Best eLearning Resources of 2014

eLearning Brothers

The past year has been fantastic for eLearning Brothers, and we hope you have had a great year too! If you happened to meet with us personally at an eLearning Conferences this year, you know that we released tons of great eLearning products in 2014: eLearning Stock. eLearning Course Starters. Improvements/updates to our eLearning Templates. Another great part of 2014 was all the great eLearning resources, tips, and tutorials. Best eLearning Tips.

50 Best eLearning Posts Of 2012

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We have compiled the 50 best eLearning posts of 2012 from our blog. Some Thoughts On Tablet Learning (aka Elearning On iPads). Converting ELearning To Tablet Learning: Cost-effective Solutions. 5 Tips For Managing Effective Blended Learning Through An LMS. 10 Effective LMS RFP Guidelines. The Return Of Video To eLearning. The Future Of Higher Ed And Its Impact On Elearning. Government Initiative To Endorse eLearning In Saudi Arabia.


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13 Best eLearning Quotes


They are both effective and affective in nature. Talent LMS brings the top eLearning quotes that should inspire you to launch your next eLearning project! Worth a hundred proclamations “When it comes to the design of effective learning experiences, one provocative question is worth a hundred proclamations.” – Bernard Bull 3. People expect to be bored “People expect to be bored by eLearning—let’s show them it doesn’t have to be like that!” – Cammy Bean 4.

Best eLearning Companies in Mumbai by Paradiso Solutions


Today we are presenting the companies that we consider contains the most relevant eLearning companies in Mumbai. When looking for eLearning companies in Mumbai or content developers, enterprises must wonder which are the best eLearning companies in the market. In Paradiso Solutions, we have listed the eLearning companies in Mumbai, including us, that we think to comply with the requirements of the companies of today’s eLearning environment.

What Is Important in Order to Create the Best eLearning Courses?

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eLearning doesn’t just “happen”! Instructional designers and course developers should consider the aspects which help create an effective e-learning experience. Effective e-learning is based on the learning needs of learners. Assessment helps gauge the effectiveness of the e-learning piece as well as learner retention. It is important to identify these timelines so that an effective e-learning solution can be created.

Best eLearning Solutions for Digital Natives

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However, designing and implementing eLearning solutions is easier said than done. Here is a brief guide on the best eLearning solutions for digital natives: Blended Learning: Rather than jumping from print to online medium, a better option is to take the blended learning approach to your eLearning solutions. Here’s more on how to create blended learning content and how to deliver blended learning courses effectively.

The best elearning reads of 2013


Every month we put together a list of our favorite articles for our monthly newsletter – we’ve put those lists together to create this list of best reads in elearning and learning for the year! How to Build Effective Online Learning Communities , Edudemic. eLearning: From the enclosure to the global learning commons , David Price, elearn Magazine. eLearning Learning News Resources articles

Best Practices for Effective Online Course Development

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What are the instructional design planning practices, and how should course creators go about putting them in effect? 10 Best Practices in Online Course Development. Knowing what ticks for certain set of people can help you go a long way in effectively designing an online course.

How to Select The Best eLearning Animation Company

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If you have incorporated eLearning in your employee training programs , using animation as a tool for getting the right message across is a natural order of progression. How to select the best eLearning animation company? Are the music and other sound effects smooth? .

6 Steps to Choosing the Best eLearning Authoring Tool


The mere thought of choosing a new e-Learning authoring tool may make some eLearning professionals cringe, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful and time-consuming task. In this article, I’ll walk you through the process of choosing the best eLearning authoring tool for you. The Steps to Follow When Choosing an eLearning Authoring Tool. For example, if you have limited funds, you may want to opt for a free eLearning authoring tool or something like Snap!

The Best eLearning Tools You Need Now


An eLearning professional is only as good as their best eLearning tools. While a learning management system is one of the most important eLearning tools you need to have, there are many nifty online apps, programs and systems designed to make your eLearning experience simpler. Best eLearning tools for productivity. Why it’s a great eLearning tool: eLearning projects usually require input from a range of stakeholders.

The Best eLearning Course to Fit Custom Requirements

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eLearning courses allow employees to update their skills along with their routine work. Today, a lot of enterprises have dedicated portals to support eLearning. Others have subscriptions to popular eLearning sites. A popular trend is companies hiring skilled professionals to build their own custom eLearning courses and contnet. Let us take a look at what makes custom eLearning courses stand out when compared to their off-the-shelf counterparts.

What is the best eLearning authoring software?

