The Big Question: Stuck? Getting Unstuck.

ID Reflections

There's really quite a bit to this question. I’ll begin by quoting something I read in Tony Karrer’s blog, eLearning Technology. In the post, What Clients Want: eLearning Technology , he writes: Stunning: Even after all the hot air expelled ink spilled and electrons excited in the last 10 years regarding how we ought to be measuring business results, nobody is doing it !!!!!!!!! Tags: e-learning corporate training education big question andragogy

ASTD's Big Question for December: New Learning

Kapp Notes

The ASTD Big question this month is What did you learn about learning in 2007? My blog book tour was a huge success for me both emotionally and from a sales perspective. See Recap of Blog Book Tour for Gadgets, Games and Gizmos. What really amazed me was how far the blog book tour travelled. We had a number of people join the tour, write about the tour and generally created great discussions about the book.about the boomer/gamer knowledge gap.


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ASTD's Big Question for December 2008: New Learning

Kapp Notes

The ASTD Big question this month is What did you learn about learning in 2008? The third big learning was that organizations who seemed the least open, most secretive and most regulated jumped into Social Media with both feet while other industries are still floundering. Tags: ASTD Big Question I learn so much all the time from students, clients and colleagues, it is hard to narrow it down to just two or three things, but I'll try.

The Right Place to Find Help: ASTD's Big Question

Kapp Notes

This month's ASTD Big Question on the Learning Circuit's Blog is about Social Networking and finding help and expertise if you have a question or a concern for which you need input and/or advice. The basic question is " If you need input from people, where's the best place to ask?" But, then the question breaks into sub-questions. The assumption seems to be that there is one "best" place for asking a question.

Big Question - Working with SMEs

eLearning Cyclops

This month's Big Question at Learning Circuits is on working with subject matter experts (SME). First off, thank you Tony at Learning Circuits for using my suggestion as this month's question. I have written quite a bit about this subject on my blog. Ask the right questions (Analysis) Never assume the SME knows the training need. Remember, write your design plan to a non-training audience. And always give them appropriate credit and a big thank you.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Big Question

Learning Visions

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 The Big Question This months big question from the Learning Circuits Blog: What did you learn about learning in 2007? I learned that connecting with the blogging community has helped me get more passionate about my work as an instructional designer. Over the past two weeks, Ive had the privilege of watching my 4 1/2 year old son learn how to write. Me: "Well, well have to write him a letter."

Design Day and the ASTD Big Question for July

Kapp Notes

I left a comment on Tony Karrer's blog about creating a "Design Day" so that everyone in the blogosphere adds a comment about the importance of instructional design as opposed to focusing on technology. Around the same time, the ASTD Learning Circuits Blog had the July "Big Question" which was "Choosing Tools" which is actually a series of questions: How does the eLearning design process need to change to accommodate such a wide variety of tools?

LCB's Big Question - Should All Learning Professionals be Blogging?

Tony Karrer

Over on LCB , The Big Question for October has been posted: Should All Learning Professionals be Blogging? This is an interesting question and it's quite timely given recent occurrences. Corporate eLearning Professionals are Blogging More More corporate eLearning professionals are taking up blogging. A couple recent interesting blogs as examples are: In the Middle of the Curve - Good example post that I cite later: Fear of Blogging.

The LCB Big Question Reframed: Should More Learning Professionals Be Blogging?

Tony Karrer

Out of the original October 2006: Should All Learning Professionals Be Blogging? As Peter posted ( The Learning Circuits Blog: Community Net Worth ): Now that the first wave of bloggers and blog-readers have read the initial results both in the form of serious utterances, straw polls and comic reformulations (thanks, Tony for that refreshing exercise), whither go we? Including the suggestion - blog for a month (Karl Kapp). And where does blogging fit in?

The Big Question: Predictions for 2009

Clive on Learning

The Learning Circuits Blog Big Question for January asks what are your challenges, plans and predictions for 2009? I also want to write a short and really accessible book on learning technology for trainers. There will be enough exceptions to keep those already active in these fields going, but no big shift in corporate learning practice. We could see a big increase in the use of synchronous e-learning using web conferencing, primarily to save travel costs.

The big question for December

Clive on Learning

Learning Circuit's big questions for December are: 1. For me, it will probably be my first complete year of blogging. I have learned absolutely masses from both the process of blogging and from the content of my colleagues' blogs. It took me a while to develop my own blogging style - I have for years written columns in training magazines and I thought this would be the same. What will you remember most about 2006?

My E-learning predictions and plans for 2011 #LCBQ

Challenge to Learn

Tony Karrer is the guy behind a community where all kinds of blogs about e-Learning are gathered. On that community he runs a series of post regarding ‘The big question’ The question of the month is: What are your Predictions and Plans for 2011? He asked me to write a blog with my view, so here it is. LCBQ e-Learning EasyGenerator Innovation Learning Circuit The big question Vision on e-Learning

The Big Question for October: Should All Learning Professionals Be Blogging?

