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2010: mLearning Year in Review

mLearning Trends

Traditional "e"-learning vendors will all jump into the "m"-learning and social networking spaces with "first generation" offerings they believe will address the mobile requirements of their customers and prospects; these early efforts will prove largely ineffective as evidenced by their many iterative and incremental updates, retries and course corrections. Others vendors will quickly follow/respond. A.K.A. How our January 2010 Predictions Played Out!

Informal Learning – the other 80%

Jay Cross

Vendors don’t make money from informal learning. eLearning vendors look at another set of economics. First-generation eLearning had blending all wrong. The blending that counts is the mixture of generic and proprietary. The hunger for proprietary knowledge does not stop at the firewall. The eLearning Forum conducts a monthly educational meeting. Jay helped SmartForce position itself as “the eLearning Company.”