The Big Question - What I Learned About Learning in 2009

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The Big Question posed on Learning Circuits this time,as always , is thought provoking –. It’s going to radically alter elearning and I must understand what we need do to continue delivering effective learning solutions.

2010 Predictions - Big Question

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January's Big Question at the Learning Circuits blog asks for our 2010 predictions. Google Wave will be released as a much less cumbersome application than the current beta version, but will struggle with adoption by general public. There will be much more reflection on what works online and what is more effectively taught in the traditional classroom. So, here we go; m-Learning continues to grow.

Don’t attempt to convert e-Learning to m-Learning – they’re different.


The question raised by the member was – “What are the key challenges in developing e-Learning content for mobile devices?” The biggest challenge with mobile-based instructions (MBI) is the reading area, which is very small even on a big smartphone. Mobile Learning can expand your reach.

On demand: agile e-Learning development #LCBQ

Challenge to Learn

The Learning Circuits Big Question this month is: How do you address the “I want it now!&# We had a lot of discussion on this question but I would like to approach this months question from the perspective of the e-learning author.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Picnik: My new favorite online photo editor

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I also know about the online version of Photoshop.whatever.

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Book review: Leaving ADDIE for SAM: will agile eLearning development become mainstream?

Challenge to Learn

In the third chapter they have a look at what ‘good’ eLearning should be, I quote: “Concise, effective learning events, whether delivered through e-Learning or not, are meaningful, memorable, and motivational. There is a simple version (SAM1), for small projects”.


Close the Sale With Quality Content


Your salespeople can spend months learning the ins and outs of your products and services, and still be stumped by a well-placed question. The right content should be an all-purpose resource for your sales team, allowing them to prepare before the dialogue begins, as well as use the resource to answer questions that come up during the conversation.

Learning Management In The Age of Learning Engagement


But when asked what the ‘next generation’ of the LMS might actually be, Rosso didn’t even accept the question. I guess I have a big question around, is there a future for the LMS? I almost want to rephrase the question: what’s the next generation of learning technology ?”.

eLearning Cyclops: Deconstructing My #DemoFest Course ? Part 2.

eLearning Cyclops

Because I had been teaching a face-to-face computer basics class, including some Office training, I had already a big jump on both knowing the audience and how they use the systems that were being upgraded. If I worked with others I would create much cleaner versions. eLearning Cyclops.

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Designing Training that Helps the Brain Learn and the Learner Perform

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It’s been awhile since I tackled one of The Learning Circuits Blog Big Question of the Month – but this one is intriguing ” “Does the discussion of how the brain learns impact your e-learning design?”. Pretty is good – pretty and relevant is required for the instruction to be effective. We’ve all heard that practice makes perfect – and most of us have heard the nitpicky version, “perfect practice makes perfect”.

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Teacher Appreciation Week – A Conversation with Chris Badgett on the World of Online and Offline Education Honoring Teachers


You have the opportunity to get immediate feedback on whether or not someone is retaining information when you can look at them and ask them questions along the way to help them fill in the gaps in their understanding as you go. I’m going to start with a big question here.

I Feel the Need - The Need for Speed

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I did a crude version of this for myself and came up with the following: Definitely the vast majority of the time, I'm needing information that is relatively fast moving and is specific to the particular situations I face. This month's #LCBQ is: How do you address the "I want it now!"

Choosing Mobile Learning Solutions Using Standards

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Using Standards Separately or Together for Effective Mobile Learning. The Big Question. The big challenge is answering the question, “ Does learning occur if no one recorded it? Technology is full of promise.

Blended Learning: Must Know Strategies That Engage Learners


So, the big question which arises now: How to create engaging blended learning courses or modules that can successfully merge both these approaches? Allows learners to collaborate and find answers to questions on their own.

eLearning Authoring Tool Must-Haves!

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For maximum effectiveness, you need to get your audience engaged and active in the learning. If you have a large number of questions to upload into item banks for assessments, does the tool offer a way to bulk upload those items? Now that you have stirred up your creative juices and unleashed the training expert within you, the next big question to ask yourself is how much money you are willing to invest in this new field.

How Do We Find the Right eLearning Partner?

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After answering these questions about your resources, team skills, capacity, and organizational focus, it’s time to give the FINAL answer to the BIG question, “Am I going to use my internal team for eLearning or should we outsource and let our team focus on maximizing what they do best?”