The Learning Circuits

The Big Question is a new monthly feature on Learning Circuits Blog. We want everyone in the LCB community to join in - from the comfort of your own blog. Each month we will pose a question we think is of interest to the learning community. The Big Question for October is: Should All Learning Professionals be Blogging? Posts Discussing This So Far (26): Dave Lee - eelearning - did your great-great-great-great grandfather write a novel?

The Big Question: How do I spend my time?

Clive on Learning

June's Big Question on the Learning Circuits Blog asks a personal question: How much time do you spend and how do you find the time for reading blogs, twitter, social networks, etc.? On the other hand, in the context of a whole load of people responding to the question, some patterns might emerge that affect us all. Let's start with blogging. Not such a big commitment. Tags: Facebook BigQuestion blogging Twitter

The Big Question: the place for instruction in an information snacking culture

Clive on Learning

The February Big Question on the Learning Circuits Blog (I know, it’s March already and I’m late on this one) queries what the place is for instruction and deep reflection in a culture in which people increasingly just dip into things and move on. When it comes to blog posts and web articles generally, the tendency has always been to go for brevity. And some of the most thoughtful people I know very rarely put their thoughts in writing.

April's big question: backed up at the crossroads

Clive on Learning

April's big question in the Learning Circuits blog is 'ILT and Off-the-Shelf Vendors – What Should They Do? ', in particular about the fact that good content is now freely available on the web, customers want their classroom training in smaller and smaller chunks and various other adverse trends. In my regretable experience, there are few professions more conservative than training and (because training is not typically such a big business issue?)

eLearning Cyclops: Making It Over The Wall #LCBQ

eLearning Cyclops

Over at the Learning Circuits Blog the Big Question is "How do we break down organizational walls when it comes to learning?" A big barrier for too many organizations is simply getting access outside the firewall especially access to social media. Add them in the comments section or write a post and let us know at the Learning Circuits Blog. Labels: Big Question , Big_Question , e-Learning , Social Media. Search This Blog.

2009 Predictions, Remembrance and Challenges

Kapp Notes

ASTD's Big Question for January is, again, a series of questions. So this is a big challenge for me this year. I am writing a book this year called "Learning in 3D" about using virtual worlds for learning, that will be a challenge as all of my books have been. Finding the time to write a peer reviewed article (I have said this the last 2 years, I need someone to hold me to this. I even have great research, just need to write it up.)

New Blog

Tony Karrer

Ingrid O'Sullivan has a new blog and is the first person to take me up on my post 100 Conversation Topics which asks people to start a conversation with me and get aggregated into 100 conversations. Ingrid's post tells a bit of a story that is likely familiar to other authors of a relatively new blog. Ingrid tells us that among her hardest challenges is deciding what to write in the blog. I'm pretty new to blogging [.] What kinds of questions do they have?

List to Learn, Learn to List

Kapp Notes

This month's ASTD Big Question is, again, a series of questions. Apparently one BIG question is not enough for the learning and development community. How are they different than undirected learning through work, blogging, conferences, etc.? For example, a knowledge worker may need to learn how to write a report more effectively but still may produce a report (work product) on time for the boss by working on the weekend.

eLearning Cyclops: A Priest, A Rabbi and an Instructional Designer.

eLearning Cyclops

The Learning Circuits Big Question is how do we address the "I want it now" demand from stakeholders. It is important to note that I am writing from the perspective of an e-learning designer in a corporate training department. If you do need to make big compromises, remember those same stakeholders that say they want it now may also be quick to come back at you with something like, "Your training was ineffective. Labels: Big Question , Big_Question , e-Learning , ISD.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Instructional Designer as Consultant?

Learning Visions

Consider this part two of my response to the Learning Circuits Big Question for February: Instructional Design - If, When and How Much? One oh-so-hopeful prediction: Instructional design programs will begin teaching instructional designers to write. Tom Kuhlman is certainly providing this expertise to the Articulate user community and beyond with his Rapid E-Learning Blog. Ive responded to this post on my blog ([link] 5:56 AM Cammy Bean said.

Learning Circuits - A Spam Blog?

Tony Karrer

Over the weekend, I heard from Dave Lee that the Learning Circuits Blog - home of the monthly big question - had been labelled a spam blog. Here is Dave's note taken for the side bar: I'm writing to you through the sidebar because Google has frozen LCB because they believe it is a spam blog. What's a spam blog? Here's Google's definition: As with many powerful tools, blogging services can be both used and abused.

Blogging - I'm Pushing Harder Now

Tony Karrer

For people reading my blog for a while, if you had been at my recent ASTD presentation on eLearning 2.0 - you would have heard a much stronger appeal for learning professionals to blog as compared to a gentler push that I was giving last fall. When I asked The Big Question for October: Should All Learning Professionals Be Blogging? and then posted some of my thoughts in Should All Learning Professionals be Blogging?

Common Questions and Some Thoughts Around Blogs and Blogging

Tony Karrer

I've had a brief blog conversation with Quintus Joubert - eLearning Blog: Blogs: Engaging the reader. It started when he questioned the blogs cited on Gabe's list of top 19 eLearning blogs as ( eLearning Blog: Top 19 eLearning blogs ). His post are good to look at as an example of some of the common questions that people new to the world of blogs have. Great question. Yes, blogs are disorganized.

