State of the learning platform market: COVID-19’s impact


In October 2020, OpenSesame conducted a state of the learning platform market survey completed by 29 LMS and LXP providers to collect observations and trends in the industry alongside COVID’s presence. Learning platform providers growing despite COVID-19.

Series A Funding Catapults Coassemble’s Online Training Platform Into The US Market | Coassemble


Within a few years, we’ve grown from a modest customer base into a diverse portfolio of progressive teams spanning the globe including Typeform, Platform, Cleanly, Hopper, UMKC, and Userlane. Our platform significantly bridged the gap created by traditional online learning methods.


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2021 Gartner Market Guide for Sales Enablement Platforms


Fundamentally, a sales enablement platform should reduce the complexity of seller and buyer interactions, not increase it.”. The new Gartner ® Market Guide for Sales Enablement Platforms reports on this trend and others in its latest roadmap for organizations evaluating technology vendors.

Series A Funding Catapults Coassemble’s Online Training Platform Into The US Market | Coassemble


Within a few years, we’ve grown from a modest customer base into a diverse portfolio of progressive teams spanning the globe including Typeform, Platform, Cleanly, Hopper, UMKC, and Userlane. Our platform significantly bridged the gap created by traditional online learning methods.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

saturated market, we’ve designed. training material that continues to benefit employees as an. reap the benefits of a user-friendly dashboard provided by your. across your platforms. innovating to help our clients deliver innovative learning with real benefit and.

Learning Management Platform for Your Training Need


Organizations, including enterprises, startups, and academic institutions are looking for robust learning management platform to facilitate training experience. So, it is essential to know the target audience, learning need, an ideal time to market learning management systems. Best LMS platforms used worldwide are intuitive, easy to navigate, and customizable as per the bespoke requirements of all. Rising Scope of LMS Platform: The Need is Evident.

Email Marketing Best Practices for Online Educators


You want to build your email lists to better market your online course offerings. Email is one of the oldest and most reliable forms of marketing on the Internet, yet somehow, it is simultaneously the easiest to get wrong, while also being the easiest to get right.

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3 Ways LearnDash 3.6 Helps You Market Your Course


It’s an exciting update to our platform with a number of much-requested features, as well as a few new ones that we think our users will love. So with that in mind, I’d like to take a closer look at three of the features that can give you an edge when selling and marketing your course.

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Maximize Your Learning Platform’s Potential With These Integrations


Let’s get something clear – great cloud-based software doesn’t operate in a silo – and your learning platform ( LMS + Social Learning ) is no exception. Efficiency is a top priority in business, and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions are a necessity in today’s market.

3 Trends That Will Impact The 2019 Online Learning Platform Market

Dan Keckan

In 2019, new as well as recycled eLearning trends will impact the online learning platform market, affecting how businesses use their platforms. Businesses, associations, and other organizations use online learning platforms to deliver training to employees, customers, and members. eLearning Trends Digital Learning eLearning Market Learning Management System Benefits Online Learning Virtual Reality

The Best Black Friday Marketing Ideas (for 2021)


It offers you the perfect opportunity to market and sell your online courses out to your target audience – old, new, and existing customers. Black Friday Marketing Ideas. Your Marketing Campaign: How Can You Prepare? Come up with an email marketing campaign.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Cloud LMS?

Dan Keckan

Cloud-hosted platforms have been diversifying as technology has evolved. eLearning Market Cloud Computing Cloud-Based LMS Benefits Corporate LMSThe use of the cloud has drastically increased in the past few years.

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mLearning devices and platforms: What you need to know

Bottom-Line Performance

This is part 4: mLearning devices and platforms: What you need to know. Right now, the iPad and iPad2 have 75% of market share; no other device commands more than 6% of it. The content created for a web app can be platform agnostic. Cons: • Platform specific, code is not easily transported to other devices/platforms. The benefits outweigh the risks of loss/theft in these instances.).

