How to Create an Ebook: 8-Step Guide for Beginners


Social media page: to share the ebook (or a phrase or text) on their social media. Once your ebook is ready you can publish and share it with your network. To start with, you can use your social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

How to Make a YouTube Video: The Definitive Guide

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It’s no secret that YouTube is the ultimate place to post video content. YouTube has over 1.9 Top YouTube content creators can make hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars a day, but ironically, being successful on YouTube has little to do with actually making a video. Today I’m going to share with you techniques from some of the top YouTubers that show exactly what you should (and shouldn’t) do for YouTube content creation. YouTube search.


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Social Media Libraries for Flash

Upside Learning

As social technology growth continues to march on and dynamic learning grows to be the need of the day, it is little surprise that social media has now become an integral part of learning as well. Various elearning development companies are integrating the popular social media services like Twitter, YouTube etc. These social media elements can also be integrated in the elearning courses or applications developed using Flash technologies.

Beginner’s Guide to Microlearning

Ed App

EdApp’s platform provides instructors with rapid authoring features, a free editable course library, lesson templates, and the ability to build in gamification and social interactions within lessons. The post Beginner’s Guide to Microlearning appeared first on EdApp Microlearning Blog.

Captions Increase Viewership for Facebook Video Ads by 12%

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In reaction to an internal study on user behavior, Facebook made updates to its video ad features. Facebook video ads auto-play without sound and with closed captions forced on. Plus, Facebook can add automatically generated captions to videos that don’t have captions uploaded.

Grow Your Negotiating Capabilities Using eLearning

Your Training Edge

Clients have reported that whether they were a beginner or an expert negotiator, using a negotiation simulator helped to improve their negotiation skills and enhanced their confidence. Use Social Media and Online Resources. Almost all social networks have search features. If you can’t keep up with negotiation experts on social media platforms, you can opt for negotiation websites and blogs. Are you aspiring to become an expert negotiator?

Studies Find Captions Improve Engagement with Online Video

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Research findings from Verizon Media, Facebook, and several universities reveal that captions help viewers to stay focused and to comprehend more information. Social Media Video Viewership Boosted by Captions. One can avoid this from happening by supplying captioned social media videos.

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Social Media Marketing and Management for Course Creators with Tina Todorovic from Social Web Suite


Learn about social media marketing and management for course creators with Tina Todorovic from Social Web Suite in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Tina and Chris get into several topics around social media and automation for course creators and membership site owners. Social Web Suite is a social media management tool that helps entrepreneurs with navigating the complicated and ever-changing world of social media platforms.

An Ultimate Guide To Starting A Successful Music Business By Teaching Online


High Profits In Online Classes Compared To Youtube Or Blog. When you are looking for how one can start a music school online as an additional source of income, it presents you with a lucrative opportunity to make high profits than a blog or a YouTube channel.

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B2B Video Guide: 8 Must-Dos (and 2 Don’ts) for Success

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He has ten years of experience creating videos for blog posts he writes, for use on social media, and more. Do: Think like a TV network. Perhaps creating one video for social media. He has an entire blog post he wrote which goes into captioning for social media more in-depth.

Spotlight on.SHEVA


Beginner courses for Lower Grades; Instagram, Photoshop, internet safety & cost. Advanced course for Upper Grades; LinkedIn, creating a resume, job seeking. Courses covering; Beginner and Advanced Introduction to Smartphones, WhatsApp for business, Duolingo for working Internationally, as well as Canva and YouTube to help innovate products. Professional Growth Working with Universities, in particular, those studying Social Science.

How to Teach Music Online & Monetize Your Skills (Guide)


A single search on Google and YouTube will convince you as many music teachers have already started offering their expertise online. As a music instructor, you can reach out to more students (than you would do in the traditional way), gain more recognition and expand your professional network.

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How to Educate With Resilience When Everything Changes With Crystal DeJaegher

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Always think like a beginner whenever you’re working with a new technology or introducing someone to it. Crystal stresses the importance of over-communication in an online environment, especially when you’re teaching beginner learners.

2016 Top Tools for Learning

Charles Jennings

Twitter: My first port-of-call every morning to get daily insights into what my wider network is reporting. I use Facebook for family and personal friends, and Twitter for my professional social network. YouTube : probably the best visual performance support tool around. YouTube has saved me from needing to attend any number of ‘Excel pivot tables 101’ and ‘household plumbing for beginners’ courses.

