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3 Ways to Give Your Sales Force a Boost That You’ve Been Neglecting


As the Sales Operations Analyst for eLearning Mind, I’ve seen my fair share of sales articles. Not all company cultures are created equally and it takes both a broad and laser-like focus to prospect the sales gems for your sales force. Leads should also have checkpoints throughout their lifespan so you can use each client’s “story” to paint a bigger picture of things like client behavior, the stages of each sale, and lead time to a sale.

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Is Multimedia the Most Underrated Tool for Internal Communication?


Offering different types of multimedia means each learner chooses the medium she best connects with, bettering your chance to ignite real change. One of the best ways to utilize multimedia is through video. Pictures; sounds; motion: they all capture attention in ways that an email never can. appeared first on eLearning Mind.


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Creative Slump Got You Down? 3 Surprising Ways to Spark Inspiration


Picture a kid sent outside for the afternoon: no tablets; no video games; just a backyard. Giving employees time to think, reflect, and be less busy overall can help give them the time they need to problem solve and come up with some of their best ideas. By creating a workplace culture that allows the space, time, and collaboration required, your employees can snap out of a slump and flex their creative muscles for the benefit of the entire organization. .

Multimedia Learning Could Increase Engagement for Your Team


The Multimedia Principle says that words and pictures are more effective than words alone. Learning should be based on how people best learn using technology rather than what computers are capable of doing. The post Multimedia Learning Could Increase Engagement for Your Team appeared first on eLearning Mind. By now Multimedia isn’t a new concept. Between Instagram Live and Snapchat’s augmented reality, we’re pretty comfortable around multi-forms of media usage.

Can Microlearning Help Teach Your Employees New Skills?


Microlearning may seem better suited to topics users already know well, but instead of seeing microlearning as a “refresher course,” think of it as part of the bigger picture. Read on for the ways that microlearning can help you: Grab and Go eLearning . appeared first on eLearning Mind. Just when you thought you were done with high school, here comes mandatory training for a new skill.

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The Shift from Static to Multimedia Communication


A company’s entire culture can be changed by only 3 creative multimedia communication shifts. Imagine that, a relatively small change can completely alter your culture if you’re intentional about the change. Emails fail to grab attention in the same way pictures, sounds, motion. Offering different types of multimedia means each learner chooses the medium she or he best connects with, bettering your chance to ignite real change.

Make the Case for A Multimedia Solution At Your Company


A multimedia solution is quickly becoming the norm for thriving organizations with 93% of teams seeing a video as essential to communication and 67% of respondents planning to increase their video budget according to a leading internal communication research and training organization. By implementing a multimedia solution, you can achieve these 3 improvements within your company: Humanizing C-level executives.

Still Sending Emails About Your Learning Initiative? It’s Not Enough.


That’s where your marketing and communications teams step in and do what they do best: inform, intrigue, and inspire action. Our brains are hardwired for story, so whether it’s our marketing materials or our internal communications to announce a new program, you get the best results from connecting each message in sequences. It’s important to follow this messaging sequence in this exact order for the best results.). The solution? appeared first on eLearning Mind.

Best Practices for Using eLearning in Soft Skills Training

Bottom-Line Performance

Your company has a new five step leadership model it wants everyone to follow… and you need to make an eLearning course to get the ball rolling. Is eLearning going to solve the problem? ” You’ve been asked to create eLearning for that, too. I interviewed Alicia Ostermeier , Senior Learning Designer at BLP, to learn more about how she approaches eLearning projects designed to teach soft skills. Starting a Soft Skills eLearning Project.

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What is eLearning: Part 1 – An Overview

Zephyr Learning

We were discussing the elearning industry when a question was raised: ‘Do people really understand what elearning is?’ But a definition of elearning is not enough for people to fully understand it. There is almost a science around elearning and how to make it work. For any organisation, whether a lifelong implementer or at the ‘thinking about it’ stage, elearning is one of the most important investments in people that can be made. What is eLearning?

Learning Management System – LMS

Ed App

Best thing—these videos can be watched on most digital devices again and again. The Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) standard is an eLearning protocol. Besides the rapid authoring, course templates support variety in your eLearning. What is an LMS? .

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eLearning Software: The Perfect Ingredient to Create a High-Performance Ecosystem


So also the eLearning software. Whether it is an educational institution or an organization, eLearning is currently trending the market and is highly likely to wither away anytime in the near future. Especially, corporates prefer using digital software such as the eLearning software to train the fresh recruits or to impart new skills in the older workforce. Today, terms like mLearning are also heard synonymously with eLearning. Best Suited for Global Collaboration.