Learning and Performance Ecosystems

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Pushing courses out is one thing, having an effective learning and performance ecosystem is another matter entirely. The Difference Between L&D and a Learning and Performance Ecosystem. Components of a Learning and Performance Ecosystem.

3 Reasons Performance Support Is Vital

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It’s time to take a moment and give performance support its due. But first, what is performance support? Performance support can take many forms, but in essence, it is task-specific guidance, support, or resources delivered at the moment of need.

Performance Management at Deloitte

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Kudos to Deloitte for making a concerted effort to develop a fair, efficient, and useful performance management system for its 65,000 employees. They write: This is where we are today: We’ve defined three objectives at the root of performance management—to recognize, see, and fuel performance.

INFOGRAPHIC: High Performance Learning Ecosystems


I’ve previously written about the need to design learning & high performance ecosystems here , and have been reflecting on some common ingredients for effective ones. I’ve captured some of these in the infographic below: 5 Ingredients of HIGH PERFORMANCE ECOSYSTEM : COMPANY CULTURE.


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Because we want them to perform better at work. An employee figures out a new way to solve a problem or perform a task. These moments of need provide an easy to follow framework to deliver performance support or just-in-time learning to your employees.

Riding the Social Wave Pt 2: The benefits of collaboration in performance management


Blogosphere Welcome to PDG Blog: Performance, Punctuated

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Check out the newly launched PDG Blog: Performance, Punctuated.

Performance Support Goes to the Oscars

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Thus, mobile performance support is particularly valuable for a fast-paced industry like retail, where products and fashion change with the seasons, and where store employee turnover can be as high as 67%, according to a 2012 Hay Group report.

What Is Performance All About?

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Efficiency and performance go hand in hand. How do large companies create awareness in an engaged way that will give the new hire an easy way to tune into the performance culture of the organization? Ready to learn how the ‘Insights’ feature is useful in Performance Development (PD)?

Growing From Knowledge-Based to Performance-Driven Learning


Most L&D professionals realize that learning focused on only knowledge-based outcomes will do little to measurably impact performance. The compromise becomes “well let’s at least get the knowledge in their heads and hope that impacts performance.”

Annual Performance Reviews Don’t Work

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This week, I explore why annual performance reviews don’t work and what you can do about it! . It’s worse, it’s the annual performance review. The words ‘performance review’ or ‘appraisal’ are can be anxiety-inducing stuff. Why Do Companies Use Annual Performance Reviews?

How Learning Technology Can Improve Performance Appraisals

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Join me to discover how technology can transform your annual performance appraisal into a powerful development tool! A whopping 98% of people think that annual performance appraisals are unnecessary. It’s clear, the annual performance review isn’t performing!

5 Reasons to Use Mobile Learning for Performance Support

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Now isn’t this reason enough to bank on mobile devices to impart performance support? If you are still not convinced, read further to know why mLearning is best suited for performance support. Then Subscribe to this Blog ! .

70:20:10: Drive performance by enacting change in your learning culture


Fortunately, technology is enabling a shift from L&D to performance management. The pace at which the business environment moves today means companies can’t afford not to take advantage of these types of performance improvements.

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Aaron Silvers Adventures in Corporate Education aLearning Allison Rossett Assets B Online Learning Blogger in Middle-earth Bottom-Line Performance Bozarthzone brave new org Brian Dusablon Challenge to Learn Clark [.]. Corporate Learning Education elearning instructional design Learning Learning Blogs Learning TechnologyHere’s my daily reading list from which I pick and chose every day. The represent the best minds in the area of learning and learning technology. Enjoy!

A Year of “The Performance Improvement Blog” in Review

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Throughout 2011, I used this blog to shed some light on critical leadership and management issues. Out of all of these blog posts I’ve selected five that seem to have had the most interest for readers. Performance Management is Broken - What is intended to pass for performance management in too many organizations today is the annual compulsory performance review. This blog post lists twenty tell-tale signs of disengagement. It’s that time of year again.

MOOCs and Performance Support

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A combination of knowledge transfer and performance support. Performance support is just-in-time learning that puts the knowledge employees need in their hands exactly at the moment they need it—not before (when they are unlikely to remember it), not after (when it is no longer useful), but right then and there. Effective performance support is embedded (i.e., These resources, especially task-specific tutorials, can be used later as performance support.

Power partner channel performance with a healthy training plan


Powering Partner Performance through Channel Training” explains how, with the right tools and strategies, you can provide solutions for the many challenges faced by partner channels and ensure your network is properly trained and motivated to succeed.

How Performance Support Apps Are Faring In Today’s Workplaces


THE QUOTE: “ The incredible expansion of mobile technologies is an important factor that will both drive and support the deployment of workplace learning tools and systems in the area of performance support.” – Charles Jennings (Managing Director, Duntroon Associates, and Founder, 70:20:10 Forum ).

