The Learning & Development Podcast: Design Thinking with Danny Seals and Tim Brind


The Learning & Development podcast is hosted by our Chief Learning Officer David James. Listen to episode 67 of the Learning & Development podcast here. David James: Welcome to The Learning & Development Podcast. Tim: Best place for me is LinkedIn.

Skills Series: A Beginner's Guide to Influencer Marketing

General Assembly

Skills Series: A Beginner’s Guide to Influencer Marketing Discover the strategy marketers are leveraging to drive brand awareness and increase ROI. It allows brands to reach their target audience through the voice and network of a person directly in the social news feeds they’re looking to for entertainment. has led marketers to specialize in social media-focused content and influencer marketing. Today many of us look up to the individuals we follow on social media?—?people


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Everything Gets Easier When You Know Who Your Ideal Client Is with Agency Operator and Podcaster Jason Resnick


Learn how everything gets easier when you know who your ideal client is with agency operator and podcaster Jason Resnick in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. You can find his podcast over at if you’re interested in checking that out.

How to Start and Grow a Podcast and Build an Online Course Empire with Joe Casabona


Learn how to start and grow a podcast and build an online course empire with Joe Casabona in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Joe runs a podcast called How I Built It. Chris and Joe discuss concepts that apply to both podcasting and course creating in this episode. LMScast is the number one podcast for course creators just like you. If you actually go to podcast search engines, they’re not that good.

Why Videos and Images Rule for Social Media with Jessie O’Donnell

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When it comes to using social media to help your customers, it’s often better to show, rather than tell. It’s no secret that videos and images win on social media channels. If you’re using social media to engage with customers, images and videos are a fantastic way to communicate.

10 Best Email Ideas to Promote Your Online Courses


Compared to other types of marketing like search engine marketing, content marketing or even paid advertising ( e.g. Facebook Ads), email marketing continues to outperform them as the best B2B and B2C communication channel. Example 1: LinkedIn Learning.

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Grow Your Negotiating Capabilities Using eLearning

Your Training Edge

Clients have reported that whether they were a beginner or an expert negotiator, using a negotiation simulator helped to improve their negotiation skills and enhanced their confidence. Use Social Media and Online Resources. Almost all social networks have search features. If you can’t keep up with negotiation experts on social media platforms, you can opt for negotiation websites and blogs. Are you aspiring to become an expert negotiator?

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | July 30, 2021

Mike Taylor

This is a beginner’s guide that will teach you some principles, show you two quick wins you can apply right away, and – if you want more – goes into the nerdy details. (I Podcasts. Workflow Tools for Frictionless Creation with Jeremy Caplan on the #Creator Spaces podcast.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | July 9, 2021

Mike Taylor

Last week’s most clicked item: The Nuts & Bolts of Instructional Design: A Beginner’s Toolkit. Podcasts. Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn. Before we reinvent the wheel, it’s worth looking back to leverage what we’ve already figured out. Lessons From Shakespeare.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | July 2, 2021

Mike Taylor

In the related discussion over on LinkedIn there have been some design heavyweights weighing in on both sides. The Nuts & Bolts of Instructional Design: A Beginner’s Toolkit. Podcasts. Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | June 4, 2021

Mike Taylor

Find ways to be a beginner, or at the very least cultivate a beginner’s mind. According to this theory, people approach digital texts with a mindset suited to casual social media, and devote less mental effort than when they are reading print. Podcasts.

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Social Media Marketing and Management for Course Creators with Tina Todorovic from Social Web Suite


Learn about social media marketing and management for course creators with Tina Todorovic from Social Web Suite in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Tina and Chris get into several topics around social media and automation for course creators and membership site owners. Social Web Suite is a social media management tool that helps entrepreneurs with navigating the complicated and ever-changing world of social media platforms.

B2B Video Guide: 8 Must-Dos (and 2 Don’ts) for Success

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She is also the Host of the Marketing Smarts podcast, and the co-host of Punch Out , and is a regular creator of video content for use in marketing activities. He has ten years of experience creating videos for blog posts he writes, for use on social media, and more.

The most updated and popular E-Learning Blogs


Also, Connie is member of the Instructional Designers & E-Learning professionals group on LinkedIn - Group Join Link Learning Ecosystems by Daniel S. I Came, I Saw, I Learned by Kevin Siegel The content focuses on eLearning, mLearning, social media, and how-to articles for Captivate, Camtasia, FrameMaker, Acrobat, RoboHelp and PowerPoint. Through his blog and consulting practices, people look to Harold for innovative ideas on business, technology, social networks and learning.