10 Video Marketing Tips That Will Make You Feel Like an Expert

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Get expert video marketing tips from: Amy Landino , co-founder of video marketing agency Aftermarq, best-selling author of Vlog Like a Boss, Keynote speaker, and creator behind YouTube channel AmyTV. Sunny Lenarduzzi , founder of YouTube for bosses, video branding expert, keynote speaker, and creator of two YouTube videos per week on her YouTube channel. Make sure to create content tailored for each specific social platform.

The 34 Best Training Video Software – Full Comparison Guide


Impressive techniques that are popular amongst experienced moviemakers have become available to beginners too. YouTube Video Editing Software. Some of its interesting features are Voice recording, speed control, screen drawing, stamps, face-camera, and YouTube upload.

How To Edit Video: Reducing File Size

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You may want to reduce file size to more easily send to your co-workers, or complete your upload to YouTube quicker. Because of this, MP4 is very popular for web-based delivery including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For an in-depth description, take a look at the beginners guide to frame rate. Let us know how it goes on Facebook or Twitter !

How to Start an Online Business with No Money


You don’t need to buy property or rent out a store, there’s no physical inventory to manage, and many of the most popular Software as a Service (SAAS) tools, such as MailChimp and WordPress, have free beginner versions. YouTube videos and podcasts are another great tool for sharing knowledge and establishing a connection with your audience. The best practice here is to create original content on your site, then distribute through social media.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | November 8, 2019

Mike Taylor

Expertise in the Age of YouTube. Expertise in the Age of YouTube. Check out what Sarah Gibbons ( @segibb ) Chief Designer at the Nielsen Norman Group has to say about how you progress through stages: being a beginner, an intermediate practitioner, and possessing advanced expertise. VidIQ – Set of tools to help you reach more people with your YouTube videos (via Craig Taylor ).

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Google’s Stadia holds promises in Serious Games, VR and Mixed Reality

Playware Studios

For beginners, Google service launches with over 10 Tflops of graphics performance. The service is hosted on Google’s high bandwidth, low latency global network. It is deeply integrated with YouTube. Linkedin Profile. Google recently announced , It’s next-generation gaming platform. It’s been in secret development for several years and promises to change the landscape of both videogames content and hardware.

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8 Steps to Becoming a Great Online Personal Trainer in 2021


It expands your client network : it gives you the opportunity to increase your customer base eliminating geographical boundaries. Create a YouTube channel. Speaking about online influence, it wouldn’t be wise to leave out social media.

Why Videos and Images Rule for Social Media with Jessie O’Donnell

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When it comes to using social media to help your customers, it’s often better to show, rather than tell. It’s no secret that videos and images win on social media channels. If you’re using social media to engage with customers, images and videos are a fantastic way to communicate.

The Importance of Social Media for Your Online Course

DigitalChalk eLearning

From search engine marketing (SEM) , search engine optimization (SEO), direct mail, blogging, social media and more – there are numerous ways to get your name out there and communicate with your target audience. We’ve shared several articles on marketing tips in the past; however, today let’s focus on social media. Why is social media crucial for your online course success? There are several reasons why you should use social media to market your online courses.

Three Takeaways Today

eLearning 24-7

When YouTube arrived, you could place it in the PPT course (via a link) and it played within your course, a new level of engagement, assuming that someone is watching it all. Hodgepodge. It’s a nice word, and one that truly reflects this post.

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Angela Brown’s Recurring Revenue Niche Membership Site Journey and Success Story


Angela is from , and she also has a podcast and YouTube show called Ask a House Cleaner. After a famous YouTuber helped give Angela the confidence to get started in the YouTube space, she started creating videos for marketing and teaching, and is she now at 78,000 subscribers.

Site 80

#lrnchat - Working (or not) with SMEs

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

But one glimmer of hope that made me smile was mention of needing "beginner's mind" or shoshin: "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few." Instructional videos created by NON-ISDers fill the internet via YouTube. Entire courses are being taught via YouTube. If you haven't jumped on the twitter bandwagon because it just seems stupid, then maybe something like #lrnchat will convince you to give it a(nother) try.

What is Educational Marketing & How to Use it to Grow with Examples


Browse social media to find what your audience is concerned/talks about. For one, there is social media as content marketing and social media go hand-in-hand. Then let your audience know through a Facebook post, and educate them on the equipment usage or its features.

Top 70 eLearning Posts for June and Hot Topics including iPad and Mobile Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

YouTube: Plagiarism Video. Today I was on a panel about social learning. No matter what anyone tells you, no one really has a clue how to “do&# social in the enterprise. Introduction to Social Networking - Learning and Working on the Web , June 21, 2010 As our Work Literacy Ning site (2008) is in danger of getting bumped off the Net due to Ning’s new pricing policy , I will post some of the key articles here so we don’t lose them. Social Bookmarks.

