10 Computer based training tools

Ed App

With the e-learning market size expected to be worth over $50 billion by 2026, finding the best computer based training tools for your business makes sense. Why Use a Computer Based Training Tool? . Best computer based training tool #1 – EdApp.

Top 10 LMS platforms

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Today’s corporate environment, often spanning across the oceans and continents, requires modern communication and educational tools reflecting its global character. WizIQ. WizIQ is entirely mobile-friendly which makes access to knowledge easy and stress-free.


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What Is Microlearning? A Complete Guide for Beginners [2021]


A simple way is through Microlearning. 1 What is Microlearning? 2 Where is Microlearning used? 3 What are the Benefits of Microlearning? 4 What are the Limitations of Microlearning? 5 Microlearning Best Practices. 6 Best Examples of Microlearning Units.

10 Platforms for online sales training

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The platform does have a mix of games and quizzes but does not have a lot of microlearning courses, unfortunately. Online sale training platform #5- Wiziq. This platform has a lot of useful features such as blended learning, social learning, spaced learning, and microlearning.

Top 10 LMS solutions

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If you need to host, author, schedule, deliver, test, and track online training activities for your employees, you are in need of an LCMS or learning content management system. Top 10 LMS solutions #6 – WizIQ. UQualio is an LMS solution that utilizes videos as a teaching tool.

10 Learning management system examples

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Let’s take a quick look at what’s needed to define a piece of software as an LMS. This can be either directly in the LMS through an authoring tool, or the ability to upload courses created in a third-party environment. LMS example #7 – WizIQ.

10 Educational Platforms

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To put it simply, educational platforms are digital educational tools designed to deliver a similar experience as a traditional class but with a tech-savvy twist. Udemy offers many standard designing tools for course creators: videos, calculation sheets, documents, presentations. WizIQ.

Top 10 virtual training platforms

Ed App

There are also many other tools, such as virtual whiteboards or quiz apps, that complement this type of learning. With this app, you can author your own courses with their easy-to-use authoring app that produces gorgeous eLearning materials that work in any type of display.

10 Virtual learning platforms

Ed App

One of its strongest features is its intuitive Authoring Tool. Being mobile-ready, it makes good use of microlearning, which delivers bite-sized chunks of educational materials right when the learner needs them. Virtual Learning Platform #6 – WizIQ.