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Why Pay Attention to Games?


Our challenge in the corporate learning and development arena is to seize opportunities in which we can find creative, innovative and cost-effective ways to leverage intrinsic motivators. To help learning and development practitioners in this endeavor, the first step is to continue to study how game designers creatively make participants learn, act, fail and repeat this process out of their own free will until they reach a predetermined goal. Games are masters at engaging us.

Are You Preparing Your New Hires to Succeed or Fail?


– “Yes, but it is about developing the individual.”. – “But isn’t the purpose of developing the individual so that s/he can improve his/her results and hence the results of the organization?”. Many of the content topics covered in new hire training are not centered around the question of what will help the new hires succeed. appeared first on Facilitador - e-learning, employee training, custom training, training consulting.