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Adobe Captivate: When It Comes to Images, Choose Your Quality

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While your published SWF will be smaller when compared to using the other modes listed here, this setting will lower the quality of the published images so much, you may not like it. The compression JPEGs is controlled by the JPEG quality percentage via the SWF size and quality preferences (via File > Publish Settings ). This option will result in nice-looking images, but will increase the size of your published SWF dramatically. by Kevin Siegel.

Adobe Captivate 5: Preload Your Corporate Brand

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In fact, the learner will have to wait for a specific percentage of the SWF to downloaded. The time it takes for that percentage to be reached depends on two things: the size of the SWF you published and the speed of the learner's internet connection. You have the ability to use Captivate's Preloader feature to both control what the learner sees as they wait for the lesson to begin, and the percentage of the SWF that must be downloaded before the lesson will begin to play.

10 Widely Used Authoring Tools that Support HTML5 and Empower E-learning

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swf) worked well on desktops and laptops and for many years, Flash ruled the e-learning world. iSpring Suite. iSpring Suite , earlier known as iSpring Presenter, helps you create effective mobile presentations that can be published in HTML5 format. You can integrate iSpring Suite with PowerPoint easily. Beginners can choose this tool due to its ease of to use. Raptivity is very useful for beginners working with e-learning authoring tools.