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Tony Karrer

Formalizing and Investing in Informal Learning No Informal Learning and Blended Learning Mix - CLO Panel Surprises Action on Informal Learning - Leads to Great Questions Numbers and Informal Learning The Real Challenge around Informal Learning More on the Form of Informal The Paradox of Informal Learning (Form of Informal?) Informal Learning , Communities, Bottom-up vs. Top-Down The whole social / informal / elearning 2.0 The whole problem is Long Tail Learning.

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Long Live?

Tony Karrer

Just got through reading - Long Live Instructor-Led Learning - by Saul Carliner, who is a person I know, like and respect. He had me scratching my head about Long Live what? Long Live – is actually an important issue being raised through this discussion that I'll get to below… Let me start with the fact that Saul and his article made no attempt to directly engage with any of the "bloggers" who he so quickly lumps together and dismisses. Long Live? Long Live what?

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