3 BIG questions to kickstart your L&D transformation


A new year offers up fresh opportunities for transformation, but the big question is always: where do we start? It’s a question that’s highly relevant when it comes to reimagining the role learning and development (L&D) can play in a modern business. The post 3 BIG questions to kickstart your L&D transformation appeared first on Axonify.

The Big Question: Stuck? Getting Unstuck.

ID Reflections

There's really quite a bit to this question. This is precisely my feeling too…it is one of my pet grouch that this month’s Big Question allows me to vent. Tags: e-learning corporate training education big question andragogy

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Selling Social Media for Learning: ASTD Big Question

Kapp Notes

This month's ASTD Learning Circuit's Blog Big Question is "How do I communicate the value of social media as a learning tool to my organization?" Address a Business Need The most important element in communicating the value of Social Media is to solve a pressing business need.

2010 Predictions - Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

January's Big Question at the Learning Circuits blog asks for our 2010 predictions. They will expand many of their business friendly features. So, here we go; m-Learning continues to grow. I think the growing popularity of social media apps on mobile devices will assist with a growth of social learning (I consider social/informal learning on mobile devices m-learning too). Micro-courses for mobile devices will become more prevalent too.

Big Question Thought Leaders

The Learning Circuits

I'm happy to announce that several thought leaders have joined together with me to revitalize the Big Question. We will likely be trying some different things over the next few months. What exactly, we aren't sure. We'll figure it out as we go.

April's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

In a nutshell, this month's Big Question is, do you ever get stuck getting new solutions or ideas accepted and implemented by your organization or client? In most organizations, especially large ones, one must get a lot of buy-in and this usually involves making a business case, predicting cost savings, efficiencies, potential return on investment, etc.,

The Right Place to Find Help: ASTD's Big Question

Kapp Notes

This month's ASTD Big Question on the Learning Circuit's Blog is about Social Networking and finding help and expertise if you have a question or a concern for which you need input and/or advice. But, then the question breaks into sub-questions.

Big Question - Working with SMEs

eLearning Cyclops

This month's Big Question at Learning Circuits is on working with subject matter experts (SME). First off, thank you Tony at Learning Circuits for using my suggestion as this month's question. Ask the right questions (Analysis) Never assume the SME knows the training need. Do not let SMEs forget about the project while you are busy creating it. And always give them appropriate credit and a big thank you.

Big Question - PowerPoint

The Learning Circuits

So, this month, The Big Question is. Please answer this question by posting to your own blog or commenting on this post. Claudia Escribano LifeLongLearningLab A Big Question on PowerPoint 30-May-2007 20:58:36 Tom Crawford thcrawford PowerPoint - What is Appropriate, When and Why?

Big Question for January - Quality vs. Speed

Tony Karrer

The Big Question on the LCB for January is: What are the trade offs between quality learning programs and rapid e-learning and how do you decide? There's a lot involved in this question and I plan to revisit it several times during the month. And it's not just an ROI question.

The Big Question: How to assess learning initiatives…

Jay Cross

The behavior change best expressed in business terms. Furthermore, asking open-ended questions yields a lot more meaningful information than check-boxes and rating scales.

April Big Question - Content Vendor Value

Tony Karrer

Since I'm likely not going to be blogging for about a week starting Friday, I thought I'd get an early jump on this month's Big Question from LCB - ILT and Off-the-Shelf Vendors - What Should They Do? There's really a lot at stake in this question in that it goes far beyond the question. One of the most important questions is: What's the added value provided by content providers over alternative information sources?

The Big Question for November - Future of ISD / ADDIE / HPT?

Tony Karrer

November's Big Question on the Learning Circuits Blog has been posted. The question this month is: Are ISD / ADDIE / HPT relevant in a world of rapid elearning, faster time-to-performance, and informal learning? To me, this is one of the most important questions facing us today.

The big question: predictions for 2010

Clive on Learning

The Big Question for January in the Learning Circuits Blog is, rather predictably, what are your predictions for 2010? There will be enough exceptions to keep those already active in these fields going, but no big shift in corporate learning practice.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Memory, Reconsolidation and Big Questions.

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « 100,000 iPhone SDK Downloads in First Four Days | Main | Daily Quote/Lyric/Words of Others » March 20, 2008 Memory, Reconsolidation and Big Questions. I am a big fan of big questions. I love the Learning Circuits Blog Big Question of the Month (BQOTM) and think that it has really spurred some insightful discussions that might not have occurred otherwise.

The Big Question: Predictions for 2009

Clive on Learning

The Learning Circuits Blog Big Question for January asks what are your challenges, plans and predictions for 2009? There will be enough exceptions to keep those already active in these fields going, but no big shift in corporate learning practice.

