Meet the CLO Advisory Board: Sydney Savion

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She has held numerous roles in L&D, previously serving as the chief of education strategy for Dell EMC-Education Services until 2017, and as Dell Global Support and Deployment Service’s global learning officer until 2014. In 2020, she was recognized as CLO of the Year.

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Meet the CLO Advisory Board: Judy Whitcomb

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CLO: How did you become interested in learning and development? Regardless of the organizations I worked or roles I’ve held (including business functional roles), I’ve always led with learning. CLO: What lesson(s) did you learn in 2020 that you’ve taken with you into 2021?

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Do You Need a CCO and CLO?

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Should your organization have a CCO and CLO? Hebert writes: …as soon as you codify, quantify and assign responsibility to something it ceases to be everyone’s responsibility…Culture is a defined as a set of shared values, behaviors, norms. I agree with Hebert and I have similar concerns with having a CLO (Chief Learning Officer). Don’t put all the emphasis on a course catalogue and don’t hire a CLO.

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Accidental CLO, Intentional Learning

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A self-proclaimed “accidental CLO,” Jesse Jackson has served in numerous roles at the multinational banking and financial services firm JPMorgan Chase & Co. He eventually moved on to consumer banking management roles such as sales manager, branch manager and division sales manager. ” About four years ago, Jackson moved into his current role as CLO of consumer and community banking. Photo by David Lubarsky.

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Meet the CLO Advisory Board: Lisa Doyle

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Chief Learning Officer sat down for a conversation with Lisa Doyle, learning strategist and advisor, and faculty member for the CLO Accelerator program. Department of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy, where she was awarded CLO of the Year in 2011. What role do they play?

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Sydney Savion is the 2020 CLO of the year

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The Air New Zealand CLO was experiencing an ultra-rare moment for 2020, disconnected from the virtual world during the Learning in Practice Awards ceremony on Oct. 20, when she was announced as the 2020 CLO of the Year. She became Air New Zealand’s CLO in February 2018.

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Behavioral Intelligence: The Missing Link and Next Frontier In L&D

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Behavioral Intelligence: The Missing Link. What is missing, or more accurately is misunderstood and poorly trained in corporate L&D, is behavioral intelligence. Behavioral intelligence refers to one’s ability to affect their environment through overt behavior. Behavior change is the goal of L&D, yet this is the least understood and, in many cases, poorest trained. Cognitive, Emotional and Behavioral Intelligence Systems in the Brain.

The CLO’s Critical Role: Nine Areas for Action

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The previous Business Intelligence column presented an instrument designed to assess the extent to which the CLO and the learning enterprise add value to the organization. The 30-question instrument detailed specific areas that define this critical role of the CLO. The traditional roles of designer, developer and facilitator are replaced with performance advisors and consultants. Perhaps the more recent role of the CLO is that of managing talent in the organization.

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CLO Symposium

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Along with my Internet Time Alliance colleagues Jane Hart & Clark Quinn and several hundred chief learning officers, I attended the Fall CLO Symposium this week. It’s intended to underpin the dialog between CLO and executive management. Marines reinforced his messages that emotion is as much or more important than the rational, that behavior is what counts, and that spirit and sense of purpose are the prime motivators.

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What remote work revealed about the role of onboarding

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First, it is helpful to take a step back and see onboarding in the context of social behavior. The post What remote work revealed about the role of onboarding appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

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The Education of a CLO

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The book focused on Bill Belichick’s formative years as an athlete and student, as well as his progression from an assistant football coach to his current role as head coach of the NFL’s New England Patriots. There is a funny part in the book where we learn that in 1975, when Belichick was in his first role as a special assistant to the head coach with the Baltimore Colts, he earned a mere $25 per week. I feel fortunate to have both purposely and accidently found the CLO role.

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‘Black Mirror’ or better? The role of AI in the future of learning and development

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Researchers and developers are continuously improving them to mimic human behaviors; they can learn, problem-solve and process language. Another way is through the creation of AI agents to specifically create false information at scale to influence the behaviors of a population.

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The CLO’s Guide to AI

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AI, in particular natural language processing, or NLP, will revolutionize this area of the CLO’s role and help to achieve the results competency modeling has promised for so long. Or, run matches between roles and tasks to target learning. Suggesting learning based on a deep analysis of team behavior. What if CLOs could predict personalized learning needs or deliver targeted learning content based on work tasks before employees need it? They can.

