7 Strategies to Facilitate "Working Out Loud"

ID Reflections

Today, most organizations are caught between the crossroads of traditional training (top down sessions, expert created content, L&D owned programs) and the modern workplace learning practices reflective of networked learning, collaboration and cooperation, user-generated content, ongoing conversation and debate, open feedback and transparent sharing. Apart from anything, working out loud is a valuable self-reflection and learning tool.

Sahana Chattopadhyay – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


However, what I can say for organizations embarking on the path to becoming a collaborative and learning organization is that the tools and technology are there as facilitators. It is exciting to hear Frederick Laloux (Author, Re-inventing Organisations) say, “My take is that in the ideal workplace of the future, there will be no “workplace” or “employers”. It is a core skill related to Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) and constitutes what we also call “sense-making”.

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L&D needs New Skills

ID Reflections

This is an insightful tool to understand why hierarchy and authority have a greater impact in some countries, in addition to the already prevailing organizational culture. Given the high power distance in a country like India, it is little wonder that most people accept authority and hierarchy more easily than perhaps in the West. While most people today use multiple social tools, using them to enhance and support learning and professional development may not come naturally.

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Why Content Curation Should be in Your Skillset

Jay Cross

In a minute I’ll give you the story of a company that saved over fifty million dollars with a low-budget curation program. and put in search terms and authorities to listen to. Curation tools make it easy for any of us to be publishers of glossy online magazines! Several companies offer inexpensive or free curation tools. Each community elected trusted authorities to spot developments and research worth sharing with the group.

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Pick of the Month: April 2012

Jane Hart

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) skills. “Students these days are discovering their own applications and tools to enhance their learning online. I’ve learned about some of these tools from my students themselves, as well as through the teenager grapevine. 7 - The Napkin Academy – learn to solve any problem with a single picture – from Dan Roam, the author of “The Back of the Napkin” – a simple, clever idea!

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Learning and KM: Separated at birth?

Jay Cross

Looking through the program, I’m delighted to see that many of the sessions could easily play at DevLearn and vice-versa. Andrew McAfee , Principal Research Scientist , Center for Digital Business – MIT Sloan School of Management and Author, Enterprise 2.0. tools. Hear how microblogging is > being used in the enterprise and about other social media tools to connect people, enhance knowledge sharing, and enable collaboration.

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Top 68 eLearning Posts from April - Hot Topics iPad Google Buzz

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The road ahead : I am presently developing detailed role descriptions, community guidelines, role assessment tools, and the identification of appropriate learning products and offerings. Social Learning Tools Should Not be Separate from Enterprise 2.0 - eLearning Technology , April 7, 2010 With the recent launch of InGenius by SkillSoft, I believe it’s time again to raise a pretty important question: Where do Social Learning Tools belong? tools into their practices.