The Big Question: Leading the charge

Clive on Learning

In the Learning Circuits Blog , Tony Karrer poses a whole series of questions related to the role of learning and development professionals in promoting informal learning / social learning / learning 2.0 If not, someone else from another business function will step in.

Everyone is a Manager - March - The Big Question

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

I was just reminded of the big question while cruising reader.google.com.my Our fearless uber-learning-blogger Tony Karrer points out Dave Lee's concern that there hasn't been much discussion about this month's question. I'm not sure I totally understand the question.

The Big Question: What did you learn about learning in 2009?

Clive on Learning

Quite a lot actually.

Addressing On-Demand Learning and Performance Needs #LCBQ | Social.

Dashe & Thomson

The questions prompt quite a lively and interesting discussion among online community members. The Learning Circuits Big Question for May is: How do we need to change in what we do in order to address learning/performance needs that are on-demand?

The Big Question: What will workplace learning look like in 10 years?

Clive on Learning

Another month of my life gone, another Big Question from the Learning Circuits Blog. And the questions don't get any easier do they? Much of it will never have started up again when businesses eventually recovered after the recession. Can it be that time again?

The Future of Workplace Learning

Upside Learning

This month’s Big Question from the Learning Circuits blog asks: If you peer inside an organization in 10 years time and you look at how workplace learning is being supported by that organization, what will you see? ….

April Big Question - ILT and Off-the-Shelf Vendors – What Should They Do?

The Learning Circuits

So, this month, The Big Question is. Please answer this question by posting to your own blog or commenting on this post. Points to Consider: What do you believe will be blends that will be succsseful both for learners and from a business model standpoint?

The Big Question: the place for instruction in an information snacking culture

Clive on Learning

The February Big Question on the Learning Circuits Blog (I know, it’s March already and I’m late on this one) queries what the place is for instruction and deep reflection in a culture in which people increasingly just dip into things and move on.

April's big question: backed up at the crossroads

Clive on Learning

April's big question in the Learning Circuits blog is 'ILT and Off-the-Shelf Vendors – What Should They Do? ', in particular about the fact that good content is now freely available on the web, customers want their classroom training in smaller and smaller chunks and various other adverse trends. In my regretable experience, there are few professions more conservative than training and (because training is not typically such a big business issue?)

New Skills for Learning Professionals

ID Reflections

This month's Big Question from LCB has received a huge response. I have pasted the question here: "In a Learning 2.0 This is not a very new question and has been doing its rounds in different forums. Tags: e-learning Instructional design big question LCB

Skills 130

Just Do It!

Upside Learning

The Learning Circuits’ Big Question this month is: How to Get Unstuck ? I’m responding to this question from a business owner’s perspective. Tags: LC Big Question Workplace Learning

How Your Small Business Can Benefit from E-Learning


How Your Small Business Can Benefit from E-Learning. E-learning is a tool that businesses in all industries are increasingly using to train their staff. What about using e-learning in your small business, though? E-learning can benefit your UAE business, however.

US Economy and e-Learning in 2008


Here are my views in response to January’s Big Question from ASTD -. My trend predictions therefore are in the form of questions that we have to collectively answer in near future and are presented under two scenarios:-. Big Question Research

2009 Predictions, Remembrance and Challenges

Kapp Notes

ASTD's Big Question for January is, again, a series of questions. This year has been a busy year as my consulting has been more active than any previous year. Tough to be busy and balance family life but it must be a priority.

Learning Data: The real definition and how you can prove business impact


Does this data show that your training positively impacted business results? It actually has nothing to do with business impact, which also takes more time to measure than is typically allowed. To really understand how your learning strategy is impacting your employees and your business, you have to expand your data scope to include modern learning metrics. By connecting the rest of your metrics to business result data, you can finally prove the value of your training.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Instructional Designer as Consultant?

Learning Visions

Consider this part two of my response to the Learning Circuits Big Question for February: Instructional Design - If, When and How Much? Posted by Cammy Bean at 1:40 PM Labels: big question , instructional design , Learning Circuits 6comments: Dr. John H.

Business of Learning

Tony Karrer

While increasing amount of concept work and the pace of change puts a premium on learning, the business of learning faces an incredibly difficult time. In the past few weeks, I've had some really eye-opening conversations about the state of Learning as a Business. That's a big ouch.

2009 Top Posts and Topics: Kapp Notes

Kapp Notes

The ASTD Big question this month is an annual question: What did you learn about learning in 2009? So one of the tasks I will do to answer this question is to see what posts were the Best of 2009 from several different sources. Online Games for Teaching Business Concepts and Ideas. Tags: ASTD Big Question First from eLearning Learning , Here are my top posts.

What is Continuous Learning & Why Your Business Should Be Doing It


Continuous learning, continual learning, constant learning, lifelong learning – whatever you want to call it, it’s a concept that businesses training employees should know about. . Why is Continuous Learning Important for a Business? Myopia in the business world is a killer.