Elearning platforms meeting PENS standard makes online training easier


Having an LMS that meets the PENS standard is a one-click process, saving course authors time. Having an LMS that meets the Package Exchange Notification System ( PENS ) standard , coupled with an authoring tool, will save course authors time and ibuprofen. Before the PENS LMS , course authors would have to upload SCORM content to an elearning platform , using a tedious multistep process. In its next update, the Docebo LMS will support the PENS standard.

PENS 157

cmi5 and Expanded PENS Support in SCORM Engine 2017.1

Rustici Software

To that end, we’re happy to include cmi5 and expanded PENS support in our SCORM Engine 2017.1 The Package Exchange Notification System (PENS) is a great example of a feature that’s inspired by our customers. PENS is a specification that allows one-click publishing from an authoring tool to an LMS (you can learn more about how PENS works here ). In this release we’re moving forward with a plan to expand PENS support in SCORM Engine.


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Why I’m a pen-and-paper girl

Good To Great

I’m slightly late to the party, so you may have already seen the debate prompted by Craig Taylor’s recent blog post ; if not, take a look. Perhaps surprisingly for someone in my kind of role, I’m a pen-and-paper girl at heart: I love my Kindle but buy my very favourite books in paperback; I take great joy in browsing the beautiful stationery in Paperchase; and, yes, 99% of the time I take notes the old-fashioned way. Blogging Learning and training


Top 10 Personalized Gifts For Colleague


Stationery Items: Engraved metal pens, pencils, notepads, and diaries are examples of things that are essential to the proper operation of a professional environment. The post Top 10 Personalized Gifts For Colleague appeared first on Learn Loft Blog.

Blog Book Tour: #Gamification Fieldbook Part 1 Recap

Kapp Notes

So far the blog book tour for The Gamification of Learning and Instruction Fieldbook: Ideas into Practice is off to a good start. Tour Stop: Karl Kapp’s Blog Book Tour: Welcome to Game On! Tour Stop: Co-Author Rich Mesch of Performance Development Group penned a great stop with links to some truly insightful postings he as done in the past, you’ll see why he was such a great co-author.

Blog Book Tour Recap Week Six::Impressive

Kapp Notes

This week, the final week of the blog book tour, we had some impressive comments and thoughts about the book and the meaning of 3D in terms of learning and development. Recap of Blog Stops Day Twenty-Six Chris Brannigan at Thinking Worlds blog wrote a post titled Learning in 3D - walking the walk #lrn3d. Day Twenty-Nine 02/18/10 Robyn DeFelice of DishingDesign wrote a post Hosted Event: Learning in 3D Blog Book Tour.

How to Create Profitable Online Courses and Membership Sites Even After Failures Along the Way with Pete McPherson from Do You Even Blog


Learn how to create profitable online courses and membership sites even after failures along the way with Pete McPherson from Do You Even Blog in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett from LifterLMS. Check that out at the Do You Even Blog podcast.

Unicorn Client Day - LIVE BLOG

Unicorn Training

SJ demoed how quick and easy it is to rebrand a template with one tick - including changing the company branding on a graphical pen. Anyone that hasn't been able to make it along we will be live blogging throughout the Client Day, with detailed notes from the talks and breakout sessions, as well as collecting thoughts and queries on Twitter via the #unicorn hashtag. Mark Jones is bringing the day to a close. Everyone being encouraged to download the YUDU Unicornucopia App?

Brain Rules for Learning: Who Knew? We All Did. | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Brain Rules for Learning: Who Knew? I’m sure you have had the experience of having to remember a phone number for the minute or two it took you to find a pen and paper. Most likely not, though it might depend on how many times you repeated that number in your head the day before while looking for a pen. Blog this! Download the whitepaper » Blog this!

Brain 141

Open Source and Free: Mobile Learning Tools, M-Learning Systems, SCORM

eLearning 24-7

Below is a list of various open source and free tools including: m-learning, testing web pages in browsers, mobile learning systems, SCORM and the lame PENS (IMO). What I did not include in this blog posting. PENS Testing Resources - for those who are interested in this interoperability standard created by the folks from AICC, back in 05. Tags: E-Learn Info Open Source PENS SCORM Uncategorized e-learning elearning m-learning mobile learning

Open Source and Free: Mobile Learning Tools, M-Learning Systems, SCORM

eLearning 24-7

Below is a list of various open source and free tools including: m-learning, testing web pages in browsers, mobile learning systems, SCORM and the lame PENS (IMO). What I did not include in this blog posting. PENS Testing Resources - for those who are interested in this interoperability standard created by the folks from AICC, back in 05. Uncategorized e-learning elearning Open Source SCORM m-learning mobile learning PENS E-Learn Info

Rapid Content Authoring Tools Directory

eLearning 24-7

Directory does NOT include any free authoring tools, since those are available elsewhere on this blog. Identifies SCORM version/edition (may be multiple), AICC (if applicable) or PENS (if applicable): PENS was created by AICC in 2005, but a few vendors are starting to utilize it this year. “Product Review&# – the product is being reviewed by me (E-Learning 24/7) and the review will be posted on this blog, it will identify month of review.

