More on Re-evaluating Evaluation – Jack Phillips and ROI

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I have been blogging a lot about Training Evaluation this year—mostly Kirkpatrick , but also Brinkerhoff and Scriven. I just realized that I haven’t included a single word about Jack Phillips , who introduced Return on Investment (ROI) as Level 5 to Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation.

The Phillips ROI MethodologyTM – Measuring Data at All Levels – Part 5

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This blog is the 5 th part of the Kirkpatrick series that I have been writing about over the last few weeks. In the fourth part of the series, we saw how the Phillips ROI Methodology TM suggests that measurements be taken at every level.

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An Overview: Phillips' Model for Learning Evaluation


When we originally published our Learning Evaluation eBook and blog series, we covered four learning evaluation models representing a range of approaches and perspectives: Kirkpatrick, Kaufman, Brinkerhoff, and Anderson. While there are many other learning models we’ve yet to cover, the one we’re asked about most often that’s not mentioned in our original series is Phillips' Learning Evaluation Model.

My 15 favourite Australian e-learning bloggers

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Since then, she has joined Dachis Group where she and James Dellow write about social business on the Headshift blog. She extends her consulting wisdom via the Connect Thinking blog and helps other e-learning professionals via the E-Learning Academy. His Tony Wilson blog inspires me.

What’s the ROI on Disengaged Employees?

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From Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation, to Michael Scriven to Jack Phillips [.] appeared first on Social Learning Blog. Training evaluation appears to be the Holy Grail of the L&D world. It’s one of the hottest topics in the blogosphere and at conferences (see Barbara Camm’s highly trafficked posts on evaluation), and yet it remains extremely elusive. The post What’s the ROI on Disengaged Employees?

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BLOG: ‘The Business of Bespoke’

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Today marks the launch of our new 25th anniversary special digital publication, produced in conjunction with eLearning Age, Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, examines ‘The Business of Bespoke.’

Internet Time Blog » Everyday heroes

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BLOG: Shelf Life - Inside the World of OTS

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As the world gets increasingly mobile, Peter Phillips asks how can Off the Shelf (OTS) suppliers keep pace with industry innovation and demand as part of our special 25th anniversary digital publication.


Unicorn Training

In the penultimate part of this five-part series of video blogs to celebrate Unicorn's 25th birthday, founders Peter Phillips and Henry Phillips talk awards. youtube [link

How To Measure The ROI Of Online Training?

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This article had originally appeared in CrossKnowledge’s Learning Wire Blog. In today’s context, adding Phillips’ ROI calculation as the fifth level makes this framework even more useful and relevant. Blog eLearning online course online education online_learning training

5 Reasons Why Distance Learning Has Been Around for Centuries


One early instructor was Caleb Phillips in 1728; he advertised private correspondence courses in shorthand in the Boston Gazette. Subscribe to the Lectora e-Learning Blog for more distance learning tips and industry trends! Think distance learning is a recent invention?

Is Kirkpatrick’s Model of Evaluating a Training Program The Best? – Part 3

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This is the third blog in the Kirkpatrick Model of Instruction series. And like I mentioned in my last blog, “ When each of these levels is examined individually, you will find that there is scope for deeper and more refined evaluation of a training program at each level.

VIDEO BLOG - Look Into My Eyes.

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In the final part our week-long series of video blogs to mark our 25th anniversary, Unicorn founders, Peter Phillips and Henry Phillips, take a glimpse into the future of eLearning and Unicorn. youtube [link

VIDEO BLOG - Coming Back For More

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In the third of this week-long series of video blogs to celebrate our 25th anniversary, Unicorn founders, Peter Phillips and Henry Phillips, discuss what makes Unicorn special and why our clients keep coming back. youtube [link

Three Superheroes of Training Evaluation

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Followed by Roger Kaufman and then Jack Phillips. Hero Profile 3: NAME: Jack Phillips. This blog is part of a series on calculating the ROI of training programmes. Pop your email address in the box below to sign up to our blog so that you don’t miss out!

BLOG: #UTGForum updates

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MORNING!So So we're back at King's Place for our annual Client Day and this is where you can follow all the updates from the day.Here's what's going on.Be sure to follow us on Twitter #UTGForum all day too.Right off to get some coffee.Room filling up nicely!


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We in the learning industry talk about it a lot in conferences, and blog about it, but relatively few of us are doing anything substantial with mobile learning “on the ground.” Clive Thompson blogs about Coding for the Masses.

BLOG: Who Remembers When.

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[caption id="attachment_2147" align="alignleft" width="300"] Peter Phillips celebrates promotion as AFC Bournemouth chairman in 2003. In this time Bill Clinton and his happenings happened, Nelson Mandela was released from prison and changed the world and our founder Peter Phillips even had a stint as a football club chairman, and enjoyed a memorable day out at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff as his beloved Cherries were promoted!

VIDEO BLOG - The Birth of Style with Substance

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In the second of a five-part video blog series this week to mark our 25th anniversary, Unicorn founders, Peter Phillips and Henry Phillips, discuss why and how Unicorn makes sure the eLearning not only looks great but does its most important job, educating.

