What's the "High Concept, High Touch" Solution for Organizational Learning Today?

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June's Big Question over at LCB asks how WLP professionals might break down organizational walls to learning. I recently read Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind, and one of the central themes of the book is that we are in an age where we have to think more conceptually, and less analytically, partly because the tools to free our minds from rote work are readily available. I want to borrow that theme. performance barriers organization adult learning

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The New Way of Things.

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One of the big questions many WLP professionals have had of late concerns the pace with which technologies are changing and presenting new options for them, either for development or implementation. Personally, I think that it's futile for those in training and human performance improvement roles to try staying on the bleeding edge. It's not worth it because you can never move fast enough.

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LC's Big Q: How To Make The Case For Social Media?

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Tony Karrer posted November's Learning Circuits Big Question today, and the subject of this one is compelling. The question is how to sell the use of social media (SM) for training and performance improvement purposes in the workplace, particularly when there may be fellow colleagues and/or management that may be not familiar with or are biased against it. As a WLP professional that uses SM

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