5 L&D considerations for returning to the workplace


Do teams need to be trained on new goals? Where can we implement a blended learning approach, and where can Instructor-Led Training be completely replaced by elearning? . If that is the case, there are endless opportunities to get ahead on other L&D projects, such as building toolkits, communication plans, 2021 training curriculum year, or getting a solid handle on reporting and metrics for your program. . It’s time to start planning our return to the workplace.

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Conducting post-training questionnaires and requesting testimonials will give an authentic voice to what the quantitative metrics are telling you. The advent of comprehensive blended and online learning programs means that integrated reporting programs are often built right into the platform. For example, we work with our Learning Centre that helps us track student performance and provides our HR manager with insights about each of our team members doing an online course. .

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Many of us are getting a crash course in remote work as we quickly get up to speed on teleconferencing, videoconferencing and the vast array of tools and hacks for virtual teams. Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 9AM – 10AM PT: Managing Virtual Workers Today With the nation-wide move to have employees work from home to limit social distancing in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, many managers are faced with virtually managing their employees for the first time.

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Bypass egos at work, improve productivity, and keep your teams ready for what’s next. The speaker will share an overview of the surprising ways that critical thinking plays a role in the success or failure of organizations, and will explain how the culture of learning, training architecture, and training itself can play a role in enhancing the critical thinking skills of your team. Designing learning programs that can scale by blending online learning with in-person services.

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The virtual classroom and blended learning were also less prevalent in reported practice than anticipated. If the new venture is organized and managed based on typical business metrics, it will be buried within a much larger operational unit. You want to make them feel part of your virtual team if at all possible.