Discussing the ASTD Handbook, eLearning, and Published Expertise with Elaine Biech

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JA : Our Blog is focused on information for the eLearning manager. For example when contemplating the topic of evaluation several influential and respected names immediately come to mind: Kirkpatrick, Phillips, Brinkerhoff, and others.

Blog: Let The Games Begin!

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Unicorn CEO Peter Phillips looks at the growing popularity of serious games in learning.

VIDEO BLOG - Times They Are A'Changing. Or Are They?

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This year Unicorn Training celebrates its 25th anniversary and to mark this momentous occasion, this week, we are running a series of video blogs featuring Unicorn founders, Peter Phillips and Henry Phillips, reflecting on Unicorn's quarter century in eLearning.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Super-Close Google Map Zooms

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I stumbled across this blog entry today from Phillip Lennsen, Google Blogoscoped. His blog is pretty much all google all the time. Posted by Cammy Bean at 12:49 PM 0comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Cammy Bean Greater Boston, MA, United States View my complete profile About This Blog Subscribe in a reader Subscribe via email Are you an Instructional Designer?

Avoiding the Curse of the Consultant

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Presentations can range from executive briefings to blogs, from a detailed report to a one-page summary. Phillips is chairman and Patti P. Phillips is president and CEO of the ROI Institute.

Unicorn Client Day - LIVE BLOG

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10.30am And we're off, Unicorn CEO Peter Phillips is kicking us off. Mark Jones is bringing the day to a close. Everyone being encouraged to download the YUDU Unicornucopia App? Check it out here! Also a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who made the effort to come along and get involved.

ROI: Determine the Impact of Your Training Programs


Check out this interview with Jack Phillips of the ROI Institute. The post ROI: Determine the Impact of Your Training Programs appeared first on Mindflash Blog. Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) is no easy feat for most any project.

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Learning by Creating: Turning Bloom’s on Its Head

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Guest post by Library Media Specialist, David Phillips. David Phillips is a Library Media Specialist and a teacher at Prairiland High School in N.E. The post Learning by Creating: Turning Bloom’s on Its Head appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

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Learning to Learn from Evaluation of Learning

The Peformance Improvement

The Kirkpatricks have four levels, the Phillips have ROI, and Brinkerhoff has the Success Case Method. In a previous blog post, I posed evaluation questions that an organization should be asking itself to assess the extent to which it has a learning culture.

The Fight Against Resonance in Learning

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Witness psychoanalyst Adam Phillips quoting Stanley Cavell, professor of philosophy at Harvard University, from his essay on King Lear: “The cause of tragedy is that we would rather murder the world than permit it to expose us to change.”.

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BLOG: Gaming for the Learning Generation

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In part 3 of his blog from the NextGen LMS conference, Unicorn's Stuart Jones looks at where gamification fits in. Read our CEO, Peter Phillips' thoughts on 'What can eLearning learn from video games?'

EVENT BLOG: Client Day - Refresh, Revitalise, Rejuvenate!

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Right here we go, CEO Peter Phillips has just kicked us off and is now introducing Mike Hawkyard. __ AMUZO/MIKE HAWKYARD This is why Mike's here - [link]. 1) SkillsServe blog - all new release notes uploaded there. Welcome to our 2015 Client Day - Refresh, Revitalise, Rejuvenate!

Podcast Discussing Learning and Networking with a Blog

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It was interesting to listen to beginning portion of the podcast Straight Talk with Bob Phillips where they discuss my article in T&D Learning and Networking with a Blog. From their post: In the opening segment, Aaron and I talk about Tony Karrer's article in T&D magazine, Learning and Networking with a blog. We also talked about how his blog has some interesting posts on personal learning environments (PLE's).


Are You Ready? Your ATD ICE Conference Bag!

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After Mark Sheppard’s guest blog from last week discussing the use of the back channel as a way to attend the ICE conference virtually – it got me thinking about those who will be there.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Games for the Brain

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007 Games for the Brain These brain games are from Phillip Lenssen, via Dean at my company who was thinking about how we could use brain teasers or games to get a learner prepped to learn. Blog Book Tour: Learning in 3D #lrn3d Allison Rossett: ELearning Isn’t What You Think It. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

Is this thing on? Tips for measuring course effectiveness and return on investment

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We’ll cover QC in depth in another blog article, but here’s a summary of what to do: Storyboard/Content Validation: Test all course content for instructional effectiveness, grammatical accuracy, and stylistic clarity. Phillips, J. New post Is this thing on?

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The Training Evaluation Framework of the Future: The GEvaluation Framework

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We drew inspiration from heroes of old like Donald Kirkpatrick, Roger Kaufman and Jack Phillips and injected these old models with a serum that transformed it into a lean mean evaluating machine. Pop your email address in the box below to sign up to our blog so that you don’t miss out!

CLIENT DAY BLOG: 4 Key Questions To Solving The Content Conundrum

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Chris Tedd, Strategic Head of Content at Unicorn, and Unicorn CEO, Peter Phillips, enlightened us!So Newsflash - learning is changing. But what are the benefits and pitfalls of creating bespoke learning in this landscape?