How to Boost ROI with the Right Type of Training Delivery

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L&D leaders are looking for ways to increase training effectiveness, streamline their learning programs and improve operational efficiency. Instructional design and the training delivery methods that are used significantly impact program effectiveness. Blended eLearning.

ROI 241

What are the benefits of Training Process Outsourcing?

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The most successful training outsourcing programs and companies utilize an outcomes-based approach to create highly effective strategies that support business goals. Blended eLearning programs have grown in popularity in the last year.


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The Learning and Forgetting Curve: How to Make eLearning Memorable


Think how we switch between the email page, the project management page, the social media page, the research article and the eLearning screen! Notice these key principles involved in the forgetting curve and how eLearning design can overcome them: The more meaningful the information is, the easier it is for humans to remember it. When designing eLearning materials, it is important to understand the background of the learner and their learning as well as performance needs.

The DevLearn eLearning Rockstar Stage Reveal

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Being an eLearning Rockstar is more than just having flashy design with a whiz-bang quiz at the end. It’s about having a 360° understanding of the principles, ideas, and practicalities for successful eLearning. Stop by the eLearning Rockstar stage—conveniently located near the eLearning Brothers booth—to learn new techniques, see new tools, and become an eLearning Rockstar. How playing games can boost the formation of new memories.

10 LMS features that you should in an eLearning platform


However, moving deeper into the concepts, we cannot rest on an eLearning platform capable of only teaching the stuff. An educational institute will hope to get a blended learning capability with features such as attendance tracking, certificate generation, and learning assessment. Just Google the phrase “LMS software” and you will see thousands of links to different products, services, and articles claiming to offer an eLearning platform or an LMS tool. What is LMS software?

PDA-based e-Learning

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Blended e-Learning Workshop 1. Preview this flash exercise and see how you can make your quizzes and tests go beyond the traditional question and answer format. In the Blended eLearning Workshop, you will have access to over 50 interactive learning games, exercises, simulation, and in-box activities. Topics this issue: 1. PDA Learning: Some Design Concerns 2. e-Learning Flash Interactive Game 3.

Top Posts from August - Augmented Reality - Social Learning

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So here are the top posts based on social signals via eLearning Learning for August 2010. 19 Tips for Effective Online Conferences - eLearning Technology , August 5, 2010 I was recently asked me about my recommendations for conducting effective online conferences (virtual conference). Using Graphics To Improve Learning - The eLearning Coach , August 4, 2010 What are you doing about the picture superiority effect? Format. How do I blend?