A Blended Compliance Approach [SLIDES & RECORDING]


The biggest challenges when it comes to compliance training is that it's sending more people asleep than not, as a result of compliance programmes not being positioned properly to support genuine change. So how can compliance be more engaging and make behavioural change with a blended learning approach? .

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6 Ways A Blended Learning LMS Redefines Instructor And Facilitator Roles In Compliance Online Training

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What’s the difference in blended learning trainers, and how do they affect compliance in this new capacity? Blended Learning Blended Learning Best Practices Blended Learning Solutions Compliance Training Free eLearning eBooksIn your typical training environment, the facilitator holds the reins and steers their charges. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Hitting the Refresh Button on Your Ethics & Compliance Training Program

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The role of ethics and compliance training in businesses is getting a lot of attention lately. Compliance laws are constantly emerging and evolving, making it a continuous challenge for learning teams to stay on top of the latest legislative initiatives and regulatory changes.

Blended Learning for Compliance Training Webinar [SLIDES & RECORDING]


Contrary to what some may think, compliance training is not the “enemy.” No, the problem we’re facing is the fact that so many organizations simply slap a bunch of bullets and boxes on a screen, force learners to sit through countless slides, and call it “training.” This makes for a very unpleasant experience that learners dread. And we don’t blame them.

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Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

project charter Whether you’re converting a curriculum from instructor- led to online, or building a new online or blended. Compliance, assessment, and/or. certification requirements: • Are there any compliance. Developing a. Results-Driven. Curriculum.

11 Solutions To Blended Learning Challenges Where Clients Get Stuck

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Are you stuck in the blended learning development or deployment process? Blended Learning Blended Learning Best Practices Blended Learning Solutions Compliance Training Subject Matter ExpertsYou’re not alone. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Getting Your Compliance Training Blend Right

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Your learning and development team has been tasked with designing an organization-wide global compliance training rollout. While e-learning is a great foundation, research has shown that using a blend of learning methods – both online and offline – is far more effective in delivering personalized and more relevant learning experiences. Most likely you will conclude that a blended approach is best to meet diverse cultural and demographic needs.

eBook: Blended Learning 2.0 – Adopting the Next Gen Blended Learning Model for the Digital Workplace

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My eBook, Blended Learning 2.0 – Adopting the Next Gen Blended Learning Model for the Digital Workplace , provides insights, tips, and strategies on Blended Learning 2.0 or the Blended 2.0 I introduce the Blended 2.0 Blended TrainingIntroduction.

Blended Learning: Why It Is Important To Mix It Up.


Want effective compliance training? Make sure you offer blended learning. compliance elearning Compliance OSHA training best practices

Blended Learning for Compliance Training in the Automobile Industry

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For years, US automotive firms imparted compliance training to their people only in classrooms. A blend of ILT and online learning formats helps impart the best training because it helps companies provide a high degree of flexibility to learners. How to use blended learning to impart compliance training to automobile workforce ? Here are a few tips to deliver effective training on compliance matters through a blend of learning formats.

Ethics vs Compliance –  Compliance-Based Ethics Programs

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The two main types of ethics programs revolve around either integrity or compliance. Compliance-Based Ethics Programs. When a company or business has a compliance-based program, they establish their rules of conduct, and there are penalties put in place for anyone who disobeys those rules. Employees adhere to the rules in order to avoid the repercussions which makes fear the driving factor for compliance-based ethical programs.

Best Compliance Training Ideas for BFSI Employees


While the structures and procedures differ for each player in the industry, the one thing common to all is compliance. This requires them to regularly conduct compliance training for employees on how to comply with these bodies. Related Read: 7 Solutions to Enhance Engagement in Your Compliance Training. Importance of compliance training for BFSI sector employees. Compliance risk is one of the biggest concerns of the banking and finance industry.

eLearning Software for Blended Learning

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This blog is the continuation for this series on the how’s and why’s of developing and delivering a good blended learning experience for the learner. This one looks at the second platform for the delivery of your blended course, the eLearning development software. When taken in context, the full suite of options now available from Articulate, lets a developer can construct an entire blended program with one product set.

Best Workplace Blended Learning Providers

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If you are building a corporate training program for your employees, you’ll want to explore all of the strategies and modalities available to you, including the ultimate of all worlds: Blended Learning Programs. Read More: Why You Should Consider A Blended Learning Program.

Benefits of compliance training

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Compliance courses have the potential to change the way your staff act more than any other type of training. Unfortunately compliance learning has a reputation for being dull and irrelevant with many of the people who are required to take it. Here we offer our best practices for compliance training and elearning so you can make sure your courses gain the positive reputation they deserve. Good compliance learning uses scenarios that bring the legislation to life.

Elements of Blended Learning Strategies

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Blended learning is a powerful approach to make training an inherent part of corporate culture. Today’s blended learning strategies focus on how to combine the various learning techniques to achieve the overall aim of knowledge building. Essentially, all blended learning strategies will have the following elements albeit in different proportions: Foundational Training.

Compliance Training. The Essentials In Fostering Employee Participation

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In this post, we discuss how to organise compliance e-learning and foster employee participation in employee compliance training. In many work environments, employee compliance training is an annual requirement. Wide in scope, compliance encompasses areas such as codes of conduct, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, gifts and benefits as well as the ubiquitous Health and Safety regulations. Topics for Employee Compliance Training. Financial compliance.

Creating a Blended Learning Solution for Effective Compliance Training

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Many organizations use the self-paced technology-enabled learning format to deliver compliance training. According to a report published by the E-learning Magazine , nearly 65% of training content delivered online is compliance related. And, according to a benchmark study conducted by Towards Maturity , 67% of companies say user engagement is the top barrier to adopting technology-enabled compliance training. Why do most online compliance courses fail to interest learners?

