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I’m thrilled to be presenting at Training Magazine’s 2017 Conference and Expo January 30 – February 1. LearningToGo BlogHi Everyone, As our species developed, we were never the fastest or strongest, so we learned how to take care of each other and become hard-wired for social interaction. Psychologist Albert Banderra’s Social Learning Theory recognized that we learn best in a group or community setting.

EdCast Featured in May 2018 SiliconIndia Magazine


See the full SiliconIndia article here By Sujith Vasudevan EdCast Featured in May 2018 SiliconIndia Magazine The ‘Netflix’ of Knowledge & Learning Content Blockbuster night was a weekend tradition for most of the families in the U.S. The post EdCast Featured in May 2018 SiliconIndia Magazine appeared first on EdCast.

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Resources from Training Magazine Network Webinar

Kapp Notes

In this webinar, for Training Magazine Network , I discussed how Gamification should be thought of as a design sensibility and not merely a digital tool. Blog Posts of Interest.

eLearning Learning in Partnership with Training Magazine Network

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eLearning Learning and Training Magazine Network have partnered to bring together the extensive content from eLearning Learning and the community offerings from Training Magazine Network to form the largest eLearning site on the Web.

First Published in Elearning Magazine: Selling with the Brain in Mind


The full article is posted here, on the latest issue of eLearning Magazine. LearningToGo BlogWhy Neuroscience Should Be Changing the Way You Design Sales Training. For the past decade, advances in neuroscience have shed new light on how the brain learns.

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Training Magazine Network Now Bringing You eLearning Learning

Tony Karrer

We get to finally announce that eLearning Learning has partnered with Training Magazine Network. The bigger change is described by Ray Jimenez, CEO of Training Magazine Network, a fellow blogger and likely someone many of you know. I'm really excited today.

Technology Editor at Elearning! Magazine

Janet Clarey

I’ve been settling into a new way of work – busy collaborating with awesome folks like David Mallon at Bersin & Associates , doing some technology stuff in my community (our pool has a blog!), Magazine , part of the B2B Media Company. Magazine. Magazine.

20 eLearning Blogs You Simply Have to Bookmark

eLearning Brothers

In our own, considered, humble opinion, we have an awesome blog that every eLearning professional should read. Here are a few blogs that you simply must bookmark and read on a consistent basis: 1. E-Learning 24/7 Blog. Social Learning Blog.

Nine Information Alternatives to the Now Defunct Training Magazine

Kapp Notes

Unfortunately, Training Magazine is folding up shop on its web site, print magazine and conferences. Here are some magazine type places you can visit. Not to mention tons of blogs that regularly write about elearning, learning and technology. Magazine Provides articles, news and resources about elearning design, development and the industry. Learning Solutions Magazine This is published by the eLearning Guild.

EdCast Featured in the March Edition of Chief Learning Officer Magazine


EdCast Featured in the March Edition of Chief Learning Officer Magazine Everyone is hearing and reading a lot about AI these days. The post EdCast Featured in the March Edition of Chief Learning Officer Magazine appeared first on EdCast. At EdCast, we have embraced AI, Machine Learning and Natural Learning Processing (NLP) technologies in the development of our updated Knowledge Discovery and Knowledge Creation solutions. These will not only facilitate highly […].

Join me at eLearn Magazine!


I have recently taken on a new role as Editor in Chief of eLearn Magazine and hope you'll be a partner with me on this new journey. See the full text of my first blog post and writer's guidelines for more details Here is part of my welcome message: "I’m thrilled to be coming on board as Editor in Chief. We’ve worked hard to identify ways of keeping the best of the last 10 years while looking for new areas of focus and ideas for reaching a broader community of readers.

Death of Magazines - Broader Deeper Coverage

Tony Karrer

In particular, I say that since I've begun to shift my scanning behavior to blogs (scanning is how you stay up-to-speed on a topic) - my rapid fire skimming of blogs via a Skim Dive Skim approach has meant that magazines have mostly become pretty irrelevant to me. I will bring copies of magazines on a plane to flip through, but rarely do I read articles in any great depth. Learning and Networking With A Blog (T+D article) ) have to be somewhat of an overview.

