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My History of Live Blogged Notes

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When I attend webinars or participate in online courses and conferences, I usually live blog my notes. That helps me remember what I attended and what I learned, and it lets me share that knowledge with others. Because I have done so much live blogging, I was able to provide proof of my ongoing professional development efforts. Microlearning. Personal Knowledge Management. Wikis and Blogs and Tags: Oh Why?

5 Effective Training Delivery Methods for Remote Teams

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The hybrid model is also cost-effective. Microlearning. One of the fastest-growing design and delivery methods in the world of corporate training today is microlearning. Microlearning is an effective training method for teams that both work remotely and in the office.


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Custom eLearning Development: 3 Modern Learning Trends That Will Drive Future Success

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This blog post will share the value each of these training methods brings and how you can leverage them. These programs typically begin by assessing the learner’s knowledge gaps and their role. Blog Custom eLearningCustom eLearning solutions have long been on the rise.

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Ray’s Top Blogs on Microlearning - Tip #163

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Here are Ray’s top blog-tips to jumpstart your 2018 Microlearning goals and forward steps. Expertise: Why the Odds are Stacked Against Novices - Tip #93 We all have some level of expertise knowledge. Breaking 10 Training Rules Using Microlearning - Tip #105 Rule-breaking is important and necessary to change things that have ceased to work. Moments of impact might be more valuable to Microlearning impacts.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

In a knowledge-sharing sense, user-generated videos put learners in the driving. voluntarily sharing knowledge on a daily basis, so offering them a simple way of doing. Peer-to-peer learning achieves this through credible, real-life knowledge sharing. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

4 Advanced Microlearning Strategies To Use In 2021

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Microlearning involves short, easily digestible learning nuggets that span between 3 to 6 minutes. Microlearning is not a new notion; it has been around for ages. Organizations are increasingly using microlearning for both formal and informal training. Video-Based Microlearning.

Institutional knowledge

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Institutional knowledge is the stored information of employees of a com­pany. At times it is referred to as organizational knowledge or institutional memory, somewhat akin to cultural capital, like the ‘collective hard drive’ of a company. Institutional knowledge benefits productivity.

4 Tips to Create Effective Microlearning

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You’ve probably heard the term “microlearning” tossed around in the eLearning sphere. Microlearning is a way of teaching by delivering information in small, bite-sized chunks. Here are 4 tips on how to create effective microlearning. Know your knowledge gaps.

How to Map Microlearning to Your Employee Training Lifecycle

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Microlearning is an effective method for developing employees and providing employee training at all levels within the organization. To maximize the benefit, your organization must think strategically about how to map the use of microlearning onto the employee training lifecycle. .

Microlearning for Effective Absorption, Retention, and Usage of Knowledge

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Check this blog to know how bite-sized learning modules help learners digest, retain, and apply information, delivered in online courses. Learning Technology microlearning

Why Millennials Love Microlearning


In the next 10 to 15 years, we’re going to have the greatest transfer of knowledge that’s ever taken place,” researcher Chip Espinoza told Bloomberg News. The key to doing that job effectively is microlearning , a method that uses small moments of learning to drive better job performance and development. Microlearning works the same way. Microlearning is the most effective way to learn on mobile. Microlearning makes it happen.

Improving Customer Experiences with Product Training

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This is where product knowledge training comes in. How do you develop product knowledge for your sales reps, directly impacting the quality of service they provide? Many effective product training programs for sales teams use life-like examples or scenario-based learning.

5 Microlearning Formats to Use in 2020 for Maximum Impact

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Microlearning has emerged as a great model to impart knowledge and concepts quickly. In this blog, I will discuss the five microlearning formats that we recommend for delivering high impact microlearning. In one of my previous articles, “ Make Your Microlearning Interventions Work To Achieve Your Training Goals ”, I mentioned that for microlearning to be truly microlearning, it needs to have the following features: It has to be a standalone piece of content.

Microlearning for product knowledge

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Product knowledge is essential for your sales teams. Whether it’s teams that are spread throughout the world across franchises or re-sellers or those distributed across one town, keeping staff up to date with product knowledge is essential. The constant change in staff or product means that quick and effective learning management is required to keep people up to date. The answer is microlearning. Microlearning for new products.

3 Key aspects of effective microlearning: How to do more with less


This is why microlearning – granted, with all its advantages and drawbacks – might be a good idea. 3 Key aspects of effective microlearning. Let’s see three steps that might help you implement an effective microlearning strategy: Start small.

5 Training Delivery Methods You Can Leverage to Engage Modern Learners

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If you are looking for a training delivery method that is both engaging and effective, look no further than mobile learning. In these cases, virtual instructor-led training programs can be highly effective. 5 Microlearning. This strategy is highly effective and engaging.

The 5 Top Blogs of 2016 on Mobile Learning

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Well, here are 5 useful blogs that will help you make good use of the learning format. This has made it necessary for companies to formulate an effective mobile, social learning strategy. The post – Mobile Technologies and Social Learning provides valuable insights into the use of mobile devices to facilitate effective collaborative learning. These portals act as repositories of knowledge from where courses and training materials can be sent out to learners.

Growing From Knowledge-Based to Performance-Driven Learning


A consistent observation I’ve made is that the majority of learning deployed to organizations is purely knowledge-based. In fact, many L&D professionals I’ve worked with report that 70% to 85% of the learning they provide their organizations is designed to only build knowledge. Most L&D professionals realize that learning focused on only knowledge-based outcomes will do little to measurably impact performance.

Creating a knowledge-sharing culture in your organization

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We learn, collaborate, and share knowledge every day as we use social media, search engines and wiki sites to discover how to do stuff. So, why not apply that way of learning to the workplace and create a learning and knowledge-sharing culture in your organization?

