Give a Taste: Let Prospects & Members Sample Online Education

WBT Systems

Instead, you let them sample online education so they can experience it for themselves. Your free sample will do the selling for you. Ask any wine or beer salesperson how many people walk away with a bottle of wine or a six-pack of craft beer after enjoying a few samples at a store tasting. By providing a sample of an online learning program, you reduce their perceived risk, eliminate the unknown, and increase the conversion rate. 4 types of sample e-learning programs.

Download Adobe Captivate Example Courses

eLearning Brothers

Looking for Captivate example courses to feed your creativity? So, where can you go to get Captivate example courses with source files to download? The Adobe Captivate blog is the place go. You can find the latest source files here: Captivate Example Courses.

Really Great eLearning Example

Adobe Captivate

One of the common questions I see here and get on my YouTube channel is “where can I see some samples of good eLearning to inspire me?” Occasionally I run across some really good examples and I thought if we all shared a sample of two we could all be inspired. It doesn’t matter if it was made with Adobe Captivate or not, but if you know of some good samples, please share. Here is her blog post where I first learned about this example.

Instructional Design by Example

Janet Clarey

I launched a new blog this week for showcasing e-learning examples. The plan is to provide a centralized location for examples of e-learning courses and details about the instructional design process used in creating them.

Examples of eLearning–Ten Great Resources

Tony Karrer

I was just asked for some examples of eLearning. I had collected up eLearning Examples a couple years ago, but thought it was worth going back to look for more. The following are some very good lists of widely varying examples of eLearning. Elearning samples eLearning Examples Examples of E-Learning Where are Examples of eLearning? Instead, most examples of eLearning actually fall outside of that realm.

6 Killer Examples Of Gamification In eLearning

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In this article, I will share 6 examples that outline how we have created immersive learning experiences using gamification for varied training needs like induction and onboarding, professional skills enhancement, compliance, soft skills enhancement, and behavioral change programs.

Blogging to Build Your Business

Experiencing eLearning

I recently gave a presentation to the Online Network of Independent Learning Professionals about blogging to build your business. This is specifically about what I have learned about blogging to build your reputation as a learning consultant over my 9+ years of blogging.

What Are The Benefits Of mLearning? Featuring 5 Killer Examples

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Additionally, I will share 5 examples that showcase successful application of mLearning. Let me illustrate how it can be used to provide enhanced learning experiences through my favorite 5 examples. mLearning Example 1. mLearning Example 2. mLearning Example 3.

4 Excellent Examples of E-learning Courses

CommLab India

In this blog, I would like to share 4 inspiring e-learning courses that’ll help you come up with good ideas to create memorable learning experiences. Check out this example of e-learning in action regarding genetic mutations.

Movie 52

5 Killer Microlearning Examples for Employee Training

Adobe Captivate

From this huge repository, I pick 5 killer examples that showcase Microlearning-based approach for employee training. This example features a Microlearning course with a story-based visual wrapper.

25 more real-world examples of Virtual Reality

E-Learning Provocateur

The inaugural #VRwolweek unearthed 20 real-world examples of the emerging technology, and the enduring popularity of that blog post tells me that we are hungry for more.

3 examples of making the most of data in learning


For the last few years, Big Data has been recognized as a valuable resource across many industries. The elearning industry has historically been interested in consumption data, like user completion rates and time spent in a course. However, our industry, like others, is expanding the role and use of data, especially data that is more readily available.

The Top 7 Microlearning Examples in Everyday Life


The Top 10 Microlearning Examples in Everyday Life. This is a follow up to one of our most popular blog posts, The Top 10 Gamification Examples in Everyday Life. Given that I am a marketer, one of my favorite Microlearning examples is Website design.

3 Engaging Samples of Gamified E-learning Developed in 2016

CommLab India

In an earlier blog, I had written about how using game elements in e-learning can greatly improve learner engagement. In this blog, we will highlight three gamified samples developed this year. eLearning Design game based learning gamified e-learning samples

Register for Webinar – Mastering Custom Quizzes with Adobe Captivate 2017

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Blog adobe captivate 10 Adobe Captivate 2017 adobe captivate 2017 training adobe captivate 2017 tutorial adobe captivate 2017 tutorials Adobe Captivate Examples adobe captivate samples adobe captivate training adobe captivate tutorial Adobe Captivate tutorials Adobe eLearning Captivate 10 captivate fluid boxes Captivate tutorial custom question slides custom quiz how to use adobe captivate Responsive DesignHey Gang, There will be no live stream the week of 26th.

Two ways to Build Interactive ‘Selector Bars’

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My last blog tutorial showed how to add a slider bar: [link]. As always the sample file can be downloaded here: selectorBars. In my example, I use ten. In the sample I have ten circles, so I added ten more ‘state’ slides – 11 in total. Overview.

Our Top Blog Posts for 2017


Gamification Examples: How to bring fun into business eLearning. These concrete examples will show you how fun and games facilitate change. If our blog kept you good company throughout the past 12 months, don’t forget to come back for another round.

2 Great Story-Based Learning Examples to Create Engaging eLearning

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In this blog, I share two story based learning examples on professional skills training. Example 1: Writing Effective Storyboards. Example 2: Content Types and Their Visualisation Approaches.