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The market is flooded with eLearning authoring software, so which do you choose. In this article we’ll highlight the key requirements that make for the best elearning authoring software solution in an effort to save your organisation time, money and the stress of training your employees. The great thing about eLearning is that the days of herding your employees (who could be based anywhere in the world) into a single space at the same time are over.

Best Elearning Courses for You: Custom Content or Off-the-shelf Courses

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There has been a move from the regular and mundane classroom techniques, to the fresh and modern methods of eLearning which is now used to create a more conducive learning experience with custom elearning content development. Here’s more on how to optimize your eLearning ROI.

What is an eLearning Authoring Tool? What is the Best eLearning Authoring Software?


If you are new to the eLearning sphere, you must be confused about numerous eLearning authoring tools available in the market. In this article, we will learn everything about these software solutions and understand how an authoring tool works in eLearning. In the context of eLearning software solutions, the term ‘authoring tool’ refers to a software solution you can use to create Digital Learning Content. eLearning authoring tool.

The best eLearning solutions offer user freedom


The best eLearning solutions offer user freedom. The transition from conventional training strategies to eLearning may be a major missed opportunity for companies. The best way to avoid disappointment and become a leading business is to commit to the fact that eLearning solutions enable a fully evolved approach to learning. Organizations engaging in eLearning have the beginnings of a new approach to performance.".

4 tips for making the best elearning simulations (video and example)


Elearning simulations give learners a chance to practice and learn from their mistakes in a risk-free environment. This kind of digital learning experience is a far cry from the presentational style of content that many people think of when you mention elearning! The great thing about elearning simulations is that they give learners a chance to make mistakes in a safe environment and practice what they’ll need to do in real life. Is your elearning simulation doing the trick?

How To Turn An Elevator Pitch Into Effective Digital Learning


It got us thinking: What if the secret to effective learning was the so-called “elevator pitch”? The post How To Turn An Elevator Pitch Into Effective Digital Learning appeared first on eLearning Mind. Developing Leaders eLearning Solutions Engage and Retain Learning Trends best eLearning business corporate training elearning elearning solutions leadership learning Learning and development

5 Tactics to Develop Effective Video Marketing

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Publishing videos is a new form of marketing, and it will remain as one of the best forms of marketing. If you are considering joining everybody else in video marketing, it will be best to use your time wisely because video marketing takes a lot of planning and work. You must do it effectively as fast as possible. To save time, you must discover the five tactics to develop effective video marketing.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best eLearning Provider


5 Tips for Choosing the Best eLearning Provider. How do they choose from more than 600 eLearning providers? According to Bersin by Deloitte report , there are more than 600 eLearning providers on the market, so selecting eLearning service can be incredibly difficult. We made a list of tips on choosing the eLearning provider so that you can make your purchasing decision easier. Arrange the same for eLearning!

Don’t miss this month’s 5 best elearning blogs


Organizations are using elearning to educate and train without the use of a traditional classroom – usually via a course or training program delivered completely online. The Top elearning Statistics and Facts For 2015 You Need To Know – This blog highlights the top elearning stats that should shape your elearning structure in 2015. How to Do an elearning Audience Analysis – Is your training message getting across? eLearning

How to Effectively Design an eLearning Course


You must have already realized that designing an eLearning course is a time-consuming process, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Considering this, in the post, we’ll be discussing how to design an eLearning course for success. 4.Choose the Best eLearning Software.

eLearning Content Development for Effective Training

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While Team Offline is receiving L&D content through classroom training, Team Online receives eLearning training through online content available at all times.Here’s how both the teams learn job-related content: For Team Offline, the HR arranges a classroom training by: Inviting a Trainer.

Marc My Words: The Best eLearning Demo I Have Ever Seen by Marc J. Rosenberg

Learning Solutions Magazine

Early adopters of eLearning more than 15 years ago – before the mass adoption of the Internet and the Web – were already producing innovative programs that can still serve as models for us today. Marc reviews the most successful example, and what it takes to be that effective. Great design and production values went a long way to overcome the primitive technology. Instructional Design Interface Design Management Strategies

How to measure effectiveness of an eLearning Program? Here is a checklist!

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It is a challenge for training managers to ensure quality of eLearning programs that are developed by internal teams or external eLearning vendors. In this blog, we will equip training / Learning and Development managers with a benchmark checklist that helps them test effectiveness of an eLearning program. Here is the list of essential engaging techniques – an effective eLearning course should feature each or most of these techniques.

