Can Rapid Authoring Tools Deliver Responsive and Device Agnostic Content?

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That’s where device agnosticism comes into the picture: writing content that’s suitable for most devices (ideally all devices) and be responsive nevertheless. While such packaged software may be good to get you started, a couple of drawbacks defeat the very purpose of device agnosticism.

The Best eLearning Tools You Need Now


An eLearning professional is only as good as their best eLearning tools. While a learning management system is one of the most important eLearning tools you need to have, there are many nifty online apps, programs and systems designed to make your eLearning experience simpler.

Issue-based projects increase student engagement

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Guest post by Alison Baldwin written for the quarterly education newsletter, The Learning Lounge. Four years ago while sitting at home over Christmas break, I got to thinking about the senior research and writing class that I always teach in the spring semester. About the author.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: 31 Days to a Better Blog: Days 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8

Learning Visions

Tuesday, August 07, 2007 31 Days to a Better Blog: Days 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 This whole 31 Days to a Better Blog exercise is proving harder to stay on top of than I had even imagined. Well, I didnt even have an About This Blog Page. One of you -- my two old timers -- will be getting an email from me thanking you for sticking with me and adding value to my blog content. Day 7: Plan a Weeks Worth of Blog Posts. Im not trying to make money off this blog.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: 31 Days: 8, 9 & 10

Learning Visions

Friday, August 10, 2007 31 Days: 8, 9 & 10 Day 8: Run an Advertising Audit on Your Blog. Obviously, thats not my focus so I took Micheles advice and tried to do something from Darens Get Your Blogging Groove Back series. I attempted to write a linking post.

The Secret to Creating Your Own PowerPoint Templates for E-Learning - The Rapid eLearning Blog

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The Rapid Elearning Blog. This means that you’ll have to create your own templates that work better with the rapid elearning software. Here are three templates that I created for this blog post. Use graphics tools to help you build your templates. Many of you already use tools like Photoshop to create your graphics. Perhaps they’ll find their way onto the blog. I use Photoshop, but you can do it with most graphic editing tools.

9 Top eLearning Trends of 2017 from 49 Experts


It may involve empowering others so they have the tools and abilities to learn on their own. Connie, known online as the “eLearning Coach,” is the author of Visual Design Solutions , a top rated eLearning design book. Julie is a well known eLearning author and speaker.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Half of Companies Blocking Facebook

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One real problem is corporate fear of social networking tools. Update: Also be sure to check out this Facebook post over at the Read/Write Web that follows this same "study." sure to check out the Read/Write Web article that I posted a link to in this original post (as an update). Blog Book Tour: Learning in 3D #lrn3d Allison Rossett: ELearning Isn’t What You Think It.

Visual Design Tips from the eLearning Coach


Connie runs a fabulous eLearning website and newsletter , and is the author of Visual Design Solutions , the highly rated and reviewed book on visual design for eLearning professionals. Here is my main tool set, but there are other apps and programs I use for lesser tasks.

Top 75 Online Courses for Freelancers To Up Their Game


He’s an author, athlete, and was recognized as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the US under 30 by Barack Obama. Guy Kawasaki, author of 13 books and a true mastermind, is one of the most influential people in Silicon Valley. Material: 20 parts and ongoing email newsletter.

How to grow an elearning dream team: 8 things the best L&D leaders do


Whilst it’s true that anyone can have a go at creating digital learning in the many authoring tools available, it’s key to consider the skills and support you need to meet your vision. The authoring tool expert – they are your internal champion for the authoring tool you use.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Did You Know: knol = a unit of knowledge?

Mark Oehlert

" Quick.someone write me a Web 4.0 Can I start writing RFPs that require contractors to produce a course that will generate a certain number of KNOLs? Actually it sounds like Google is starting up some author-focused/centric competitor to Wikipedia.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: 31 Days: Days 22, 23 & 24

Learning Visions

Friday, August 31, 2007 31 Days: Days 22, 23 & 24 Ive been seriously lagging in this 31 Day Blog Challenge. Day 22: Catch Readers Up on the Basics of Your Blog As your readership grows, new folks will be wandering in. I had to add a wee bit of code into my blog template.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: With Community Comes Great Responsibility

Learning Visions

Thursday, August 09, 2007 With Community Comes Great Responsibility In reflecting over the benefits of the first week or so of the 31 Days to Better Blogging Challenge , the biggest thing for me has been the overall boost in community. Ive been using a tool called co.mment.

Individualized instruction with Citelighter and TechSmith

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Guest post by high school english teacher, Natalie O’Neil, written for the quarterly educator newsletter The Learning Lounge. Bring Citelighter and TechSmith into your repertoire of teacher tools. About the author.

8 Workplace Learning Bloggers You Need to Follow

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You can bookmark “ Will’s Blog ” and follow him on social media. Get inspired by following her blog or her feed on With degrees in both instructional design and art education, her exceptional blogging earns her a spot on our must-follow list.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Online Portfolios

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Thursday, August 02, 2007 Online Portfolios Jennifer Madrell shows us a great example of an online portofolio , which she calls a "svelte and sparkly version of this blog - that is a requirement and capstone project at Indiana University." What tools did you use to create it? Your blog?