Optimize Your Performance Management Process with These 5 Steps


Employee performance management and improvement is an increasingly popular topic in today’s workplace. What makes the difference between these two extreme scenarios, and more middle-of-the-road ones, is often something less obvious: the employee performance management process.

Why you can’t afford to ignore performance support tools in learning

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The post Why you can’t afford to ignore performance support tools in learning appeared first on Saffron Interactive. Blended learning Blog eLearning Performance supportThe expectation amongst modern employees is that work equals learning.

Falling Prey Of Low Employee Performance? 4 Signs Your Organization Need A Training Program!

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If an employer neglects this important aspect of training a workforce, they might soon find themselves in a very difficult situation that might affect the performance of their employees. They would thus be unable to adequately train a new recruit to perform the job efficiently.

Musings on my performance appraisal

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The post Musings on my performance appraisal appeared first on Saffron Interactive. Blog eLearningOK, so it wasn’t so much mine but more ours. I sat down recently to review Saffron’s achievements with our independent accreditor and it was two hours of reflection on.

Performance Improvement: Is More Training the Solution?

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For a business to maintain its edge, all players in an organization need to perform their jobs at optimum levels. When things aren’t going well, management often looks to the training team to boost employee job performance and correct the problem.

Performance Based eLearning


If there is one thing that fails an eLearning course, it’s the capability to differentiate performance of its learners from pre-course to post-course. Measuring performance is an essential tool to determine if the eLearning course has been effective. Tips eLearning performance

Are You a Performance Consultant?

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We have been placed into a box that can be a real challenge to get out of, especially when it comes to moving into more of a performance consulting type of role. So…what is Performance Consulting, anyway? Here is an illustration to help clarify the concept of performance consulting. Training clients can tend to do the same thing – they jump to the solution (“training”) without investigating the various other factors that might be impacting the expected performance.

The Ultimate Brain Food: Performance Support | Social Learning Blog

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I like to imagine performance support as an Exobrain … (and, of course, that I am one of the smart people in learning … guess I will have to ask Simon about that.) Blog this! Download the whitepaper » Blog this! Download the whitepaper » Blog this!

How Medicare Payment Changes Will Drive Performance Improvement

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Importantly for our purposes at Managing eLearning, these changes directly tie reimbursement to performance, and even to participation in performance improvement activities—that is, learning. Payment adjustments under MIPS will be based on performance.

Change 158

121 Blogs About Learning


Aaron Silvers Adventures in Corporate Education aLearning Allison Rossett Assets B Online Learning Blogger in Middle-earth Bottom-Line Performance Bozarthzone brave new org Brian Dusablon Challenge to Learn Clark [.]. Learning Education elearning instructional design Corporate Learning Learning Technology Learning BlogsHere’s my daily reading list from which I pick and chose every day. The represent the best minds in the area of learning and learning technology. Enjoy!

Blended Learning and Mobile Performance Support: Ahead of the Curve

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But just because the phrase is overused in blog posts like this one, doesn’t mean it’s not a real problem many people still aren’t addressing. Finally, the performance support mobile app includes a list of features and benefits the learners can go back to for a refresher.

Digitize Instructor-Led Training Sessions To Increase Employee Engagement And Performance

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They can define the learning path and integrate all job aids required for training acquisition and eventually its application on the job (thereby establishing a performance gain that businesses want to see). Enables an easy way to integrate Performance Support at work.

Staff assessment: How to improve work performance


In many companies it’s customary to conduct staff assessments on a regular basis to evaluate the skills and performance of their employees. The post Staff assessment: How to improve work performance appeared first on GoConqr.

How Employee Performance determines the Success of Your Training Program


Employee performance reviews are one of the best ways for an employer to show their appreciation for their staff. The evaluation process usually involves both the manager and staff in scrutinizing and justifying employee performance metrics together.

Can You Perform Without a Performance Ecosystem?


But without the expert knowledge needed to build a learning and performance ecosystem, will your organization still perform well? A good learning and performance ecosystem is built on: Talent management. Performance support. he asks on his blog, Learnlets.

Front-End Analysis: Backward Analysis and the Performance Gap

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Don Clark, on his Big Dog, Little Dog: Performance Justification blog post “Analysis” says that the Japanese approach to performance improvement is to ask “why” five times when confronted with a problem or a desire to improve a part of an organization.

Videos for Mobile Learning and Performance Support

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Check out this blog to know why videos are best suited for performance support and mLearning. One of the best advantage of videos is that they are mobile friendly. Accessibility of videos on mobile phones proves to be extremely useful for remote workforce.

Bridge the Gap between Training and Performance – What really happened at United


In other words there was a massive gap between the traditional training that personnel received and actual performance on the job. In my next blog post, I’ll get into the details behind why this performance gap exists at United and likely does at your company as well.