It's Happening in the Learning Industry: Training Magazine and Web Site Shutting Down

Kapp Notes

Apparently, it is not just the newspaper business that is in trouble, the trade publication magazine business isn't so hot either. Training Magazine and the associated web site are being moth balled at the end of March. As a sometimes contributor to the TrainingDay blog , it is will be sad to see it closed as well.

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Online Video: the Perfect Social Learning Tool? | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Online Video: the Perfect Social Learning Tool? Here’s a quick primer on video as a learning tool from Learning Solutions Magazine. Blog this!

eLearn Magazine 2008 Predications are Out!

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Truly valuable content will be found as short videos on YouTube, entries on blogs, or a favorite page on a wiki, none will be housed in a Learning Management System. You can see a longer list of predictions I made for 2008 at 2008 Predictions, Remembrance and Challenges Also, there was a little more pressure than usual this year as Stephen Downes evaluated last years predictions in an interesting blog posting Last Year's eLearn Magazine Predictions.

Re-evaluating Evaluation | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

One of my discoveries was Jane Bozarth , who writes a monthly column called “Nuts and Bolts” in Learning Solutions Magazine. Blog this! Download the whitepaper » Blog this! Search the blog Popular Latest Comments Tags Web-Based, Instructor-Led, EPSS?

Balancing Personal and Organizational Blogging

David Kelly

I’ve been blogging for a number of years now. In addition to my personal blog, I’ve also written for other magazines and periodicals over the years, including the eLearning Guild Blog, TWIST. Organizational Blogging : These are posts I write for TWIST.

Training Magazine Case Study: How eLearningArt reduced training costs & increased revenue using ProProfs


Training Magazine, a reputed professional development magazine , recently featured a case study on how eLeanringArt created comprehensive employee training programs, using ProProfs, and improved product development as well as saved significant amounts of time and money.

Is the LMS Dead?

Web Courseworks

LMS moodle software strategic objects The Social Enterprise Blog Training Magazine Web CourseworksReflecting on this in Chicago October 24th! During the past few years, I have seen a lot of discussion about whether or not Learning Management Systems (LMS) are dead. Recently, cell phones and tablets and the strong use of social media has disrupted the concept/meaning of what an LMS is. Over the past ten years, [.].

#Gamification of Learning and Instruction: Blog Book Tour Recap

Kapp Notes

The blog book tour for The Gamification of Learning and Instruction has come to an end. There were other unscheduled stops, including an article in Mashable, Forbes and an upcoming piece in Delta’s Sky Magazine are all a result of interest the tour generated.

Why You Should Subscribe to Learning Solutions Magazine Today! by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Magazine

Content—text, video, images, audio, links, blogs, websites—is everything on the web, including eLearning. Learning Solutions Magazine is a free, organized island of useful professional. This mass of content contains much that is useful to you professionally (when you can find it), and much. that is frankly pretty sketchy. information in this sea, and you should subscribe to it! Here’s why. Emerging Topics Getting Started Management Professional Development Training Strategies

Anniversary edition: Top 10 posts of the MATRIX Blog


It is exactly November 10 th , and it’s the one year anniversary of the MATRIX Blog! The MATRIX Blog turns one! Precisely one year ago I published the very first blog post, obviously entitled “ MATRIX says hello! ”. Happy anniversary, MATRIX Blog!

When Remembering Really Matters: The Power of Serious Games for Learning (Free Webinar)

Knowledge Guru

Sharon Boller , President and Chief Product Officer, and Steven Boller , Marketing Director, are delivering a jam-packed session through Training Magazine Network where they demonstrate research-based strategies for retention—and how they relate to games. webinar training magazine

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E-Learning Uncovered | Blog

E-learning Uncovered

Follow Us on Twitter Sign Up For Our Mailing List Subscribe to the RSS Feed Contact Us E-Learning Uncovered E-Learning Uncovered Home Concept to Execution Articulate Lectora Other Topics Blog Custom Development Review of Snap!

Time Spent on Blogging

Tony Karrer

is how much time I spend on blog reading and writing and how anyone can work that into their already too busy life. Blog reading and writing as part of scanning has been a replacement of other activities that I used to do - reading magazines and books. Originally, I didn't plan to replace these activities as I considered the information from blogs to be quite different. The same feeling starts to happen when you read blogs and then go and read magazines.