A Conversation with Reuben Tozman

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The big question becomes what metrics do we apply for learning, since every learner will build out their own learning materials. How do you build tests if everybody uses a different version of the content? Tozman: The big influence is the amount of information that we amass about a singular topic, the rate at which that information changes and most importantly the speed at which organizations must act on the information.

eLearning Trends In 2019: How To Use Them To Enhance Your Learning Strategy

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Big Data-Reporting and Analytics. They can be used to support ILT as well as online training, and they effectively serve as a measure to offset the “forgetting curve.”. Till a few years ago, the impact of gamification -based training had a big question mark associated with it.

eLearning Trends In 2019: How To Use Them To Enhance Your Learning Strategy


Learning Engagement Platforms – LXP Learner Analytics Big Data-Reporting and Analytics. They can be used to support ILT as well as online training, and they effectively serve as a measure to offset the “forgetting curve.”.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Essential Reading for Instructional Design?

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You can find the latest version of it here. Blimey Cammy, I just put in one big request to the boss for an Amazon order. The Big Question: Instructional Design as a Spectr. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010

Tony Karrer

And probably will get some more ideas from the Big Question - Predictions and Plans for 2010. It puts forward lots of suggestions for how knowledge workers can leverage technology to make themselves more effective. It’s really big and moving really fast.

Hot List - April 1, 2009 to April 11, 2009

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Solar power for your small and big mobile devices! in Technology, Innovation and Education, where she studied how new media and emerging technologies can be used to effectively educate children. Big Question: get your innovative eLearning ideas out no matter what others think! Until now, all editing was conducted online, but the release version now includes a desktop editor, which synchs up to your online account.

eLearning Trends In 2019: How To Use Them To Enhance Your Learning Strategy

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Big Data-Reporting and Analytics. They can be used to support ILT as well as online training, and they effectively serve as a measure to offset the “forgetting curve.”. Till a few years ago, the impact of gamification-based training had a big question mark associated with it. On similar lines, similar to Apps that learners use, mobile apps for learning can provide a very effective strategy for online training.

Top 40 eLearning Articles and 5 Hot Topics for Early March

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And it’s nice to see that in the hot topics, the Big Question has had an influence. Virtual Team Management - ID Reflections , March 8, 2010 I recommend this simulation to all those who either are handling a globally distributed team or a project, and to all managers who feel that effective communication is one of the keys to business success. eLearning Technology , March 9, 2010 As part of the Big Question this month Open Content in Workplace Learning? ,

Top 70 eLearning Posts for June and Hot Topics including iPad and Mobile Learning

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Tony’s question is fairly specific, but anchored in the “what did I learn that I’m glad I did&# vein. mean, you just hit the big red button and start recording. Top five tips for creating effective interactions - Spicy Learning , June 14, 2010 Interactions pose a dilemma to all instructional designers. While they can be fun, visually exciting and effective, they can also require a lot of development and be difficult to create. The big bad wolf.

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Top 75 eLearning Posts - May 2010

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Learnlets , May 10, 2010 In response to a query about why someone would question the concept of the LMS, I penned the (slightly altered, for clarity) response that follows: What seems to me to be the need is to have a unified performer-facing environment. These 12 Tutorials Teach You How to Build an Interactive E-Learning Course - Rapid eLearning Blog , May 4, 2010 It’s a fact that you CAN build effective elearning with rapid elearning tools. Questions to.

GE TV: Craig Weiss on the Future of the LMS and Authoring Tools Markets

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I look forward to this interview and the questions that you’re asking. (1:11) If you were looking for an LMS today, what questions would you be asking? The very first question would be ‘what features do you offer?’ Facebook, big deal. Google Glass was another big loser.



Learning Engagement Platforms – LXP Learner Analytics Big Data-Reporting and Analytics. They can be used to support ILT as well as online training, and they effectively serve as a measure to offset the “forgetting curve.”.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Here at ASTD.first session reviews.Ruth Clark and Tony Karrer.

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The program is also packed and the printed version could be used as a heck of a doorstop - this is something that also concerns me - I wonder what conferences can do to start looking at ways to do some serious carbon offsetting , something to chew through fewer trees and so