Top Ten Reasons To Blog and Top Ten Not to Blog

Tony Karrer

Updates recent studies show additional reasons: Blogging and Social Networking Boosts Your Social Life. Blogging -- It's Good for You. The only consensus I found was that it's a loaded, ambiguous and actually pretty lamely worded question. I wonder who came up with such a lame question. Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Blog 10. What can you know about a professional who doesn't blog his or her work?

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): A Collection of Top Ten Lists / Predictions Posts (feel free to add your own!)

Mark Oehlert

Im a big collector of these.please feel free to add your own favorites in the comments section. The first stop MUST be the Learning Circuits Blog "Big Question" The top Enterprise Web 2.0 in 2008 (Dion Hinchcliffe) Highlight: Unstructured information from blogs and wikis will proliferate, driving demand for solutions to extract and consolidate business information.

Learning and Networking with a Blog (Deleted Scenes)

Tony Karrer

My article in Training + Development Magazine was just published - Learning and Networking with a Blog. So here are two associated pieces of content that are the article's "deleted scenes": Getting Started with Blogging Probably the first step in blogging is learning about blogging for yourself before you try to use it for your organization. ” You can find a somewhat tongue-in-cheek summary - Top Ten Reasons to Blog and Not to Blog.

Leading by Example

Experiencing eLearning

The Big Question. The Learning Circuits Big Question this month is about learning professionals, leadership, and literacies. Tony breaks it down as several questions, but the Learning Revolutionary summed all the questions up nicely: Should learning professionals be leading the charge around new work literacies such as social media and informal learning?

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): GDC Update 7: Collaborative Writing and Vast Narratives: Principles, Processes and Genteel Truculence

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « GDC Update 6: Game Studies Download 3.0 | Main | GDC Update 8: Ray Kurzweil Keynote » February 20, 2008 GDC Update 7: Collaborative Writing and Vast Narratives: Principles, Processes and Genteel Truculence Collaborative Writing and Vast Narratives: Principles, Processes and Genteel Truculence **are our e-learning training conferences this "clique-y" and I just cant see it?

What Tools Should We Learn?


by Kevin on June 7th, 2010 The Big Question at the Learning Circuit’s Blog for June is “What Tools Should We Learn?” How nice would it be to simply work with a SME and write the content into a storyboard and pass it on? Everything from project management, writing, voice recording, designing graphics, developing the eLearning interface, publishing to SCORM for use on an LMS, and finally course tracking and analysis through reporting. Follow and comment on blogs.

2017 eLearning Learning MVP Awards - Call for Nominations

Tony Karrer

While I've not been active blogging (is this really my first post since 2015?), the community of bloggers continues to thrive and anything that highlights the amazing content produced by the diverse blogging community is great. So instead of the usual top blogs getting the awards, I believe a more diverse set of blogs will be recognized. Of course, neither was LCB's Big Question - Should All Learning Professionals be Blogging?

What I Learned This Year

Experiencing eLearning

I’m going to squeak in at the last minute and answer the Learning Circuits Big Question for December 2008. This month’s Big Question asks us to reflect on our learning about learning in the last year. Even the skill of listening and watching while writing takes a while to manage too. Posted in Blogging, Lifelong Learning. Tags: cck08 learning circuits Clive Shepherd tcc08 Lifelong Learning liveblogging Blogging

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): " Visual Thinking, Imagery, and the Brain" (Eide Neurolearning Blog)

Mark Oehlert

Does it mean we could do without graphics if we could only write well enough to conjure the appropriate imagery in the learners mind? March 21, 2008 in Learning | Permalink Technorati Tags : imagery , learning , meaning TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference " Visual Thinking, Imagery, and the Brain" (Eide Neurolearning Blog) : Comments The comments to this entry are closed.

NuggetHead Summary of Learning Solutions 2010


Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter LearnNuggets Nuggets of Learning Stuff Home About Resources NuggetHead Summary of Learning Solutions 2010 by Kevin on April 7th, 2010 Better late than never, but I’ve been haggling over what to write about from my recent conference experience… I’ve been in this industry for quite some time, but only started attending conferences about 5-6 years ago. When I actually sat down to write, I changed my mind.

Stop Hunting, Start Demo-ing with Virtual Classroom LMS Platform


But the big question is, which virtual classroom LMS platform is right for your goals? And as your list narrows, you’ve come to the point where you are ready to reach out to your top contenders for the final stages of your big decision.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "So" - A Whole Article on So.Awesome.

Mark Oehlert

Seed story ) "While writing his book The New New Thing, Michael Lewis found "so" endemic to Silicon Valley. Belly laughs, guffaws and chuckles Blogging Books Catch Up Collaboration Conference News Cool Tools Copyright and Patent Gold & BS Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks Culture Current Affairs design e-Learning Resources e-Learning/e-Teaching eco EduPatents eLearning Guild Emerging Tech Errata Ethno/Anthro Film Firefox From the land of "I wonder."