GLD 4: Training and Coaching Methods

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Now that you’ve determined how to build your global leadership bench, you must make the determination of which coaching and training methods you’ll use-and begin the process of developing the program. Coaches and participants can keep track of each other via email or text, as well.

Coaching in your Learning and Development Program


The Role of Coaching in your Learning and Development Program. That is where coaching comes in. In College Football more than anywhere else, a coach can be the difference between five wins a season and obtaining an undefeated record. How can my organization utilize coaching?

Coaching to Learn; Learning to Coach

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Whether developing leadership skills, using the latest software, or operating a new machine, employees need a learning coach. Steve Roesler writes about the nature of this relationship in a recent blog post. Do you want employees to learn?

Executive coaching: How do we know it works?

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Executive coaching has quickly become a nearly two billion dollar industry. Many companies now rely on coaching for the development of their leaders. Having a coach, once perceived as an admission of failure, is now perceived as a normal part of managing large, complex organizations.

Online Coaching

Tony Karrer

Catherine Lombardozzi recent post Coaching informal learning sparked something for me around online coaching opportunities. In this post, she adds to the list that a "learning coach" is also needed: Many learners will benefit from having someone to coach them through identifying their learning needs, sorting out the options for learning and development, and processing what they learn when they follow any of the available paths for learning.

Changing the Game. Welcome Coach's Eye!

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Welcome the newest app to the TechSmith family, Coach's Eye ! What is Coach's Eye? It's an app that provides coaches, athletes and parents a way to capture, analyze and share athletic performance on video using their iPhone or iPod touch. Download Coach's Eye.

The eLearning Coach

Learning Visions

Connie Malamed's blog is one of my favorites. She writes thoughtful, well-researched articles on Instructional Design, using words like "cognition". She's also written a great book on Visual Design. If you're not reading The eLearning Coac h yet, please add it right now to your list

A Year of “The Performance Improvement Blog” in Review

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It’s time to do a little year-end reflecting on my blog posts from 2012. Throughout last year I used this blog to illuminate important leadership and management issues. Out of all of these blog posts I’ve selected five that seem to have had the most interest for readers.

Coach’s Eye + TEAMS: Every Practice, Every Game, Every Time

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Coach’s Eye + TEAMS is now available. Coach’s Eye + TEAMS is designed for coaches and athletes who need to collaborate through video. Pre-game, during the game, or post game, Coach’s Eye + TEAMS provides you with a full video solution. Coach’s Eye + PRO.

Practice Early and Coach the Details Later

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Then, let them dive into a scenario , perhaps allowing them to experience some trial and error, and then offer additional information in the form of post-practice coaching. If you wait to address it until after the scenario, you can now present it as a form of coaching and feedback. This eLearning blog is brought to you by Integrated Learning Services , an eLearning design & development company. By Shelley A. Gable.

Geeky Sports Fans - Win a Copy of Coach's Eye

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I've got some good news for other late shoppers like myself - bypass the long lines at the stores and win a copy of Coach's Eye for that geeky sports fan in your life! The Coach's Eye team has come up with a list of their top ten gifts for Geeky Sports Fans. Coach's Eye 800 273

Coach’s Eye video analysis app comes to Windows 8.1

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Coach’s Eye makes it easy to give instant, visual feedback on or off the field. Not only is Coach’s Eye being used by coaches, athletes , and Olympians …but by phys-ed teachers , marching bands , dancers and many others. A: Coach’s Eye for Windows 8.1

Being a Good Coach through eLearning Feedback

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I have a friend who plans to volunteer as an assistant coach for his son’s soccer team in the fall. He told me about some of the advice he found on the web about coaching, and I realized that much of what he learned can be applied to coaching in eLearning as well. Instead, we should write feedback for incorrect responses in a way that coaches the learner. Below are a few of the coaching nuggets he shared with me and how I apply them to eLearning. By Shelley A.

Will a Chatbot Be Your Next Learning Coach? – How AI can support talent development in your organization


Provide personalized conversation about new information, performance coaching or motivation on a 24-hour basis, without the need for a human coach. LearningToGo Blog

8 Years of Blogging

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I missed my anniversary by a few days, but I’ve now been blogging for 8 years. Story-Based Coaching and Mentoring Course. Image Credit: Graphic Stock Filed under: Blogging , Lifelong Learning

Visual Design Tips from the eLearning Coach


I had the great pleasure of interviewing Connie Malamed, the “eLearning Coach.” What 5 books or blogs have influenced you the most? Graphic Design Tips Instructional Design Tips Posts blog

Coach’s Eye Wins Award and Unleashes PRO and VIP Services for Android

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Coach’s Eye Wins Sports Technology Award. Coach’s Eye has been stiff-arming the competition and was recently awarded the Best Support Technology for Managers and Coaches award at the Sports Technology Awards show in London. Coach’s Eye Premium for Android.

Does Sales Coaching Work?


I have never been a fan of sales coaches. Yes, top performing people in any field need a coach. However, my belief is that it’s the sales manager’s job to coach sales people, and if that is the manager’s job, why is a sales coach needed?

Exciting Announcement: Coach’s Eye is now on Android!

