Truly White-Label Online Academy for Your Business


We use our expertise in edtech to provide course creators with a prominent white-label eLearning platform that allows them to build successful white-label online courses for their learners. And how can you as a course creator benefit from it?

5 Best White Label eBook Platforms for Publishers


Businesses often prefer to offer branded software and products to boost their credibility in the market. That’s when white-label eBook platforms come into play. How can publishers benefit from white label eBook platforms?


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Benefits of a White Label eBook Platform for Publishers


With cloud services and Software as a Service (SaaS), businesses could invest in and use third-party assets, and customize them as their own through a process called white labeling. . Also Read: 5 Must-have Features of a Great White Label eBook Software.

White-labeling Your Training Portal: The What, Why And How


In this post, we are going to examine this practice, known as “white-labeling”, in the context of online training. Namely, what it is, why you might want to consider it, and the kind of options a white-label LMS, like TalentLMS, can give you. What does “white-label” mean? To “white-label” an online service (in our case, your online training portal), simply means to put your own logo and branding on it.

The Perfect White Label LMS: A 10-point Checklist

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A fully customisable white label LMS is every training managers dream. Instead, find yourself the best white label LMS on the market and use every option available to make it reflect your brand. This is why marketing departments spend so much time and energy making sure that it’s the perfect 2D representation of the company. An extra-special benefit is that you can post banners to the whole company, or to specific divisions.

How to Build Side Hustle Recurring Revenue, WordPress White Label Services, and Online Course Cashflow with Divi Power User Keegan Lanier


Learn how to build side hustle recurring revenue, WordPress white label services, and online course cashflow with Divi power user Keegan Lanier. It’s white, it’s not flashy, it’s not pretty in its base form, but it’s a canvas that you can do anything with it.

The Mobile Learning Approach: What is it and What are the Benefits?


There are new mobile learning apps introduced to the market every day, which deliver quality content to students and employees looking to improve or adopt new skills. The demand for mobile education is so high that experts predict the market to expand by $46.9

Top 10 Benefits of Hiring an Offshore Development Team

Magic EdTech

For instance, deploying software tools for K-12 education, which include elements like gamification and other interactive forms of learning, can become a breeze when you get an outsourced white-label solution that allows you to not just customize the learning platform completely but also integrate it with existing legacy systems. 4.Increased Speed to Market . Sometimes this brings significant benefits for the organization. .

Resell Paradiso’s OEM LMS as part of your own


Every organization wants an LMS that needs to look and feel like a part of it and an OEM Learning platform and white-label LMS can meet this need. Before discussing OEM LMS and white-label Learning platform’s features and benefits, let’s discuss what OEM and white labeling are? .

Benefits of Top Video Conferencing APIs for Online Marketplaces


It helps marketers and sellers to showcase their products and services without any mandatory physical presence. There are many high-performing video APIs in the market that can help you to integrate advanced video calling features into your chat platform. .

Benefits of Having a 3rd Party Authoring Tool


For example, there is an LMS vendor/provider on the market that has purchased a 3 rd party Authoring Tool (one you could buy yourself), and have White Labeled and implemented that Authoring Tool in their LMS. In our last post we covered the basics to selecting and finding the right Authoring Tool for you and your organization’s training development. Now we dive into the WHY. Why is it beneficial to have a tool outside of your LMS as opposed to having one within the LMS?

Thinkific Alternatives: Feature and Pricing Comparison


It is an online course platform that allows users to create, market, and sell courses in different niches. While the platform also has several other features for sales, email marketing, optimizing sales funnels, features to keep your data secure, those capabilities are less significant. .

Non-Profits: 13 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your On-Demand Learning

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“Digital learning is the quickest growing market in the education industry, with a whopping 900% growth since 2000.” Benefits Of On-Demand Learning. The benefits of on-demand learning are many and include the following: Greater flexibility and convenience for the learner.

How Can You Start Your Own eLearning Business In 2021


This is exactly why eLearning platforms like Udemy and Coursera have emerged in the market. Whether students are interested in learning how to perform a task, develop apps, or lose those extra pounds, or to get a university-level skill, there is a course out there in the market to help them.

Announcing $32M in Growth Funding from Insight Partners to Help Educators Create and Sell Online Courses in a Post-Pandemic World


And one thing that we re-learned during the pandemic is that education can be the most effective form of marketing. But also accelerating marketing and sales focused on SMBs on a global scale.

How to start an online school in 2020 [An Ultimate guide]


However, in actual ground conditions, the technology part has got covered already by the software development market, and your initial investments have gone down pretty low. In-depth market research will help you determine if there is an actual market for the subject or niche you have chosen.

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Introducing the Most Powerful Mobile App Builder


LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder is a white-label mobile app solution that shapes the way of future mobile education. A white label mobile app is a native mobile application that runs directly on the Apple iOS or Google Android operating systems and is offered under your brand.

Best Video Hosting Solutions for Online Courses


Fortunately, a video host can help address this issue by providing storage for your videos among other benefits. Video hosting platforms also provide additional benefits, such as protection for your course videos, video analytics information, and sharing options.

How To Teach Online Classes And Earn Money In 2020


Teaching online without any doubt is a booming market across the globe and it is predicted that the global online education market would reach the market size of $319.167 billion by 2025. To leverage the convenience and benefits of online teaching.

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What Is An LMS?