How to Offer CPE & Compliance Training Online


The difference between CPE & CPD Compliance. Both of those fall under the umbrella of compliance training, which refers to the process of educating employees on laws, regulations and company policies that apply to their day-to-day job responsibilities. ASIC Accreditation of online, distance, e-learning or blended institutions is a voluntary, nongovernmental process that gives recognition to institutions that meet established quality standards.

The changing face of compliance training

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Join Brightwave on December 5th at our central London Studio for a compliance event where we will workshop the modern approach to compliance training. We’re assembling an expert team to explore how we change compliance culture and we need to hear from YOU. Today’s smarter learning brands recognise that compliance needs to evolve from a policy comprehension activity to an integrated culture, behaviour change and leadership programme. Date. 5 DEC / 2018.

Blended Learning: Why It Is Important To Mix It Up.


Want effective compliance training? Make sure you offer blended learning. compliance elearning Compliance OSHA training best practices

Blended Learning: Why It Is Important To Mix It Up.


Want effective compliance training? Make sure you offer blended learning. compliance elearning Compliance OSHA training best practices

Resolving Industry Compliance Challenges


Reducing Costs, Risks and Improving Compliance. January 8, 2018 in Compliance, Costs. 3 Pillars of Improved Compliance. We talked extensively in the second half of last year about removing paper, removing Excel spreadsheets to track compliance and reducing both tangible and intangible costs. We emphasise these three elements, as we know that high costs related to compliance are abstruse, due to the complexity of regulatory requirements. Demonstrating Compliance.

Using an LMS to Support Blended Learning

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As the continuation for this series of blogs on the how’s and why’s of developing and delivering a good blended learning experience for the learner, we will now delve into the platforms that support the delivery. So far we have discussed what is blended learning, how to identify your audience and how to analyse and break down your course content across delivery modes. What functions can an LMS give us to support our blended program?

How to Offer CPE Credits & Compliance Training Online (2020 Guide)


Within a corporate setting, apart from having a specific set of skills to do the job, employees need to adhere to certain internal standards and policies of an organization or government, hence additional Compliance Training is required. So let us walk you through the various concepts and terms of professional and compliance training and help you identify opportunities for growing your business. Compliance training may cover a wide range of topics such as: Cybersecurity.

4 Reasons a Compliance Manager Changes Their Compliance Training Program

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Firms rely on compliance training providers to ensure that their employees understand the specific rules and requirements around compliance. Savvy compliance officers are always looking for ways to optimize their enterprise training programs. Companies are looking for the next big shake-up in compliance training, and they are seeking out e-learning providers that bring both innovation and expertise to the table. Blended Learning Custom Elearning eLearning Latest News

Easily Overcome Your Top Compliance Training Challenges

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. Compliance training is mandatory across nearly every industry; including healthcare, life sciences, banking, and hospitality to name but a few. Compliance-driven organizations are required to demonstrate not only that their employees are trained in the laws and regulations unique to their industries, but also that they’ve been trained on internal policies and procedures specific to their roles within the organization. Why transition your compliance training online?

Building a Compliance Training Brand

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How seriously does your organization take compliance? You will find the answer to that question by looking at your compliance training. Does your compliance training do more than check a box? If not, your organization must consider improving or even overhauling its compliance training. Managers and team leaders must be aware of employee conduct and misconduct to foster a culture of compliance. Engage different types of learners and get the blend right.

Blended Learning: Tips for Successful Clinical Trial Training

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While all of these are good options, blending these together can provide you the best option. . Blending learning combines live interactive training with self- paced on-demand training, which can include assessments or e xercises to reinforce learning objectives. This allows for increased adherence to compliance and the reduction of compliance-related queries. What is the best way to train study sites for a clinical trial? An onsite meeting?

Blended Learning: The Solution for your Boring Compliance Training

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Compliance training programs are infamous for their boring nature. But how can you deliver the content of a compliance training program, which deals with laws and regulatory norms, in an interesting manner? Combine different training methods to provide learners a blended learning experience. Before we proceed further, it is important to remember a successful compliance training program involves three important phases. Training Solutions Compliance Training

Podcast 13: High-Stakes Compliance Training Trends – With Bill Mastin of NetDimensions

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EPISODE 13 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: Compliance seems to be one of the most underrated topics in professional learning circles. Are technology vendors responding with better compliance training solutions? Today I explore this and other high-consequence compliance training trends with Bill Mastin , a learning systems expert who has been at the forefront of the industry for years. So what does a high-consequence compliance solution look like?

Compliance training: part 1 - culture.

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Next month Unicorn will be exhibiting at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum where I'll also be presenting a seminar focused on Compliance Learning. In my latest blog series, I am publishing some extracts from this as a Compliance Training Strategy for Beginners. Two things that don’t stay static – technology and regulatory compliance, so how do you keep up to date with both?

How to Use mLearning to Maximize the Impact of Your Blended Training

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However, Blended Training is being acknowledged as an optimal approach for online training – delivering benefits from both ILT and 100% self-directed training models. What Is Blended Learning? Blended Learning is a training approach that fuses a blend of two different learning approaches, that is, classroom training and online learning. Relevance of Blended Learning in the context of the current pandemic. What Role Does mLearning Play in Blended Learning?

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8 Criteria For Choosing An LMS For Corporate Compliance Training

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Whether you are searching for a new Learning Management System or looking to take your first steps into digital and blended workplace learning, there are a number of factors to consider. Corporate eLearning Compliance Training LMS Features LMS Selection User-Friendly LMSAs with any investment, it pays to shop around. But what is it you should really be looking for? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Simplifying your Compliance Training


Delivering compliance training with a learning management system can help take the pressure off your team. Blended Learning eLearning