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We are very excited to announce that the wait is over… Coach’s Eye is now available on Android! Download it in Google Play and discover all of your favorite Coach’s Eye functionality on your Andriod tablet or phone. What Android devices will Coach’s Eye run on?

Are You a Better Coach than a 3rd Grader?

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Lizzie asked if we could show him Coach’s Eye. I’ve been coaching soccer for 10+ years. ” 3) She has fun coaching and is nice. Take a look at a few snippets from her video below: Since life isn’t 100% about sports, we made both Coach’s Eye AND Ask3.




20 eLearning Blogs You Simply Have to Bookmark

eLearning Brothers

In our own, considered, humble opinion, we have an awesome blog that every eLearning professional should read. Here are a few blogs that you simply must bookmark and read on a consistent basis: 1. E-Learning 24/7 Blog. Social Learning Blog.

Self-service learning and the role of manager as coach

Connect Thinking

Last week I blogged about what’s required organisationally for self-service learning to become part of a deliberate learning strategy. Now, from the onset Id like to say that a learning strategy should include both the promotion of learning self-service and manager as coach.

Good Form Running At Vine Wine’d 5k Featuring Coach’s Eye

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GFR instructors from Striders will be using Coach’s Eye to give immediate video feedback, so that runners of all ages can improve their form quicker! Coach’s Eye will be on hand for runners to demo before and after the race. Come For The Run, Stay For The Fun!

Are You Using Coach’s Eye in the Workplace?

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If you’re familiar with TechSmith, you may already know about or use our product, Coach’s Eye. If you haven’t, Coach’s Eye is a mobile video analysis and sharing app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows devices. Many coaches and athletes are using the app to review athlete technique to help improve performance. Lately, we’ve been hearing awesome stories of people using Coach’s Eye in new, exciting ways—and we’d love to hear more!

The eLearning Coach » Blog Archive » User Interface Design For eLearning

The eLearning Coach

Post from: The eLearning Coach User Interface Design For eLearning – Updated. The computer user interface is that nebulous space where humans interact with the machine.

Chart-topping Tools for Supporting Sales Coaching

Training Industry

But, what about tools that support a coach? We looked at how companies support sales coaches, and found a few interesting parallels to the use of tools and technologies in the greater training environment. So, why not incorporate it into your sales coaching program?

Make Machines Your Sales Practice Servants


Rather than focusing on what machines can learn from us (or each other), sales coaches should look to how machines can enhance human learning. Asynchronous Sales Coaching. As a sales coach, you have two basic options for overcoming this resistance. Coaching & Feedback

Sales 52

[from catspyjamasnz] The eLearning Coach » Blog Archive » The Instructional Design Life

The eLearning Coach

Post from: The eLearning Coach The Instructional Design Life. Today I attended a kickoff meeting to design and build a course that teaches medical personnel about venous access devices (VADs) and how to prevent infections from their use.

Command-And-Control Leadership is Stifling Your Company

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Coaching Communication Employee Engagement Leadership Management Organization Culture . Most companies (and governments) today are managed in a command-and-control style of leadership that prevents them from becoming high performing, sustainable organizations.

Trains, coaches and ICL 2007

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I will try to blog from the conference as things unfold. Now, does anyone know where I can find a good diction coach? I'm off to the Interactive Computer Aided Learning ( ICL 2007 ) conference tomorrow morning. It's held at the Holiday Inn in Villach, Austria (pictured right).

Marshall Goldsmith Reviews Brain Matters Book by Margie Meacham


If you look at Brain Matters: How to help anyone learn anything using neuroscience on Amazon, you’ll soon see a new design on the back cover, thanks to a truly wonderful endorsement from my colleague and friend, #1 Coach, Marshall Goldsmith.

Brain 52

Top 47 eLearning & Workplace Learning Blogs

Upside Learning

We follow a whole lot of blog – most of them focused on the learning, workplace learning, eLearning, and learning technology domain. We have learnt a lot from these blogs and thank all those blog writers for their invaluable insights on various topics. Here is a list of top 47 blogs (in alphabetical order) that Upside Learning team follows. Bersin & Associates : Blogs. eLearning Blog // Don’t Waste Your Time…. eLearning Curve Blog.

Corporate University:Include Technology

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On the other hand, the population may be resistant to blogging or watching a training course via a synchronous web conference. For example, blogs, discussion threads, and social networks can be used as both before and after class exercises.

RSDR 5: Development 2

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Next, coaching and mentoring are also “crossroads” for HR and training. Keep in mind that coaching and mentoring are two separate components of both formal and informal development.

Best Practices for Blended Learning Design

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Darcy Luoma, Lead Instructor, UW–Madison Professional Life Coach Certificate Program. Aphra Mednick, Program Director, UW–Madison Professional Life Coach Certificate Program. You can find more details on the University of Wisconsin Professional Life Coaching Certificate Program here.

Managers and Employee Learning

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As I explained in a post on ASTD ''s Workforce Development Blog, four trends are increasing the importance of a manager''s role as faciliator of learning: Technology has contributed to a DIY environment for learning. Managers of employees have a critical role to play in employee learning.