A 5-Step Guide to Create an Employee Onboarding Plan

Infopro Learning

Company merchandises like stickers, pens or anything with the company logo on it. Blog Employee Onboarding HR Transformation Onboarding PlanIf you are looking to improve your employee retention rates, implementing an effective onboarding plan might be the answer you’re looking for. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3 million Americans quit their jobs every month (1).

Guide 285

Tackling Challenges of Blended Learning

WizIQ Education & Technology

“We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.” – David. Visit The WizIQ Blog for full content and links. This is a short summary of this post. Education & Technology Online Education Teaching Online Teaching Trends and Best Practices benefits of blended learning Blended Learning blended learning challenges

The Secret to Creating Your Own PowerPoint Templates for E-Learning - The Rapid eLearning Blog

Rapid eLearning

The Rapid Elearning Blog. Here are three templates that I created for this blog post. Perhaps they’ll find their way onto the blog. Your blog and website has provided the motivation I need to contribute some materials at some later date. I’m here to say that I appreciate your blog. The tabletPC is just like using a mouse only I use a pen. Instead of seeing mouse movements in my movie capture, you saw my note writing via the pen and tabletPC.

Is the Learning Tech Industry Failing Us or Are We Failing Ourselves?


They don’t know how to use a pen knife to sharpen a pencil. Pen and ink will never replace the pencil. Students today depend upon these expensive fountain pens. They can no longer write with a straight pen and nib (not to mention sharpening their own quills). – Ball point pens will be the ruin of education in our country. LearningToGo Blog education Learning LMS social teaching technology training Video

PENS 100

10 Reasons to Join The eLearning Guild

Web Courseworks

The eLearning Guild pens a newsletter called Learning Solutions Magazine , the industry’s oldest and most trusted source of practical information on enterprise-wide learning. Managing eLearning Blog association DevLearn elearning elearning guild learning and development professional developmentI remember the days when Web Courseworks’ customers did not have online course instructional developers or designers and LMS administrators on staff.

New to Docebo LMS: 9 ways to supercharge your online training platform


PENS Support: With the addition of our Lectora integration, we also added support for the PENS elearning standard. Read our blog to see how PENS makes the content author’s life easier with streamlined content publishing. 9 New ways to supercharge your online training platform with Docebo 6.9. Our team is thrilled to announce that we’ve begun rolling out Docebo 6.9, the latest version of the online training platform and our biggest update ever. Docebo 6.9

Docebo 145

Does Online Training Work?


Online courses help trainees understand, retain, and remember the learning content better than taking notes with pen and paper. appeared first on Coggno Blog. In recent years, online learning has been on the rise.

The ROI Disease is Killing L&D

eLearning Alchemy

Poke yourself in the eye with a pen, start bleeding profusely, and get taken to emergency to avoid the question; B.) So, if you don’t want to poke yourself in an eye with a pen and bleed profusely, just to avoid the ROI question: define at the start of a project if ROI is the right measure and if not figure out what is. Length: 1032 words. Reading Time: ~ 5 minutes.

ROI 100

Build a simple escape room for learning

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

In this blog I'll focus on simple escape rooms. If necessary, you can come up with something with well-known tools (eg a Microsoft Teams session) and pen and paper. You can also opt for simple tools, such as using pen and paper. Is it Catalonia or Spain? Oh yes Spain!

PENS 136

New L&D Etiquette Guide: Sir Lennington’s Handbook of Manners


He has carved off a slice of his very precious time to pen to you this letter: Dear Reader of the SAP Litmos Blog, By the very nature of your interest in this fine blog, I applaud your inherent sense of taste and your clear intellectual esteem.

SAP 78

The e-Learning Holiday Gift Guide


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – This smartphone comes with an S Pen, which is more accurate (and more fun) than a stylus pen. For more e-Learning tips, how-to lessons and fun posts like this one, subscribe to the Lectora e-Learning Blog. Wondering what to get your e-Learning developer coworker for the holidays? Or maybe you have a friend or family member who’s always creating awesome online training courses that are engaging.

Never go to a conference without …

Technology Enhanced Learning Blog

I have a couple of battery packs; a small pen-sized Anker one that’s good for a single full charge of my phone, and a second larger battery pack that’s good for a couple of charges for a phone, and can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Five Free Gamification Ideas: Motivate your employees the old-fashioned way


All these classic games require is a pen, paper and some sticky tape, yet they are bound to make performance better. Gamification Basics Popular Blog Posts: employee engagement enterprise gamification gamification workforce optimizationFive Free Gamification Ideas: Motivate your employees the old-fashioned way. As we’ve mentioned in several previous posts, gamification is a powerful tool that enables you to motivate your workforce to go from good to great.

Freebie Friday: Storyboard Template


I actually start with pen and paper to create very simplistic storyboards. Blog Free Downloads Instructional DesignWhen was the last time you made a storyboard? I love making storyboards because they align perfectly with my level of drawing skills—arrows and stick figures! Our Community Manager and resident instructional design guru, Jennifer Valley, says, “I try to storyboard everything I do.