LearnTrends: Microlearning

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These are my live blogged notes from Janet Clarey’s LearnTrends session on Microlearning. Official description: Microlearning: Beyond Learning Objects and Just-in-time Performance Support. Microlearning – the learning that results from “micro” content published in short form and limited by the software and devices used to view it – offers alternatives to traditional development methods for workers who deal with web-based information as part of their job.

How to Develop Effective Microlearning

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Microlearning is a tool that provides the required information where and when such a need arises. Microlearning helps employees pursue learning at their own pace. But all this is possible only if the bite-sized microlearning content engages the learner and helps close the knowledge gaps required to complete a job task. Why microlearning? Microlearning has become popular owing to the ability of the employees to learn and immediately apply job-specific concepts.

Microlearning and Microtraining Techniques for Success


Then microlearning is here to save the day! Learn about microlearning and microtraining techniques for success to take your employee training to the next level. Microlearning Meaning. Think of these 5-minute videos as chunks of “micro knowledge.”. Why Microlearning?

4 ways microlearning can empower employees and drive training success


Microlearning reinforces critical knowledge in bite-sized chunks to increase retention. Microlearning is the hottest new trend in the learning and development industry. A recent webinar by Brandon Hall Group and Docebo (recording now available) details the power of these small knowledge bites. Below we’ll reveal some best practices for incorporating microlearning into your training program to improve performance across your enterprise. Docebo Blog ELEL

How to Use Employee Training to Increase Software Adoption Rates

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In this blog post we share tips and strategies you can use to leverage employee training to drive successful software adoption. There are three different ways you can develop a learning journey that will effectively guide employees through the stages of product adoption. Microlearning.

Knowledge Transfer

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Knowledge Transfer may conjure up mental images of 1960s Sci-Fi movies where a large lever is pulled by a cackling, maniacal villain and the consciousness of some malevolent being is transferred from a rubbery-looking monster to a screaming damsel trapped in an elaborate-yet-flimsy, cocoon-like pod [no? Here’s what you need to know about knowledge transfer with regards to the world of eLearning and microlearning plus how it can help your business. What is Knowledge Transfer?

Human Capital Transformation and Mobile Enabled Learning

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Mobile training programs often provide learning materials using a microlearning strategy where each piece of learning content can be completed in just minutes. Increased Training Effectiveness. Blog Human Capital Transformation

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Microlearning: 3 Uses

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In a recent recorded discussion, we talked with Michael Schreiner, the VP of Content at Vector Solutions (our parent company) about their recent, award-winning microlearning conversion & creation process. Introduction: What Is Microlearning? Is Microlearning New?

Microlearning, Mega Results

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The new buzzword in learning and development is microlearning. Microlearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, bite-sized chunks. How long should microlearning be? How long microlearning courses should be, varies from organization to organization. It found that the maximum amount of time a microlearning course should be is around 13 minutes, though they admit a more ideal amount of time is closer to 10 minutes.

Microlearning Case Study: Just-In-Time Information For Faster Learning

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An Informative Microlearning Case Study. A lot has been said of dwindling attention spans and the need for L&D Teams to have online training that can be short and effective. Microlearning is a delivery format that owes its wide acceptance not only to the fact that it addresses the attention span challenge but also to the increased adoption of mobile learning or mLearning. What Is Microlearning? Microlearning also provides a more dynamic training delivery approach.

Sales training & microlearning

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One thing to consider when choosing a sales training program is whether it incorporates microlearning. As one of the most effective forms of training, microlearning is learning that is put into short, focused lessons that usually take around five to ten minutes to complete.

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How widespread is microlearning?

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The face of teaching and learning has changed dramatically over the years, fueled by access to handheld devices, more sophisticated technologies, and research in effective learning techniques. Microlearning is one of the new phenomena disrupting conventional training and learning spheres.

How widespread is microlearning?

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The face of teaching and learning has changed dramatically over the years, fueled by access to handheld devices, more sophisticated technologies, and research in effective learning techniques. Microlearning is one of the new phenomena disrupting conventional training and learning spheres.

5 ways microlearning boosts training company effectiveness

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The good news is that microlearning can easily help make training more engaging, interactive, effective and even fun. In this article, Ed App’s Instructional Design team give you some quick tips on how microlearning can help a training company become more effective. 5 ways a training company can use microlearning to boost effectiveness. A training company can empower learning through embracing microlearning. Microlearning is more effective.

Insight Is the Smallest Form of Microlearning- Workshop Tip #220

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It is the juxtaposition of knowledge and bringing in one’s personal experience with the said knowledge. Knowledge: “I need to listen carefully to customers to learn what they want.” I’ve said these repeatedly in my previous blogs, videos, and workshops.

Two Good: Why Social Learning And Microlearning Make A Great Combination

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In this article, I will provide insights on why it makes sense to use social learning and microlearning in conjunction. Social Learning And Microlearning: A Great Combination. Let’s begin with a quick recap on the definitions of social learning and microlearning and then see why they are a powerful combination. What Is Microlearning? Microlearning is a short, focused learning nugget (often 3-5 mins long or shorter) that is designed to meet a specific learning outcome.

Have We Forgotten What Microlearning Means?


It’s time to set the record straight on one of the more malicious examples: microlearning. Microlearning: What is it good for? Microlearning was established to remedy the glut of information blasted at modern employees over multi-hour training sessions, which often resulted in them forgetting most of what was taught to them. As one of the early innovations in the corporate eLearning space, microlearning was one of the first victims of gross mishandling. Microlearning

Microlearning. By the numbers.

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That’s why many have turned to microlearning: learning in small, targeted bursts with achievable outcomes to increase the retention of information. . Microlearning has become somewhat of a buzzword in the eLearning industry. Is microlearning revolutionizing L&D?