DDI and Strivr partner to pioneer leadership development in Virtual Reality


Leaders will be able to build and sharpen their leadership skills like never before by immersing themselves in deeply realistic simulations, thanks to a partnership between DDI and Strivr. chief executive officer of DDI. Register for leadership webinar with DDI & Strivr.

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall; I Don’t See Myself At All.

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Wally Bock, in his post about a Development Dimensions International (DDI) study of front-line leaders, draws three major implications: You can't trust your mirror. If a leader is willing to learn and to change behavior, then that person will likely benefit from coaching. For video examples of how coaching can help leaders change their behavior see the Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr.

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HR professionals: Here’s what you can do with a VR headset


Founded in behavioral and cognitive science, Immersive Learning with VR provides a memorable tool that accelerates employees’ proficiency in their roles through an immersive training environment. It’s an exciting time to be in HR.

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How to Develop Leadership Competencies in Your Millennials


A study from leadership development firm DDI confirms that Millennials are ambitious and eager to lead if they find a company and role they value. The DDI study also explored which skills were most valuable for leaders moving from first-level to top leadership roles.

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Developing a VR content creation strategy built for scale


Immersive Learning is a powerful medium because it combines behavioral and cognitive science with highly realistic immersion into Virtual Reality (VR) environments. The Strivr Platform then generates analytics and insights on learner performance and behavior.

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Embracing long-term virtual team and leadership training

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Do you find yourself frowning at them or gasping in horror at their inappropriate pandemic behavior? But a DDI study found that leaders rank virtual leadership as their weakest skill. It is affecting the attendance, motivation and behavior change of your leaders and teams.

The Truth About Leadership Skill Gaps

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Evan Sinar is chief scientist and vice president for the Center for Analytics and Behavioral Research at DDI. Rich Wellins is senior vice president at DDI. Few things in business ever stay the same for long. That includes leadership skills. Some skills — communication, coaching, execution — are always important and never go out of style. Others ebb and flow with the changes that define the increasingly complex environments in which leaders must operate.

Who’s Leading Innovation?

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When they don’t, talent management consultant Development Dimensions International’s (DDI) “Creating the Conditions for Sustainable Innovation” survey shows a different picture. For this research, DDI, in partnership with LUMA Institute, surveyed 513 leaders and 514 non-leaders in the U.S. Using these four innovation leader roles as a starting point, DDI sought to explore how effectively leaders are performing them.

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2019: The Year of Learning and Development

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DDI, for example, is testing a VR course on diversity, where participants in a meeting experience common diversity-related biases, like being excluded from the discussion, having their ideas stolen and not being allowed to voice an opinion. “It’s It’s incredibly powerful,” said DDI CEO Tacy Byham. That includes understanding when they access content, what drives their learning needs, whether they are completing courses and whether it is driving new behavior.

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Competency-Based Learning: Why Talent Management Needs to Get on Board

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Competencies are abilities, behaviors, knowledge, and skills that impact the success of employees and organizations. The common theme is that a competency can be broken down and analyzed into a set of specific behaviors that tell employees what is expected of them, and that management can measure. It needs to be paired with specific behaviors or tasks that are expected of the employee. Think about the tasks or behaviors that demonstrate the competencies you have chosen.

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Top 4 soft skills employees are developing in VR


With presence and on-demand reps, learners are strengthening the brain connections needed to drive real-world behavior. DDI , in partnership with Strivr, offers Immersive Learning as part of its leadership training. Teaching inclusive behaviors and preparing teams and managers for tough conversations is at the heart of creating diverse and inclusive companies.

Sink or Swim: Setting First-time Leaders Up for Success

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In DDI’s “Finding the First Rung” study, we asked 1,130 front-line leaders, “How did you become a leader?” When leadership is the result of an individual’s choice, they are more likely to bring to the role the right attitudes and behaviors that will breed success. Specifically, catalyst leaders can be defined through their behaviors. Figure 1 identifies 10 such behaviors.

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The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

Talented Learning

Powered by artificial intelligence, they provide ongoing learning content recommendations based on a user’s past preferences, profile information, tags, subjects or social behavior. For example: OpenSesame , BizLibrary , Grovo , Coursera , Lynda , EdX and instructor-based training providers such as Wilson Learning , DDI and Achieve Global.

Stepping Up to the ROI Challenge

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According to the “Global Leadership Forecast 2014-15,” conducted by The Conference Board and DDI, 81 percent of people who report to a trained leader said they were more engaged in their jobs. Even more important is how the change in leader behavior in 43 companies affected important business metrics. Jack J. Phillips is the chairman, and Patti P. Phillips is president and CEO of the ROI Institute.

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Dive In

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DDI supported this when it said only 40 percent of leaders report that their leadership quality is high, and only 15 percent have a strong leadership bench. As participants apply their changed behavior back on the job, CEOs will begin to believe again in your leadership development program outcomes. This deeper analysis provides insight for leaders to reflect on and decide what behavior modifications they need to make in their real-life circumstances.

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Searching for candidates can be like digging for buried treasure

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A 2014-2015 Global Leadership Forecast by The Conference Board and DDI revealed that 85 percent of executives are not confident in their leadership pipelines. Various studies report that CEOs are by and large concerned about the development of the next generation of leaders.

Accelerate the Leadership Engine

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Working with Development Dimensions International (DDI), a talent management consulting company, Nissan’s HR team crafted a curriculum designed to provide the skills future leaders would need to be optimally effective and establish a common leadership vocabulary across functions and locations. After the first cohort completed the curriculum in 2010, Nissan and DDI measured the behavior change among participants pre- and post-training.

Free L&D webinars for March 2020

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Global Leadership Consultant at DDI, you’ll learn ideas and practical tactics to build effective development experiences that will flex to the changing needs of your frontline managers and your organization. “ Stem, bloom, plant ” by Luis Rodriguez is licensed by Pixabay.

Business of Learning

Tony Karrer

Xerox Learning, DDI, Forum Corporation, and hundreds of other “instructional systems companies” sprung up. Thousands upon thousands of trainers attended conferences to learn about new approaches like programmed instruction, behavior modeling, roleplay, certification, interactive multimedia, sensitivity training. This is a very strange time.

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Thriving in the Net-Work Era

Jay Cross

Xerox Learning, DDI, Forum Corporation, and hundreds of other “instructional systems companies” sprung up. Thousands upon thousands of trainers attended conferences to learn about new approaches like programmed instruction, behavior modification, roleplay, certification, CD-ROM, sensitivity training. Face-to-face is unparalleled for changing behavior and rallying emotions. Tomorrow I’m on a panel session on New Rules for the Enterprise 2020 at the Enterprise Learning!