How to Educate With Resilience When Everything Changes With Crystal DeJaegher

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You can watch the video on this topic at the top of this post, to listen to the podcast episode, hit play below, or read on for more… How to smoothly transition to an online learning environment.

How to Start an Online Business with No Money


You don’t need to buy property or rent out a store, there’s no physical inventory to manage, and many of the most popular Software as a Service (SAAS) tools, such as MailChimp and WordPress, have free beginner versions. YouTube videos and podcasts are another great tool for sharing knowledge and establishing a connection with your audience. The best practice here is to create original content on your site, then distribute through social media.

Will a Chatbot Be Your Next Learning Coach? – How AI can support talent development in your organization


In a single hour, you may read an email on your pc, send a text on your phone, download a podcast, watch a video and post a tweet. The data coming from your LMS and performance management software is puny compared to the onslaught coming from social media, but it is part of the Big Data mosaic and most of us are simply not taking advantage of the information we have readily available. Snatchbot, for example, can be used on Facebook Messenger, Slack, WeChat, Skype, and more.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | November 8, 2019

Mike Taylor

Check out what Sarah Gibbons ( @segibb ) Chief Designer at the Nielsen Norman Group has to say about how you progress through stages: being a beginner, an intermediate practitioner, and possessing advanced expertise. Rock Your LinkedIn Profile – Linkedin Learning course to help you upgrade your LinkedIn profile. Psychology and the Good Life – Laurie Santos’s class on the science of happiness is now available as a podcast at The Happiness Lab.

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How to Find a Profitable Course Topic


Find pain/problems of people in specific subject: start asking your friends, family and people in your network what they struggled with the most in a particular area and come up with the ultimate solution for it. IT & Software: Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Cisco CCNA, Linux, Network Security, Electronics etc. What is the level of experience, are they beginners or experts? Try looking at the following: Facebook groups.

How to Effectively Sell Your Online Courses Using Email Marketing


Email marketing is 40x times more effective at acquiring new customers than social media marketing – Facebook and Twitter ( McKinsey , 2014). Try Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to see if your contacts share their email addresses publicly. Podcast.

From Martial Arts Business Owner to Health Course Creator to Online Entrepreneur Membership Site Creator With Kevin Geary of Digital Ambition


The journey from martial arts business owner to health course creator to online entrepreneur membership site creator with Kevin Geary of Digital Ambition in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Here’s why that Facebook ad might not be working.”

Top 70 eLearning Posts for June and Hot Topics including iPad and Mobile Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

Today I was on a panel about social learning. No matter what anyone tells you, no one really has a clue how to “do&# social in the enterprise. Introduction to Social Networking - Learning and Working on the Web , June 21, 2010 As our Work Literacy Ning site (2008) is in danger of getting bumped off the Net due to Ning’s new pricing policy , I will post some of the key articles here so we don’t lose them. Introduction to Social Networking.

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Free and Open Source Text to Speech Tools for e-Learning


Download audio and podcasts. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz Labels: digital signal processor (DSP) , natural language processor , NLP , text-to-speech , TTS , using TTS in an eLearning course Reactions: 0comments: Post a Comment Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Get the eLearning News first! Top 5 e-Learning books for beginners Top 10 Open Source e-Learning Projects to Watch fo.

What is Educational Marketing & How to Use it to Grow with Examples


Browse social media to find what your audience is concerned/talks about. Podcasts. For one, there is social media as content marketing and social media go hand-in-hand. It can make it super easy to create videos even as a beginner.

How to Transition from Online Services to Online Courses in the WordPress Web Design Niche With Divi Expert Josh Hall


Learn about how to transition from online services to online courses in the WordPress web design niche with Divi expert Josh Hall in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett from LifterLMS. He is a course creator, podcaster, template creator.

Helping Consultants, Experts, and Coaches Smash Through Personal and Professional Plateaus with David Shriner-Cahn


Helping consultants, experts, and coaches smash through personal and professional plateaus with David Shriner-Cahn in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. To learn more about David Shriner-Cahn you can find him on LinkedIn , Facebook , and Twitter at @smashingplateau. LMScast is the number one podcast for course creators just like you. He has a podcast called Smashing the Plateau. Podcasting really trains your listening skills.

How to use ActiveCampaign with Your Online Course or Training Based Membership Website with Kay Peacey of Slick Business


At LifterLMS, we often recommend Mailchimp for beginners, ConvertKit for intermediate users, and ActiveCampaign for advanced users. LMScast is the number one podcast for course creators just like you. Let’s pivot to the beginner who’s coming into ActiveCampaign.