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CLO Q&A: Leaders Need to Be Psychiatrists

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and KPMG, Kennedy sat down with Chief Learning Officer at the CLO Breakfast Club event in New York in May to share his perspective on the role of the learning executive, his career path and the keys to effective leadership. For more on Kennedy’s talk along with highlights from the full event series, visit the CLO Breakfast Club library. CLO: How prepared are leaders to think of themselves in that way? CLO: In your experience, is that trainable?

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Kraft Heinz CLO Pamay Bassey is reimagining corporate learning with laughter and passion

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Ekpedeme “Pamay” Bassey, CLO of The Kraft Heinz Co., Now, after coming on board as CLO for Kraft Heinz in Chicago last December, Bassey is reimagining the company’s approach to corporate learning. One of Bassey’s areas of focus as the company’s CLO is developing the framework for new academies in Ownerversity. That is actually something I bring to my role every day. Her role gives her the opportunity to do something she really loves: empower others and be an advocate.

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How to activate a trophic cascade: the important role of team learning in functional transformation

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Drawing from the trophic cascade analogy and inspired by the strategy of reintroducing wolves, we presented a business case for creating and deploying a new team of six existing regional sales leaders to serve as training directors charged with driving adoption of new sales leadership behaviors.

CLO Podcast: Stephanie Speights of Children’s Health on Centralizing Learning

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Since this episode was recorded, Stephanie took on the CLO role at Parkland Hospital and Health System, one of the largest health systems in Dallas. Plus, co-host Justin Lombardo talks about the three things to look for in a new CLO role and why he thinks centralization is the way to go for the modern learning function. You were the first CLO at Children’s Health, a brand new position. When was that that you took that role? Centralization.

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Leadership and the return to the office

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Their people will listen attentively — but apprehensively — as they get ready to resume their old roles in a new world. percent of respondents reported at least one adverse mental or behavioral health condition, including symptoms of anxiety disorder or depressive disorder.

Continuous learning with a purpose

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Their strategic planning process is closely tied to the business planning cycle, which allows them to see what specific skills and roles are critical for the next three to five years. “We The post Continuous learning with a purpose appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

It’s not about the ‘what.’ It’s about the ‘how’ and the ‘feel.’

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They also have behavioral skills of leadership — or the “how” — leading with strong communication that shows empathy and respect for others in most interactions, including those that are challenging (e.g., In fact, “overthinking it” hinders behavioral skills learning.

How CLOs are meeting the expectations of modern learners with VR training


Traditional methodologies simply don’t empower people to perform their best: only 36% of those new to the workforce feel they’ve been given the skills and knowledge to thrive in their roles. This leads to greater impact in their roles and beyond. We can gain insight into individuals’ behaviors throughout training sessions and measure how they evolve.” L&D CLO training immersive learning learner expectations training model vr learning vr training

Stressed, Pressed and Blessed

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Being an executive, whether the role is learning, marketing, finance or operations, means you have to deliver. Or 2017 CLO of the Year Damodar Padhi who completely redesigned the digital learning experience for the nearly 400,000 employees of Tata Consultancy Services because the one thing a CLO can’t do is sit still. Commentary & Opinion Homepage Top Story - Right Column challenges chief learning officer CLO learning stressMike Prokopeak, VP, Editor in Chief.

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Striking the balance Between Training and Learning


Training is a core function of many organizations, as employees need to be taught a few standard things to help them effectively work within a company, and best perform their role. In a recent presentation at Puget Sound, Degreed’s CLO Kelly Palmer shared some findings that suggest we might want to rethink our current methods. Strategy Employee-driven Learning Learner Behavior

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Are You Experienced?

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The CLO role is full of exciting opportunities. Since the days when behavioral psychologist B.F. Homepage Commentary & Opinion Homepage Top Story - Right Column Strategy chief learning officer Chief Learning Officer Symposium CLO Symposium corporate learning developing future leaders digital learning learning experience LMS online courses online learning skill gapsMike Prokopeak, VP, Editor in Chief.