Top Use Cases of Modern Elearning Platform for Retail Workforce Training


Therefore, retail companies deploy robust eLearning platform to deliver highly engaging, personalized and performance-driven solutions. Consequently, the new-age online learning platforms boost workforce engagement, knowledge retention, business ROIs, organizational performance, and more. With technological advancement, the retail industry is implementing eLearning platform to meet diverse training goals- compliance, sales training, onboarding, and so on.

4 Ways to Improve the Chances That Developers Will Adapt and Build On Your Product/Platform


Developers don’t respond to traditional marketing tactics. Software developers are a key part of the purchasing decision, with 57% of them having some or a great deal of influence over technology purchase decisions, but marketing to them is tricky.

Is HubSpot Social Media Marketing A Good Platform For Your Business?


HubSpot Social Media Marketing has been around for quite some time. It is a certification program that gives you the knowledge to be able to create social media marketing campaigns that work. There are a number of benefits to having the HubSpot Social Media Marketing certification.

Build An Air-tight Business Case For A Learning Platform


As a learning and development (L&D) professional, the benefits of a Learning Platform or a Learning Management System (LMS) are obvious to you. A learning platform is, of course, a big investment for enterprises, so before making anything happen, you’re going to have to please your case to executives – and prove to them a next-generation learning platform is worth the coin that will be needed to be shelled out. Get Started with The Learning Platform Toolkit.

3 Benefits of a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) for Employee Training


The learning experience platform (LXP) market has exceeded $350 million, and it’s doubling yearly, according to Josh Bersin, a leading corporate learning analyst. Because a learning experience platform is more than an LMS and delivers a better experience for employees. Cornerstone on Demand describes a learning experience platform as “a cloud offering that focuses on delivering a personalized learner experience…” 2.

In Summary: E-Learning Trends for 2020


Based on tireless market research, in-depth discussions with our customers, and data from industry analysts, we’re giving you a sneak peek into the future of e-learning. Leveraging AI-powered Learning Platforms will spur an increased usage of personalization approaches alongside the use of personal learning trainers. Can you believe it? Sweater weather is in full swing and 2020 is just around the corner.

Best Publishing Platforms for Indie Authors


One of them is the choice of the publishing platform or tools to begin the process. Owned by Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing is a robust self-publishing platform that allows authors to directly publish their eBooks. . The platform allows you to set prices of books in local currency.

Tips for Marketing (Online Courses) To Your Association Members  

Web Courseworks

Associations and nonprofits share a marketing dilemma unlike traditional for-profit businesses. The target market and demographics for a business are centered around prospective clients and existing clients. Planning and effective execution of marketing concepts for services, such as online courses, requires a different approach to be successful. Tips for Marketing to Association Members. Include your network in marketing efforts.

Latest in the Learning System Market

eLearning 24-7

Well, it is that time again, to see where the market is, where it is going, and what you should be watching for, that doesn’t involve Netflix recommendations to movies and shows you will never view. Both of which are heavy in the customer education market. Marketing.

5 Benefits of Micro Courses


Micro content can be marketed in a variety of ways. It can be a supplement to a larger course, an onboarding course to help new learners become familiar with the platform, a free marketing sample in its own right, or even a crash course in topics deemed necessary or particularly timely.

Benefits of a White Label eBook Platform for Publishers


The benefit is that you don’t have to spend time and resources on developing the product yourself and you can customize an existing solution. White labeling has found use in almost all industries from business marketing to food services to B2B products and services.

10 Ways a Cross-Platform eBook SDK Can Help Publishers


In today’s highly disruptive and constantly evolving mobile app development world, publishers try to take advantage of being present on multiple platforms, including Windows, Apple App Store, or Google Play Store. What is a cross-platform SDK? Support any platform.

Solution Category Overview: Marketing Automation


Marketing automation is the use of software solutions and platforms designed to automate and streamline repetitive marketing-related tasks, to allow for more effective marketing efforts on multiple online channels (email, social media, etc.). You’ve probably experienced marketing automation as a personal consumer. The benefits of marketing automation Imagine e-mail marketing technology combined with the critical thinking strategy of a structured sales process.

The 8 digital marketing skills your teams should have


Since the birth of the internet in the early 90s, digital marketing has become a popular career choice. With new platforms, trends, and technologies emerging all the time, the excitement and variety of the profession is a big draw for many. Digital marketing training: Who’s it for?

