Twitter for Trainers: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Ideas


Twitter has more than arrived as a training tool, so are you using the micoblogging platform to its full advantage? Beginner. If you’re still a bit behind and looking for a beginner’s intro to using Twitter in your capacity as a training pro, instructional designer Justin Ferriman recently penned a great post on the fundamentals of training and tweeting entitled, appropriately enough, “ 2 Stupidly Simple Ways to Use Twitter For Training.”

10 free test maker tools

Ed App

Now, with digital platforms, testing goes beyond boring scantrons and pen-and-paper questions. There are many excellent, free online learning platforms with engaging courses and testing to help teachers and L&D professionals alike. . 1 – EdApp Microlearning Platform.


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Course Authoring Tools for eLearning Developers and the masses

eLearning 24-7

elearning maker - another product form e-doceo; screenwriting, storyboards, media inserts, selection and moving of elements plus more; a beginner could use some of the features, but a developer has some additional capabilities and flexibilities. SCORM compliant learning object generator, customized editing interface, web based media player that works across multiple platforms, video/audio, image slides, text synchronization. Tools these days come in three flavors.

State of the Authoring Tool Industry 2015

eLearning 24-7

If you are wondering if the “publish once to all” means the vendor is using PENS, the answer is no, they are not using PENS. . However, I think every SaaS authoring tool vendor should use PENS. . I’d use it for courses in general for my LMS/learning platform too. . First AT vendor to use PENS. I’ll just say it right now, the industry as a whole isn’t doing much. There I said it and honestly I can’t believe I said it.

Top Picks for 2016 – E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

They call themselves publishing platform, but first and foremost it is an authoring tool. Course standards include xAPI and PENS, besides the standards of SCORM. . This editing solution is not for beginners, although if you are willing to learn how to use the product and have patience, you can do damage in a good way. After a whirlwind week that for many of us has left an indelible mark of uneasiness and concern, we all need a little good cheer.

State of the Authoring Tool Industry

eLearning 24-7

After all, you can have a great LMS, learning platform, or whatever you want to call your learning system, but the difference maker is good/great content. Only a few support PENS, which is a shame, because it really does some very cool things. I’m not talking about an AT vendor adding the analytics piece or trying to make themselves some type of hybrid learning platform. This is not a tool for beginners or those who are used to more simpler tools.

How to Edit Video (With Step-by-Step Video)

TechSmith Camtasia

If you know your keyboard shortcuts, and most of them across Windows platform are pretty much the same for copy, and paste, and cut. Is that something you think as beginners we should be trying to do? Making that first video can feel like a struggle.

Video 83

How To Do Marketing Automation, CRM, and More Directly From Your WordPress Website with Groundhogg Founder Adrian Tobey


Our very first users were clients we had that hired us not just to build a website, and not just to build a course membership site platform and some custom tooling on top of that, but also to develop marketing automation and really deeply integrate Infusionsoft into their WordPress website. Adrian Tobey: That’s what I really took away from ClickFunnels, and I took away the automation aspects away from Infusionsoft or ConvertKit, or any of those platforms.

48 Books Every Aspiring Chief Learning Officer Should Read


Thompson has done a tremendous service by penning this book. Katrina Baker’s LMS Success: A Step-by-Step Guide to Learning Management System Administration doesn’t only hand you the right questions to ask as you choose your learning platform (the tech side) but also provides excellent advice on administration (the people side). Beginners might find the information too dense but gaming practitioners with a few years experience will find considerable value in its pages.

Top 70 eLearning Posts for June and Hot Topics including iPad and Mobile Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

7 lessons how to use social media in an event with social media beginners - Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning , June 14, 2010 Last year we’ve experimented with various social media to improve a sharing event for about 100 participants (for more details see my older blogpost ). Billy grabs a pen and paper and starts writing, “Hi. Best of eLearning Learning. June 2010. Another great month for eLearning content.

iPad 79