11 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 24

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We have also included a couple of guides and tips on some eLearning and mLearning topics that will help you in creating effective learning experiences and designing mobile apps respectively. Free Guide: 10 Reasons To Implement eLearning. Here’s a practical guide that will help you create effective learning scenarios. The Best eLearning Demo I Have Ever Seen. Weekly Digest Best eLearning Links elearning weekly digest Top eLearning Posts

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Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 8

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In continuation to our weekly roundup of the best links shared on Twitter and Facebook, here is a collection of our top 15 links from the last week, each accompanied by a quick brief. This article focuses on one of the most important criteria for online instruction effectiveness – the interface. How can e-Learning, or computer based training, be more effective?

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22 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 14

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And true to our commitment, we have covered the whole spectrum – from calculating the effectiveness of your training to delivering training to multi-taskers, from methods to engage learners with emerging and connective technologies to the future of learning. Mobile Trends: The Future Guide To The Best Predictions For 2011. How Effective is Your Training? Featuring amongst the ‘Best Product Debut at TK11’ is Upside2Go , our revolutionary platform for mobile learning.

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18 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 11

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In short, the last week has seen the internet buzzing with activity – from some astonishing statistics in the mobile domain to eBooks taking the centre stage in publishing market and the entry of QR in eLearning. Everything you wanted to know about QR codes and implementing them in eLearning. Talks how games are not just fun and engaging, but bring about effective learning as well. 7 of the Best Online Collaborative Drawing Tools.

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17 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 15

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This article lists and explains 3 ways in which you can do so effectively. 3 Wonderful Resources For eLearning. Want to know about the practicalities in eLearning development, or a more in-depth understanding of lifelong learning options, or do you want a better understanding of the effect (or non-effect) discussion still accompanying blended learning. 20 Best Websites To Download Free EBooks. Who doesn’t like to know about the future?

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Create Perpetual Learning That Will Help Your Employees Soar


This self-guided learning experience makes the training process more personal and more effective. The post Create Perpetual Learning That Will Help Your Employees Soar appeared first on eLearning Mind. Building A Learning Culture eLearning Solutions Learning and Development Learning Trends best eLearning Blended Learning business elearning elearning solutions leadership learning Learning and development training trends

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Why User Experience is the New Brand Loyalty Program


So, whether you’re selling televisions or eLearning, customer education is key to a consistent user experience. The YouTube Effect: Creating the “How To” for Customer Experience. Whether it’s finding the best price or scouring reviews for the best products, services, and brands, you can’t afford negative experiences and interactions. You could be selling eLearning or bookcases, but the concept is the same.

More Than Ping Pong: Employee Benefits That Actually Work


Savvy talent easily recognizes the organization’s failings and, when it’s realized that management is disorganized and talent management is nonexistent, the best and brightest are the first to leave. Throw out your ping pong tables: the best way to motivate your employees isn’t with frat games, but a positive company culture, which can’t be built in the break room alone. The post More Than Ping Pong: Employee Benefits That Actually Work appeared first on eLearning Mind.

3 Learning Content Must-Haves to Cultivate Soft Skills


But soft skills can be a harder sell since the effects are on a much more individual basis. The best way to help improve soft skills is putting them to practice in a safe way. Simulations and scenarios can help employees brush up on things like detecting nuances, reading facial expressions, and communicating effectively. The post 3 Learning Content Must-Haves to Cultivate Soft Skills appeared first on eLearning Mind.

Fix Those Pesky Digital Learning Quality Assurance Pain Points


Shift the burden of QA back on those initially responsible to get the best result before it goes to final QA. Quality assurance might seem like something that comes at the end of the design process, but it’s more effective (and way easier) if it’s a continuous action that happens throughout. The post Fix Those Pesky Digital Learning Quality Assurance Pain Points appeared first on eLearning Mind.

Why L&D Leaders are Saying Leadership Buy-in Is the Most Important Factor for Success in 2017


By taking your own communication course, you can learn how to effectively persuade and get your point across so that execs are more likely to buy into your training initiatives. By aligning your training with company goals, you can effectively show leadership just how your planned training will work to their benefit. Hey, leadership is in control of your budget and your department, so it’s best if they’re also on your side.

Creative Slump Got You Down? 3 Surprising Ways to Spark Inspiration


Giving employees time to think, reflect, and be less busy overall can help give them the time they need to problem solve and come up with some of their best ideas. Collaboration is one of the most effective ways to get employees to think through conflict and challenges with refreshed perspective, but too often an organization’s departments are siloed so collaboration opportunities are few and far between. 3 Surprising Ways to Spark Inspiration appeared first on eLearning Mind.