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Who Can Benefit From Using An LMS. LMSs allow you to import users in bulk , and simultaneously assign them all to white-labeled training portals. Other benefits to using a SaaS LMS: Established software that’s been heavily tested and optimized. Who Can Benefit From An LMS.

What Is An LMS? Learning Management Systems Explained!

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Who Can Benefit From Using An LMS. LMSs allow you to import users in bulk , and simultaneously assign them all to white-labeled training portals. Other benefits to using a SaaS LMS: Established software that’s been heavily tested and optimized. Who Can Benefit From An LMS.

How to Start An Online Coaching Business in 2021?


And the EdTech sector is undoubtedly one of the most benefited sectors. So, let’s get started with the benefits of starting an online coaching business, shall we? . 5 Benefits of Starting an Online Coaching Business. Digital Marketing Coaching .

Outsourcing Your ELearning Program


Just recently we discussed how elearning could be used for on-boarding new employees and the benefits of doing so. Marketing. Depending on the program you get, you can completely white-label the solution and use single-sign-on so that employees don’t have to create new accounts. The past articles on this site have had a similar theme: employee training.

How To Create an Interactive Learning School and Engage Your Learners


Some might require a special approach, personal coaching, or even their own custom private course , created for their own specific learning objectives. Interactive learning offers many benefits for both learners and their instructors. 1 Satisfied Learners to Word of Mouth Marketing.

Why is eBook security software integration crucial for publishers?


These are just some of the benefits that you can reap as an online publisher. Here in this article, let us look at the benefits of integrating eBook security software into your eBooks. Also Read: 5 Must-have Features of a Great White Label eBook Software .

Looking Beyond an Open Source LMS to Deploy your Training Content

Origin Fractal LXP

Security, customization, scalability, and ease-of-use benefits offered by Origin Fractal LXP. There are more than 200 different learning delivery platforms in the market, and each of them comes with its own set of pros and cons.

3 Tips for Creating an Online Course Quickly


However, I should mention that you should never sacrifice the quality of your course simply so that you can “get something out there” A thorough course that arrives later to the market is better than a poorly done one that is available early. You establish yourself as one of the first providers (which can bring some nice benefits), and you start earning revenue quicker. When it comes to online courses sometimes time is money.

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What can an LMS be used for?

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Train multiple organizations efficiently, keep training programs white-labeled, and restrict access to customer portals so that outside users can’t get in. . Let’s say you have an upscale private gym with 150 active members.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Online Courses?


Research & Markets has predicted that the online learning industry will grow to a $350 billion industry by 2025. The bigger your target audience is, the more customers you can expect to convert with marketing activities. . Marketing experience. Affiliate marketing.

LMS Comparison: LearnDash vs. Thinkific


We hope that by the time we finish, you’ll be able to make a decision that’s based on actual costs, benefits, and features. Thinkific will help you market instructional videos while providing very few real instructional design tools. LMS Comparison: LearnDash vs. Thinkific.

How To Conduct Live Online Classes- What Tools To Use


According to Statista, the total market size for online eLearning is forecasted to reach over $370 billion. . Pinlearn is one of the best online tutoring software (White label solution) that is perfect for hosting one-to-one live classes, group webinars, and self-paced courses.

How to Start an Online Consultation Marketplace Business


For instance, businesses have been hiring consulting firms to get external advice or specialized expertise in multiple verticals such as product development, operations, finance, marketing, human resource management, or implementation of certain tools and technologies. White-labeled solution.

10 Best eLearning Authoring Tools


The global eLearning market is projected to reach $325 billion by 2025. To make the search easier for you, we present a list of the best eLearning authoring tools on the market. – No white labeling for basic plans.

How to Create an eLearning Website in 4 Simple Steps & Templates


Unlike eLearning marketplaces such as Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, or edX, where the UX design and learning environment are pre-defined, LearnWorlds, as a truly white label LMS, allows you to build your course pages exactly as you like, so that they match your brand.

An Unfiltered Look at what goes into Building a Successful WordPress plugin

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

But for a while now our support team had been receiving inquiries for a lead generation/ marketing tool of sorts. But based on our market research there were 3 to 4 existing plugins that already provided the same functionality. So you have an idea for a WordPress plugin.

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How to Create a Website Like Udemy – A Step by Step Guide


Back in 2015, the eLearning market was worth $107 billion. Slowly, the eLearning market grew as tech became more accessible and during 2018, the market was worth $176 billion. . The platform is white label and allows a high level of customization.

Moodle vs TalentLMS: Which one is better?


There are several LMS available in the market, and choosing the right one is challenging. You can also white-label your LMS and customize it as per your choice and add your logo, theme, and design. Introduction.

Moodle vs TalentLMS: Which one is better?


There are several LMS available in the market, and choosing the right one is challenging. You can also white-label your LMS and customize it as per your choice and add your logo, theme, and design. Introduction.

How to Select the Best eBook Publishing Platform


Before we list out the things you need to look out for in a digital publishing platform , let us have a quick look at some of its benefits. Can use social media and eStores to promote, market & sell your eBook. White-labelled Platform.

What Publishers Need in an eLearning Platform to Maximize ROI


Most education publishers started with building mini learning management systems and realized the mistake they made when they took the product to the market. Given the plethora of LMS and SIS that exist in the market, it is important that the learning platform supports different rostering systems and integrations like Google Classroom, OneRoster, Clever and Classlink, etc. Here, a white-labeled platform like MagicBox can be beneficial.