Email Marketing Funnel Hacks to Drive More Online Course Sales


Guaranteed, email marketing is one of the best ways to make actual sales from your online course. There are helpful strategies and “hacks” that you can utilize to get the best from your email marketing funnel. Lead generation is at the top of the email marketing funnel.

The Key Benefits of Mobile Sales Enablement Platforms


In today’s fast-paced business environment, marketing and sales teams need to work smarter, not harder, to keep operations running smoothly. ” In fact, nearly 20 percent more growth occurs when a business aligns its marketing and sales departments to facilitate better communication.

Top 10 Quiz Ideas to Market Your Brand and Business


With businesses seeking alternative strategies for brand awareness and consideration , online quizzes have emerged as a powerful marketing medium. However, quiz marketing only works if you come up with a quiz idea that is right for your business and then implement it for maximum impact.

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Top 10 virtual classroom platforms

Ed App

Using Virtual Classroom Platforms. Virtual classroom platforms have become the norm for training and education. Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at ten of the top virtual classroom platforms out there. Virtual Classroom Platform #1 – EdApp.

How Developer Marketing Leverages Education, Product Sandboxes, and Community to Increase Developer Adoption


That’s the primary reason why developers don’t respond to traditional sales and marketing tactics. If you’ve previously marketed to non-developers, you’ve probably sent a brochure summarizing your product’s features and benefits. Developer Marketing Platforms.

Learning & Development: How To Do It Right (2020 Update)


The global corporate learning market is expected to register a CAGR of close to 11% during the period 2018-2022. In that same school of thought, with most of the world’s resources being accessible on laptops, lablets, and mobile devices, a learning platform should be too.

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Are Learning Experience Platforms the Next LMS?


That term is “Learning Experience Platform,” or LXP. I’m all for keeping pace with technological advances when they make sense, but the marketing around LXPs seems to be just that: marketing, rather than something truly innovative. A good Learning Experience Platform gives educators flexible ways to create course material that their learners can consume in bite-sized chunks. Your LMS should deliver the capabilities of a Learning Experience Platform.

Email Marketing Tips for Online Course Creators


To maximize your reach and revenue, you need an email marketing plan. Email marketing isn’t new. But any business today will tell you that email marketing fits into every stage of the marketing process, and that includes your online course. First you have to get email addresses (usually through content marketing ) and then you send emails to that list. Allow new contacts to subscribe to your email lists through your social media platforms.

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50 Marketing Ideas for Course Creators to Thrive in 2021 [Quotes]


A two-day event that took place on March 22nd & 23rd, featured 30+ speakers specializing in business, marketing, and online course creation. Megan Dougherty is a digital marketing strategist with a background in online business development and course creation.

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How Microlearning Makes Better Marketers


Being a marketer means wearing many hats. It gives you a way to not only manage, but master everything marketers need to know. Here are five key ways marketers and marketing teams benefit from microlearning: Short modules close the marketer’s skills gap. On-demand development fits into a busy marketer’s life. Marketers need to make data-driven decisions to help their clients. In marketing, falling behind means losing your competitive edge.

Best Online Learning Platforms for Employees 


Nonetheless, there is one approach that transcends the benefits of all the aforementioned techniques and yet retains its viability, vigor, and cost-effectiveness. Customize the entire platform to suit the identity of your brand.

4 Steps for Marketing Learning Programs

Infopro Learning

How L&D Leaders Can Increase Learning Engagement and Drive Business Results by Thinking Like a Marketer. Marketing and L&D might not come to mind as a natural pair, but training is one of the most cost-logical areas to spend marketing dollars and effort. Marketing’s most basic function is to increase demand. Marketing learning programs can help establish a culture of continuous learning by creating a consistent demand for it.

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3 Use Cases That Prove the Importance of a Digital Adoption Platform


The global digital transformation market is booming and projected to grow from $469.8 If you’re the type who firmly believes the proof is in the pudding, here are three use cases that demonstrate the need for a digital adoption platform, along with some real-world results. (1)