The eLearning Guild Announce the Re-launch of Learning Solutions Magazine

The E-Learning Curve

The eLearning Guild Announce the Re-launch of Learning Solutions Magazine which has been re-launched in a new web-based format. The eLearning Guild Announce the Re-launch of Learning Solutions Magazine is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog.

Blog regularly, sleep easy

Clive on Learning

I have come to the realisation that blogging is a key strategy for coping with information anxiety - the stress you feel when trying to take advantage of what seems like a never-ending stream of interesting leads to follow-up online. In fact not just online, because TV, newspapers, books and magazines haven't gone away - the online stuff comes on top of all this. That's where blogging comes in. Blog regularly and expect to sleep easily. blogging

Gamification Blog Book Tour, Week Four Stops and Week Two Recap

Kapp Notes

The Gamification of Learning and Instruction blog book tour has been a lot of fun, with interesting comments and exciting dialogues and some in-person stops. During the week, there was a review of the book published at Learning Solutions Magazine. Next, the tour stopped by the Word of Mouth Blog , sponsored by Articulate.

The Democratization of Learning

Dashe & Thomson

If I want to learn the effectiveness of my online marketing efforts at a tactical level (Which blog posts have generated the most traffic? Terrence Wing of Learning Solutions Magazine writes about this idea in an article entitled App Fusion: Learner Analysis 2.0.


Gamification of Learning and Instruction Blog Book Tour Week One Recap

Kapp Notes

The first week of the blog book tour has ended and it has been a fantastic week with informative blog posts, information and opinions about gamification and even a bit of controversy. The week opened with a posting of the tour stops on the Learning Circuit’s Blog and the Kapp Notes blog and then introduced everyone to the Facebook page for the book and then the discussion really ramped up with Jane Bozarth talking about the how the book takes a common sense look at the subject.

Back in blog seat - it's getting lively out there.

Lars is Learning

It's been a while - 6 months in fact - since I last posted on this blog. I've also published a number of articles in printed journals/magazines and been remiss in posting up here due to the now confusing delay between writing. This is largely due to lots of activity in the day job and a preference for Twitter as a platform for comment and sharing of useful links etc. you can follow me on here).

How Performance Support Apps Are Faring In Today’s Workplaces


If you have been following us through our blogs, you would also be aware that we are in the process of developing: A Proximity-Based Learning App using Gimbal beacons that we received recently from Qualcomm.

Ryan Tracey – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


He is also an Editorial Board Member for eLearn Magazine , a moderator for #lrnchat , and the author of the E-Learning Provocateur blog. Learnnovators: We keep seeing instances where once successful blogs wither away for various reasons. However, you have been successfully building and maintaining an award-winning blog – “ E-Learning Provocateur ” over several years. What are the critical factors for sustaining a successful blog such as yours?

Learning in 3D Blog Book Store Starts Today

Kapp Notes

Today is the beginning of a 30+ stop blog book tour. During the Blog Book tour, I will be not be posting on Kapp Notes, instead, I will be posting on the blogs which are listed below. During the tour, the participating blogs will post interviews, stories, reactions, insights, related stories and even reviews of Learning in 3D. Also, if you leave a comment on every blog stop on the tour, you'll receive a Prize. With special guest blog this week by Jay Cross.

Informal Learning: Structuring a Blog

Kapp Notes

There is an interest question on the Learning Circuits blog that asks whether or not it is appropriate to write a book about informal learning. Informal learning tools like blogs still require formal structure and conventions or these informal tools will be utterly useless to learners within an organization or in an academic institution. Thus an article I co-wrote with the editor of eLearn Magazine Lisa Neal.

Key Steps to Preparing Great Synchronous Interactions

Experiencing eLearning

These are my live blogged notes from Karen Hyder’s webinar, Key Steps to Preparing Great Synchronous Interactions from the Training Magazine Network. Tags: e-Learning Karen Hyder synchronous e-learning Training Magazine Network

Advanced Technologies Needed to Foster Online Learning - Interview with Ryan Tracey


Today we are delighted to welcome to the JoomlaLMS blog an eLearning expert, author of E-Learning Provocateur blog and a former ELearning magazine editorial board member - Ryan Tracey. Blog articles