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Psst. You wanna buy some features?

eLearning 24-7

This is to say that 90% of features most folks seek are nearly universal in a LMS – low cost or otherwise. Podcasting. Custom domains (big increase in last few months). Branding – the only difference is some vendors still charge for this – my question: why? Assessment tools – big question – how many don’t include them at no additional charge? The reasons include: They aren’t the only players in town.

Microlearning, Engagement, Gamification, and the Elearning Success Summit with Stephen Ladek from LMSPulse


They’re featuring live presentations with real-time questions and answers, breakout rooms, moderated chats, and much more. You can also check out his podcast at Stephen Ladek: That’s a great question. But there’s a higher cost of total ownership for it.

2009 Predictions How Did I Do?

Tony Karrer

But the reality was more than that as I explored in posts like Business of Learning and Models for Learning Questions. The second half of the prediction “self directed learning” got less attention during the year than I anticipated, but it was there and certainly was a big part of the discussion around social and informal learning. At the same time, organizations who try to create big eLearning 2.0 How can you improve performance quickly and at low cost?