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A Dedication to the Craft

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Looking to move into an inside role at a company, Miller joined Amgen, a biopharmaceutical company in Southern California, as a manager of learning operations in 2005. It was that thoughtful, deliberate mindset that would play a direct role in the next step of Miller’s career. As he settled in to his new role, Miller asked for time to observe for a while before hiring a staff. It’s a behavior change issue, a culture change issue,” Miller said.

Janssen: Relentless Measurement Powered by Passion

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Lynch explained that senior leaders often participate in activities with sales reps, in essence becoming models of the behaviors and skills the sales team needs to succeed. “They want to really understand — how can they be better in their role, by the more they know about the breadth and depth of product.” Uncategorized Learning Delivery Strategy LearningElite CLO LearningElite Awards JanssenTags: LearningElite , CLO LearningElite Awards , Janssen.

There and Back Again: A Journey of Learning

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— Tsai has been with Ecolab for almost seven years but only recently transitioned to her current role. Part of this strategy included creating Tsai’s corporate learning officer role to ensure learning and development is a key enabler for the company’s talent ambition. Some leaders mapping out their personal career journeys could look all the way back to their first profit-and-loss management or function leader role at the company, Tsai said.

Learning Impact Book Club Reading List


Gilliam, CLO, NASA : “I love her work… I love her writing, I love her role-modeling around risk and vulnerability. Recommended by Rob Lauber, CLO of McDonald’s : “It talks about hidden forces that shape our decisions.

Let’s catch up on Learning Pool’s hybrid events from 2021

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The evidence is there – women, particularly those of ethnic minority, are still severely mistreated in the workplace and gender stereotypes remain to play a huge role in this divide. The ability to impact behavior finally was as important as “checking the box” to mandated training. .

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Hybrid skills are ascendant in the post-pandemic talent economy

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But we know from labor market information enabled by artificial intelligence that a retail worker might be 70 percent of the way there toward a role in human resources and just doesn’t know how to articulate those skills.

L&D’s DEI blind spot: Perpetuating inequity?

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Although we want this content to drive understanding and behavioral changes for all employees, the profession is not diverse. Human resources and associated roles, like L&D, are also thought of as pink-collar professions because of the large proportion of women who hold these jobs.

Investing in an inclusive workforce is a national readiness imperative

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On the one hand, job openings have reached a record high, with more than 10 million open roles. We see two-year schools as an untapped resource for improving diversity across a number of fast-growing roles.

Translating talent into opportunity

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Managers are on the front lines of change and managers play a vital role in how participants are supported back at the workplace — as they apply their learnings and their new behaviors. . Expectations of “feminine” behavior in the workplace.

The intersectionality of impression management and organizational learner presence

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This article presents organizational learner presence theory as an amalgamation of andragogy, social presence theory, organizational citizenship behavior and impression management. Their assumption of new social, career and life roles help prepare them for training.

Inclusion is practice

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When it comes to advancing organizational diversity and inclusion, too often leaders rely on the latest off-the-shelf training program or policy, but these initiatives do little to change employee behavior. This includes holding employees accountable for changing their behavior.

Using self-coaching to help you to cope and grow

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It is important to note that while self-coaching involves one simultaneously assuming the role of both the coachee and the coach, it is not intended as a replacement for the experience of working one-on-one with a professional coach. Self-coaching allows one to model acceptable behaviors.

How this 3D printing company improved its culture and talent management strategy

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If SprintRay did not start addressing culture now, it would only grow bad habits or behaviors that would take too long to fix. Discover: Document desired culture and the behaviors that fit in it. Articulate: Roll out behaviors and define boundaries.

Integrate DEI into your leadership development

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Keeping DEI training isolated makes it difficult for leaders to apply what they learn and will ultimately fail in changing the behaviors of leaders to be more inclusive. The post Integrate DEI into your leadership development appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Human-centered leadership: Five actions for the new paradigm

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Model resilience behaviors yourself, focusing on physical, emotional, mental and social resilience practices and ensure team members are encouraged and supported in their well-being practices.

Debunking 3 myths about executive coaching

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This isn’t to say advice doesn’t occasionally play a role, or that industry knowledge doesn’t sometimes provide helpful perspective. Coaching is just about behaviors. However, behaviors are only part — and a much smaller part — of the bigger goal of coaching.