How to Start and Grow a Podcast and Build an Online Course Empire with Joe Casabona


Joe had established himself as an authority in web development by teaching people about front end development. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates, developments, and future episodes of LMScast. Joe Casabona: Tools have evolved. I have reach through my blog.

Easygenerator is looking for an online marketing intern


Easygenerator provides cloud-based eLearning authoring software. The software is used by over 5,000 users in more than 120 countries, in corporations, not-for-profits, government agencies, and educational institutions. Easygenerator is a young, rapidly growing Internet business.

Top 25 websites for elearning tips

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Julian Stodd’s blog. Rapid eLearning | Adobe Captivate Blog. The Rapid E-learning Blog. There’s a variety of authors but it’s not a content aggregator, each section is curated by a real person with relevant experience. Julian Stodd’s blog. The Rapid E-learning Blog.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Tell me your latest/greatest books on learning.

Mark Oehlert

Even worse, I like bookstores better than I like libraries because I like to write in my books as I read and dog-ear pages and in general, rough them up a bit as I read them. Gilbert is a wry and fine author.

Easygenerator is looking for an online marketing intern


Easygenerator provides cloud-based eLearning authoring software. The software is used by over 5,000 users in more than 120 countries, in corporations, not-for-profits, government agencies, and educational institutions. Easygenerator is a young, rapidly growing Internet business.

Easygenerator is looking for an Online Marketing Intern!


Easygenerator provides cloud-based eLearning authoring software. The software is used by over 5,000 users in more than 120 countries, in corporations, not-for-profits, government agencies, and educational institutions. You will be responsible for executing the content strategy of easygenerator (blogs, press releases and social media). Online Marketing Internship. Easygenerator is a young, rapidly growing Internet business.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: What’s the Difference: Learning Designer vs. Instructional Designer?

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Someone got to my blog the other day by searching on “what’s the difference between learning designers and instructional designers?&# This post has been removed by the author. I tell people that I write instructional materials. Interesting question, especially posted the same day I received a newsletter from my alma mater including a section soliciting feedback on what to rename the program that currently teaches "instructional design," as we know it.

Computational Thinking in Teaching and Learning

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Guest post by Hangzhou International School teacher, Evan Weinberg, written for the quarterly educator newsletter The Learning Lounge. The end result is equivalent to the idea of students writing their work on the board. During whole class instruction, I can’t really keep track of what each student is and isn’t writing down because I am typically in a static location in the classroom. About the Author.

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Big Niches and Creating an Ecosystem Around Your Tribe with Avery White of Third Person Creative


There are many bridges that link different forms of art, and when Avery couldn’t find anyone talking about that online he decided to lead the discussion himself by starting his blog at Avery is using our software called LifterLMS. Like you have a blog.

Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

I'm writing this post for both attendees of the session to have some notes and for people who were not at the session to hopefully get value from the discussion that happened there. Existing Adoption At the very start I asked the audience for examples of where they were currently using these tools as part of learning solutions. However, a few things struck me: A big reason for the survey was to get people to think about where these tools might make sense. Tools?

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The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

The Learning Dispatch

He frequently shares about accessible elearning development through our Learning Dispatch blog and newsletter. A Note on Rapid Authoring Tools. Many who are blind use a screen reader, which is software that reads the screen out loud. A Note on Rapid Authoring Tools.

Learning by Creating: Turning Bloom’s on Its Head

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Shelley Wright’s blog, “ Flip This: Bloom’s Taxonomy Should Start with Creating “, proposes an idea that leverages what we know about the way humans learn: we generally start not with remembering a set of facts, formulas or knowledge sets; we start with a productive goal in mind.

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Building a Middle School Flipped Classroom

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for the quarterly newsletter, The Learning Lounge. In my ideal classroom I would not spend my time writing lesson plans or grading papers. Customized paths means I need to write out detailed plans for every single student. While this isn’t the first piece of software to report this, it is the first type I have found (that is teacher-budget-friendly) that reports it in such an easy-to-use format. About the Author.

Adapting to Technology in the 21st Century

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This article was written by guest author Jordyn Watson for our quarterly education newsletter, the Learning Lounge. We worked hard to create bundles through our learning management system and created videos using Camtasia software to add to our content for the students to use.

HT2 Labs Win Silver in Best in Biz Awards 2018 International

HT2 Labs

By redefining what is possible for digital learning opportunities in the workplace, we have created award-winning, next-generation learning software: Curatr LXP – Intuitive, Engaging & Personal: Combining our expertise in Social & Personalized Learning, our Learning Experience Platform enables your organisation to extend their focus to Continuing Professional Development for your workforce. About the author.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: 31 Days: Days 17, 18, 19, 20, & 21

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Day 18: Create a Sneeze Page and Propel Readers Deep Within Your Blog This task is about spreading germs. The goal of this task is to write a post that links back to some of your greatest hits, unearthing those old treasures from way back when.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: 31 Days: Days 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16

Learning Visions

So go ahead and "Email or IM another blogger in your niche to introduce yourself and your blog". Day 13: Search for an Affiliate Program My blog is not about making money. Ive got good awareness of what many other e-Learning bloggers are writing about.

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Elearning Review of the Year 2015

Sponge UK

David Kelly was one of the first in the learning space to write about the new tech. The week-long social media event, hosted by Sponge UK, bought together blogs, infographics, opinion and resources from across the world about game-based learning and gamification.