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2009 Predictions How Did I Do?

Tony Karrer

But the reality was more than that as I explored in posts like Business of Learning and Models for Learning Questions. The second half of the prediction “self directed learning” got less attention during the year than I anticipated, but it was there and certainly was a big part of the discussion around social and informal learning. At the same time, organizations who try to create big eLearning 2.0 2009 is going to be a big year for this issue.

Significant Work Needed to Help Instructional Designers

Tony Karrer

The November LCB Big Question was "Are ISD / ADDIE / HPT relevant in a world of rapid elearning, faster time-to-performance, and informal learning?" And I find that second bullet especially troubling given that the crux of the question as Mark Oehlert from e-Clippings put it: If the question of whether or not your job is relevant fails to stir up some considerable heat - then I despair for us. That was actually quite a big surprise to me.