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Event Recap: Lectora User Conference 2015

E-learning Uncovered

Back in May, I presented at the 11 th annual Lectora User Conference. My presentation was all about using Lectora’s status indicator object and showcasing unique, but easily implemented, uses for it within courses.

Updated E-Learning Authoring Tools Comparison

E-learning Uncovered

With these new changes, I thought it was time to update our popular—and often controversial—authoring tools comparison. Lectora got an improved score in graphics capability. So Lectora and Captivate are now tied in this department. Upcoming Events & Webinars.

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How to add attachments to an xAPI course in Lectora: xAPI Party demo

Experience API

They needed the ability to maintain and later present certificates for learners so that any administrator in the organization could go into the LRS, view the learners’ scores and download certificates for each learner. Technical steps for sending and receiving attachments in Lectora.

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Which Learning Content Trends Matter Most to You?

Talented Learning

Intra-LMS Authoring. Collaborative Authoring. 5) Intra-LMS Authoring. As I noted several weeks ago in a learning systems trends update, integrated authoring and delivering platform are roaring back with a vengeance – and with good reason. 7) Collaborative Authoring.

How to Make Elearning Accessible: Insights from the 2017 CSUN Assistive Technology Conference

The Learning Dispatch

It’s the viewer of the chart that constructs the meaning of the information, not the chart’s author; and how is the author to know what an accurate summary might be? She showed the necessity of using plain language (including how to use Flesch-Kincaid Readability Score) in your content.

6 Lessons from the Trenches of Digital Learning Game Design at #ASTDTK14

Bottom-Line Performance

Bottom-Line Performance has done simulation and learning game design for table-top/live events for many years. You can embed games into course authoring tools such as Lectora or Articulate Storyline. I allocated 8 hours to define the scoring for this game.

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Spark Your Interest

These are scheduled events such as webinars and webcasts. Other decisions made at this stage include the authoring tool used to develop online learning. This might include: Authoring tool source file(s). Authoring Tools. To do this you’ll use an authoring tool.

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Wonderful Brain

Off the shelf products, e.g. Articulate, Captivate, Camtasia, Lectora, and other rapid authoring tools support basic interactions but are somewhat superficial given the need to employ these in a variety of environments. Scenarios: For instance: Replication of ‘Office Events,’ Selling, Soft Skills, Application Use (Step by step w/correction). Virtual Realities w/Active Role Plays as Real Time Events.

Free L&D webinars for September 2018

Limestone Learning

So, how exactly can an authoring tool save organizations both time and money? Join this live event on September 5th and learn: What learning evaluation is and why it‘s so important. You’ll also look at specific examples of accessible courses built with Storyline, Lectora, and Captivate.

Here’s an idea to free college: 100% asynchronous based courses (self-paced), yeah e-learning

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There is no study I am aware of that shows a direct correlation between high SAT or ACT scores and success at the college level. . who are right now using 3rd party authoring tools, which will create asynchronous based courses. I explained that the authoring tool within it is not designed for true asych. design, nor are LMS vendors, authoring tool vendors. . They sound wonderful, but so does gorging yourself on junk food at a sporting event. .