How to Create a Storyboard for eLearning Content


A simple piece of paper and a pen also does the trick. . Blog Course Content How ToCreating basic learning content is a challenging task. And, when you decide to add more sophisticated media, like videos and graphics, the content building process becomes even more complicated. To make life easier, we love to use storyboards. . Simple to develop, it’s a tool that helps you plan every element of your eLearning media in a visual way.

What I Learned from Dyslexia


Keep that pen and paper handy any time you are reading or taking a course. LearningToGo BlogIf I had been born a little bit later, I might actually be a neuroscientist instead of a learning consultant. But as Neil deGrasse Tyson has often pointed out , bright girls in the 1960s and 1970s were primarily encouraged to become nurses or teachers. I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to blood, so I believed from the age of 12 that I would become a teacher.

Using Social Networking in Education


who have internet access use social networking technologies for blogging, chatting, online communities and more. Online pen pal programs. Requiring students to write blog responses to course content. Most people would probably assume that today social networking and education are now pretty interrelated. Social networking platforms are part of mainstream culture. As such, it just makes sense for education programs to adopt them as well another tool for teaching.

How to Blend Education and Social Technologies


In the United States, it is reported that 96% of students with internet access use social networking technologies (chatting, texting, blogging, or visiting online communities), with nearly 30% of students indicating that they have their own blog. Have students participate in online pen pal or other international programs. Have students and/or instructor-run blogs. One thing is certain, social networks are here and will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

An illustrated guide to illustrating elearning

Saffron Interactive

There are so many ways to create illustration; I’ve used pen and pencils, as well as the more modern approaches involving digitally merging photos and drawings. When you first looked at this blog post, I’m sure your eye was drawn to the illustrations rather than the text itself. Blog e-Learning Top tip Who doesn’t like cartoons? Illustrations are designed to break up large amounts of text, introducing fun and laughter into the process.

Guide 84

Virtual Onboarding: How To Do It Right


Finally, you can gift your new employees a “Welcome Kit,” company-branded elements (such as cup, notebook, pen, badge, laptop sleeve, etc.) The post Virtual Onboarding: How To Do It Right appeared first on Paradiso eLearning Blog. Introduction.

10 Reasons to Attend the 2016 Lectora User Conference


Last year we gave away two iPads and a Livescribe pen! Blog LUCThinking about registering for the LUC 2016 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, this May? Here are 10 reasons we think you should. Engaging breakout sessions with real-world case studies. Presenters from the American Red Cross, United Airlines, the Centers for Disease Control, and more.

Learning Thursday #13: Packing List for the Traveling Trainer

Adobe Captivate

Learning Thursday is a blog series that features a new L&D article every other week along with discussion points. Pens or markers. Connect with the author on Twitter or LinkedIn , and follow me on Adobe’s eLearning blog. Blog Events Uncategorized conference event Instructor Instructor-led training packing list presentation training travelRead and then share your own ideas by commenting below! Check out the last Learning Thursday here.

10 Books from My Reading List

ID Reflections

I have spent the last couple of months reading--reading and reflecting, scribbling random ideas in my tattered moleskine but not really blogging. I am profoundly grateful to the authors for penning these.for opening up doors and windows for the likes of us. My thoughts felt more scattered than usual.and I wondered if it had to do with the books I was reading.

PENS 124

How to Create Awesome Organisational Change – The Book

Growth Engineering

I’m excited about the adventure ahead, but actually putting pen to paper and writing that book is a mammoth task (If I don’t make it, at least I will have tested the writing-goals-down theory!). This weekly blog will be where I share my highs, lows and progress towards becoming a bonafide author. As I blot my pen (or more realistically, power up my laptop) I consider the journey ahead.

Adobe Captivate 2019 release

Adobe Captivate

For example, you might see appliance repair persons, telecom installers and various others using laptops for managing what was traditionally done with pen, paper and clipboards. Fluid Boxes – Adobe is Listening! When Fluid Boxes were launched in Captivate 2017 Release, I was pleased with this approach to responsive design. However, I felt like some aspects needed improvement. For me, the main thing was resizing of Fluid Boxes.

Top 10 onboarding kit ideas

Ed App

Onboarding kit idea #6 – Pens and Notepad. Another good idea for an onboarding kit is to include a nice notepad as well as pens. Rather than typical ballpoint pens, you can make a better impression with something like a fountain pen. Why Use Onboarding Kits?

Ideas 65

How to create an online course in 5 easy steps


We recommend that if you are in the stage of creating you, or will be in the near future, you have a pen and paper ready (or a simple LMS platform ). Blog Create an online course Create online learning Wyzed LMSCreating content can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Originally posted to: [link]. Everyone knows that creating any type of content can be daunting. And of course, even more so for those dipping their toes in for the first time.

How to create an online course in 5 easy steps


We recommend that if you are in the stage of creating you, or will be in the near future, you have a pen and paper ready (or a simple LMS platform ). Blog Create an online course Create online learning Wyzed LMSCreating content can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Everyone knows that creating any type of content can be daunting. And of course, even more so for those dipping their toes in for the first time. But have no fear, because it doesn’t need to be this way.