Monetization, Production, Growth, and Advertising for Course Creators, Coaches, and Consultants with Michael Greenberg


At Call For Content Michael works with coaches, consultants, and podcasters to help them take effective action for their businesses. To learn more about Michael Greenberg, the playbooks he has put together for online marketing, and how he may be able to help you with podcasting, head to LMScast is the number one podcast for course creators just like you. Getting your name out there, partnering to create webinars or creating a podcast and having people on.

Discovering Superflow via a Mindset Reset with Meditation, Mindset, and Lifestyle Mentor Emma Goldie


Learn about discovering superflow via a mindset reset with meditation, mindset, and lifestyle mentor Emma Goldie in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett from LifterLMS. You can also find Emma on Facebook and Instagram @emmagoldiespiritualmentor.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | May 8, 2020

Mike Taylor

“A man ceases to be a beginner in any given science and becomes a master in that science when he has learned that he is going to be a beginner all his life. – The Presentation Podcast. Follow me on Twitter or c onnect with me on LinkedIn.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Reflections from Adaptive Paths UX Week 2007

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « A foot in both worlds.working on a MacBook | Main | Facebook on iPhone (Inside Facebook) » August 25, 2007 Reflections from Adaptive Paths UX Week 2007 I had a little time now to digest all that I heard at the user experience/design conference named UX Week 2007 and put on by Adaptive Path. "In the beginners mind there are many possibilities.

How to Grow Your Community and Niche Network through a Virtual Summit with Jan Koch from WP Agency Summit


Learn how to grow your community and niche network through a virtual summit with Jan Koch from WP Agency Summit in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett from LifterLMS. To learn more about Jan Koch, be sure to check out his Facebook group WP Mastery.

Surprising Course Failure Case Study Transforms into Monetized Content Expert Business with WordPress Ecommerce and WooCommerce Pro BobWP


We discuss a lot of course success stories on the LMScast podcast. LMScast is the number one podcast for course creators just like you. It’s great to be here, because it’s like… Well, it’s an honor, because I’ve watched this podcast for a while, and I’m always catching people I know on it and new people, and yeah, I’m excited to be here. We had a local social community. Sponsorships, podcasts.

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Learning with e's

As a part of my participation in the online social networking workshop Digifolios and Personal Learning Spaces , I have been tasked to do some online story telling, so I have chosen to tell my story here. It doesn't matter whether you are beginners or experienced users of web 2.0 Even ten years ago, it would have been difficult to envisage the richly graphical wikis, blogs, podcasts, and social networking services we now take for granted.

Angela Brown’s Recurring Revenue Niche Membership Site Journey and Success Story


Learn about Angela Brown’s recurring revenue niche membership site journey and success story in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Angela is from , and she also has a podcast and YouTube show called Ask a House Cleaner.

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How To Make Modern Video Courses Online with WordPress


And displaying them has become easier with platforms online, such as YouTube , Vimeo , and social networks. LMScast is the number one podcast for course creators just like you. My advice to beginners is just avoid music all together, because it’s really easy, what you want technically is royalty free music available for commercial reuse, with no limit on the license or whatever. Facebook groups are probably pretty good.

How to Level Up Your Marketing, Web Design, and Photography with Consultant and Business Coach Jean Perpillant


LMScast is the number one podcast for course creators just like you. Years ago, when we really first got jumping in the social media, any type of picture was fine. Chris Badgett: So the beginner is using their earbuds and their webcam. So LinkedIn is doing the same thing.

How To Add A Live Event To Your Mostly Online Education Business Mix With Mike Morrison From The Membership Guys


Mike runs a weekly podcast called The Membership Guys Podcast that covers practical advice and strategy tips for creating and growing a membership website. His business partner Callie Willows also does a podcast called Behind the Membership , so be sure to check that out as well. LMScast is the number one podcast for course creators just like you. Mike’s podcast is called The Membership Guys Podcast. You’re not going after beginners.

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How To Generate Online Course and Membership Site Leads and Sales using Surveys with Rob and Kennedy of ResponseSuite


Many course creators focus a lot on Facebook ads, YouTube, and trying to get more traffic, but one of the most overlooked resources you have is your current email list and people who are already subscribed to your content and have purchased from you before. This podcast is not over.

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Navigating the Digital Ecosystem, Preselling, and the Problems with the Culture of Free with Robin Harris


Navigating the digital ecosystem, preselling, and the problems with the culture of free with Robin Harris in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. It includes a shopping cart, a CRM, social media outreach, and more. Sites like Facebook sell space to advertisers, and that is how they make money off of you as the product. Facebook is financed by ads. Robin Harris: I would say, this is where Facebook can come in handy.