering Effective Virtual Training: Kassy LaBorie’s 10 Master Strategies for ReadyTech Instructors


Kassy LaBorie , instructional designer, author and principal consultant at Kassy LaBorie Consulting , describes how to break the mold of static lecture-style trainings. Understand its capabilities, nuances and all its virtual training tools.

7 Tech-driven Learning Trends that will rule in 2018


With learner analytic tool, organizations can prepare reports and analyze data based on learning performances. These reports help organizations to track the learner’s progress and at the same time, promote better learning opportunities. E-Learning Software.

Membership Management: 4 Top Ways to Maximize Engagement

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And before you get started, make sure you have the right membership management software to help you put these strategies into place. Start with Fonteva’s ultimate buyer’s guide to association management software.². Online lectures. About the Author.

How an LMS Supports English Language Teaching in the Workplace


The Digital Innovation Award went to Wordready Academic English , from L2, an online tool designed for university students to build specialist academic vocabulary.” How Webinar Tools Facilitate English Language Teaching.

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4 Things That Will Mark the Future of eLearning

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However, it doesn’t stop here, LMS software is still integrating interesting innovations that we can expect soon. Unlink notebooks, with these wearables, learners can even set up a system of notifications and keep track of every deadline with ease.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Multisensory Teaching Techniques

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Currently, most teaching techniques just engage either the vision or auditory system of students- the use of the slideshow & lecture combo is becoming widespread. Tools for multisensory teaching.

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How an LMS Supports English Language Teaching in the Workplace


The Digital Innovation Award went to Wordready Academic English , from L2, an online tool designed for university students to build specialist academic vocabulary.” How Webinar Tools Facilitate English Language Teaching.

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What Does it Take to Create Interactive Online Learning Solutions

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Each video had an instructor lecturing. No different from a classroom where a lecturer addresses a group of students. There was so much processing that he had to do within his mind that it was difficult to keep track of what the topic was about and how it is relevant to his job.

Buying a LMS? Acronyms You Must Know (Part 2)


FISMA – Federal Information Security Management Act: An United States legislation comprehensive framework to protect government information, operations and assets in software systems including LMS. In our last blog “Buying a LMS?

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LMS Vendors: How to Select the Right Vendor for your Goals

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This will reduce or eliminate risk of losing your data; simplify organizing and at the same time provide ease of access to authorized employees and other personnel across all geographies.

Five Steps to Take for a Successful Talent Management Strategy

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” Jim Collins, American Author, and Lecturer. HR professionals should keep track of the skills and talent of each hire, and look for ways to further develop these skills or help them learn new ones. “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

5 Ways Screen Capture Can Help Online Students Succeed

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Many college students are familiar with sites such as YouTube and Vimeo , but rarely do they consider the value of using screen capture software that takes both still images and video clips to help them succeed, especially in their online classes.

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Best Open Source MOOC Platforms for Businesses


Before delving into the details of best open-source eLearning software and MOOC platforms, let me mention a few stats that would help you have a chuckle: To launch edX, Harvard and MIT invested a whopping $60 million. Many people perceive them as open source eLearning software , but the concept remains the same despite changing and swinging the meaning. That’s why they are generally offered by an authorized educational institute or platform. Video Lectures.

2013 Corporate Learning Trends: Where Are We Now? (White Paper)

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recent client work and the latest eLearning Guild research reports, Learning Trends, Technologies and Opportunities remains on track with most of its predictions. We’ve been asked to use rapid authoring tools to design iPad friendly courses, for example.

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The LMS Evolution That’s Changing Business Forever


The days of flipping through binders and listening to a teacher or trainer lecture about a topic while clicking through a slide deck have been replaced with interactive eLearning platforms. For more than a century, the benefits of learning management tools have been of no question.

Designing a PowerPoint Screencast Using Camtasia

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Screencasts are an effective teaching tool that offer instructors greater versatility in developing lesson plans. Here is a general format to reference your YouTube video: Author, A. The end bumper can include an image, music track, etc., Guest post by Michael F. Ruffini, Ed.D.

Evolving role of Trainers in Corporate Learning


With a deep understanding of the topics being discussed, the trainer introduces different subjects and keeps them on track. An instructor who does more than just deliver lectures is thus the true evolved trainer.

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What is a true L&D professional?


If you’re possessed of a view that lecture and a knowledge quiz is sufficient to achieve meaningful outcomes, you are underserving our industry. Are you getting the most from the tools you have? And similarly, using technology to track your own actions.

Would Robots Run the Classroom in the Future?

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Robots are now being used as an intermediary tool to explicate theories of mathematics and science. The evolution of Artificial Intelligence is a way to achieve higher educational objectives because it allows us to identify gaps in lectures.

5 Awesome Features of iSpring Suite

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Organizations that have achieved exceptional results with their strategies, processes, programs, and tools are honored through this program. In 2016, iSpring Suite won the Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Excellence in content authoring technology.

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Seven Things I Learned This Year

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Twitter is Much Better than I Thought for Learning I used to say during presentations that I wasn’t quite sure about twitter as a learning tool. During 2010, I’ve been ramping up my use of twitter as a learning tool. iPad (and iPhone) are Much More Useful Than I Expected I didn’t actually think that I would care about the iPad except as a tool for training and performance support in environments like retail and restaurants where it’s always been an issue having access to machines.

7 Surprising Things You Could Learn by Accepting This Challenge


1 Figure Out How to Use Your Authoring Tool(s), and Move On. This challenge will rapidly bring you up to speed on your elearning authoring tool and/or LMS. Or how to send email invitations , create quizzes and track learning statistics.

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