Random Animated Spinner

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For example, your design might include a point system, and every correct response the learner gets a change to spin a wheel to earn a random amount of points. This blog tutorial covers how to create your own animated spinner. Blog Sample Projects Tutorials blog JavaScript

Promoting Informal Learning at the Workplace—Featuring 5 Examples

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In this blog, I begin with the definition of formal and informal learning and outline the key differences between them. I wrap up with 5 informal learning examples that you can use. 5 Informal Learning Examples That Illustrate How Organizations Can Promote Informal Learning at the Workplace. Organizations can further facilitate informal learning in many ways, including using the following 5 informal learning examples that I am about to share.

3 Articulate Storyline E-learning Samples

CommLab India

In this blog, we will explore the features that have made this tool a favorite of developers and discuss some sample e-learning courses developed using the articulate storyline tool.

The MATRIX Blog turns 2!


It seems like yesterday when I wrote about celebrating the first year anniversary of the MATRIX Blog. The combined effort of the entire MATRIX team — and all our readers — made our blog climb even more in the mighty list of all e-learning blogs , settling in the first 7%.

Learning Technology Blogs: An Analyst’s Reading List

Talented Learning

When you need solid advice about learning strategy and technology, which blogs come to mind? If you’ve been ignoring LMS vendor blogs, it’s time to take a closer look. And I’m increasingly impressed by the quality of content in some LMS blogs.

Spice Up a Serious Blog by Making It Interactive


We all love reading good blogs and many of us enjoy writing them too. Raptivity team recently received a query from a prospect asking if he could use Raptivity to make his blog post interactive. I picked a blog by one of our Interactive Learning Thought Leaders, Desiree Pinder.

Learning Game Design: a Blog Series by Sharon Boller

Bottom-Line Performance

In early May we launched our Learning Game Design Blog on the Knowledge Guru website. The blog has become a great source of information for anyone interested in game based learning and gamification—thanks in large part to an incredibly in-depth blog series by Sharon Boller.

Games 224

New Blog

Tony Karrer

Ingrid O'Sullivan has a new blog and is the first person to take me up on my post 100 Conversation Topics which asks people to start a conversation with me and get aggregated into 100 conversations. Ingrid's post tells a bit of a story that is likely familiar to other authors of a relatively new blog. Ingrid tells us that among her hardest challenges is deciding what to write in the blog. I'm pretty new to blogging [.] noob's experience after 100-ish days of blogging.

5 Examples Of Gamification Strategies For Corporate Training

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Presenting examples that match 5 top corporate training needs, I will show you exactly how you can achieve this. Examples. I have picked 5 examples that match top 5 corporate training needs: Example 1: Compliance (Code Of Conduct And Business Ethics).

Our Top 10 Training & Development Blog Posts from 2015

Bottom-Line Performance

There are adult learning and instructional design blogs galore that sing the praises of the “next big thing” in the training and development space… whatever it happens to be on a given day. We strive to do more with our Bottom-Line Performance and Knowledge Guru blogs.

How to Convince Higher Ups That “Fun” eLearning Is Good Business

Bottom-Line Performance

Our eLearning Challenges blog series explores the common situations our clients face when deploying learning solutions. We use examples from real projects to help you uncover the best way to meet these challenges in your organization. Here are some examples: An illustrated example.

Creative Instructional Design: Featuring 3 Innovative Onboarding And Induction Examples

Adobe Captivate

3 Innovative Onboarding And Induction Examples Of Creative Instructional Design. In this article, I will outline sticky learning designs featuring the creative Instructional Design approaches through 3 examples. Featuring 5 Killer Examples where this example had appeared first.

Blog Discussion

Tony Karrer

Dave Ferguson just raised the issue of blog discussion that has come up before when I talk about Learning and Networking with a Blog. The issue he raises in Mandatory Blogging is: Here at your own blog, you often have extended discussions. Dave points out that given the 90-9-1 Rule he's not likely to get much dialog by creating a blog, posting and waiting for comments. I actually think Dave has a pretty good blog.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Online Portfolios

Learning Visions

Thursday, August 02, 2007 Online Portfolios Jennifer Madrell shows us a great example of an online portofolio , which she calls a "svelte and sparkly version of this blog - that is a requirement and capstone project at Indiana University." Your blog?

Don’t Just Tell, Show: the Value of Examples

Association eLearning

Examples get people’s attention and are also fantastic memory aids. If you reinforce the same key information with examples, it provides context and lets your members see why the content is important. You can use examples to answer this question by showing them why.

Add a Slide Bar to your Projects

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In my example I have created a textbox that will display the ‘slider’ variable. anytime the user moves the slider) If you want to follow my example, I use this function: function slideFunction() {. For example the.slider is set to have “border-radius: 10px” If you wanted the borders to be straight, you can erase this border-radius style, or set it to 0px. Blog Sample Projects Tutorials blog captivate_javascript Interactions Learning Interactions

Scenario example: Chainsaw training!

Making Change

The scenario is embedded in the blog post. If you’re reading this in email or a feed reader and don’t see a clickable interaction, go to the blog post to play it.). More scenario examples. What’s the best way to teach people to cut down a tree?

Blogging as conversation

Learning with e's

I began blogging because I needed a way to document what I was doing, thinking and studying. I could have simply used a paper based diary, but I decided when I first heard of blogging that it might fulfil the role of an e-diary for me. But blogging is different, because it is immediate.

Blog Learning

Tony Karrer

Something I (probably too often) talk about is learning via a blog. In other words, I'm learning via blog comments and blog posts by other bloggers - likely much more than anyone reading the blog itself. Blog learning! But one of the best kinds of examples comes out of discussions such as in the following: Life is an Open Book Test Life is Mostly an Open Book Test I originally posted a thought. It's not nearly that simple as the phone number example.