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Best Learning Systems by Country (2018)

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Last week, I had a post on LinkedIn, whereas I noted by country and continent (not all) the best learning system. I have asked the vendor to post a video on YouTube that shows the product with items listed above, and they are working on it. Beginners can use this product, but advanced folks can really push the envelope. Numerous readers contacted me and asked if I could post it on my blog, and if I had any additional countries, etc. – which the answer is a big yes.

How To Make Modern Video Courses Online with WordPress


And displaying them has become easier with platforms online, such as YouTube , Vimeo , and social networks. When looking up tutorials, people often turn to the video section of Google or the YouTube search. Oh, I go to YouTube. You find these YouTube videos with like five million views. I go to YouTube all the time for that sort of stuff. Facebook groups are probably pretty good.

How To Use Green Screen In Your Marketing Videos

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In this post we’re breaking down how to use green software for beginners. Creating Engaging YouTube Videos. Some of the most popular YouTube vloggers use green screen to add interesting backgrounds to their videos. In fact, you have probably seen examples of these short marketing videos in your Facebook feed. Give it a try and let us know how it goes on Twitter or Facebook. Green screen technology has been around since the early 1900s.

How to Create a DIY Green Screen Video Effect

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In this post we’re breaking down how to use green software for beginners. Creating Engaging YouTube Videos. Some of the most popular YouTube vloggers use green screen to add interesting backgrounds to their videos. Give it a try and let us know how it goes on Twitter or Facebook. Green screen technology has been around since the early 1900s. But did you know that green screen technology isn’t exclusive to the color green?

22 Powerful Tools to Create and Edit your Own Instructional Videos


Impressive techniques that are popular amongst the experienced moviemakers have become available to beginners too. Get your fully social, engaging and interactive online school. Users of Storygami can transform YouTube videos into interactive experiences known as ‘folding stories’. Some of its interesting features are Voice recording, speed control, screen drawing, stamps, face-camera and YouTube upload.

Top Picks for 2016 – E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

Can show your Linkedin profile or Google+ profile. Social Sharing on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It is strong enough for me and has the ability to not only save images as all do, but you can created HD video and you share your images not only with Facebook, Twitter but also Flickr, Imgur too. . push out) to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote, OneNote, YouTube and send to folks via e-mail or FTP.

5 Instagram Accounts Doing Captioning Right

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Over the last couple of years, social video has grown to be the most popular form of content on social media. But social video has its limitations. For starters, when social video relies on sound to help tell a story, it becomes inaccessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Through this series, we’ve already covered the power of captions on social video for Facebook and YouTube , but what about Instagram?

Sound 40

5 things you (perhaps) don't know about eFront


For more info and additional options on this tool check: [link] 3) You can integrate eFront with Facebook, Wordpress, Joomla, LDAP or Amember Either through our Social layer, or through the help of our users community, eFront can be integrated with a variety of other systems. Here is a few links to a integrations specifics: Facebook - [link] Amember - [link] Joomla - [link] Wordpress - [link] LDAP - [link] 4) You can extend eFront in various ways through modules.

Navigating the Digital Ecosystem, Preselling, and the Problems with the Culture of Free with Robin Harris


It includes a shopping cart, a CRM, social media outreach, and more. Sites like Facebook sell space to advertisers, and that is how they make money off of you as the product. To learn more about Robin Harris you can find her on Twitter at @RobinMHarris21 , LinkedIn at Robin Harris , and on Facebook at 3 Hellos. The landscape is changing, and the consumer is becoming more mature, and also the consumer has been socialized into getting things for free online.

How To Edit Video- Normalize Audio Clips & Volume

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Services like YouTube and Facebook will block your content if it has an active copyright. Often, it’s an overlooked component for beginner video creators. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook. Have you ever watched a video where the music was so loud you couldn’t hear the voice over? What about the other way around?

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[Infographic] Ultimate Guide to Video Engagement

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8 out of 10 video search results are conducted on YouTube, making the platform the second largest search engine in the world, after Google. There are 500 hours of video uploaded onto YouTube every minute. The goal of a video sharing platform, like YouTube, is to get people to spend as much time on their website as possible. Social media platforms and websites usually have a share icon which users can click to share content to other desired social networks.

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Time will tell

Learning with e's

As a part of my participation in the online social networking workshop Digifolios and Personal Learning Spaces , I have been tasked to do some online story telling, so I have chosen to tell my story here. It doesn't matter whether you are beginners or experienced users of web 2.0 Even ten years ago, it would have been difficult to envisage the richly graphical wikis, blogs, podcasts, and social networking services we now take for granted.