Everything you wanted to know about GDPR (but were afraid to ask)


TalentLMS has always enforced the highest of standards and the best industry practices to ensure the safety, integrity, privacy, and availability of the information you trust to us. To ensure all this, TalentLMS complies with existing national law and international regulation regarding privacy and security issues. We will also provide you with regular updates along the way by means of our blog posts, newsletters, and/or website updates so that you are always current.

Not Everyone is a Social Customer | Social Learning Blog

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Thierry de Baillon , cofounder of Socialearning Consulting, takes this stance in a recent blog post. I don’t understand why social media should be off limits to marketers, and beyond direct Facebook messages, I fail to see much privacy in the social media world. Blog this!

Mitigating the Risks of BYOD in corporate learning


These policies are still debatable and many claim that they in violation of privacy rights. Blog New Ideas Research Tools & Technologies bring your own device BYOD Corporate Learning Learning Management System LMS risks of BYOD working on personal devices

An Introduction to Population Health: Part 1

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The obvious issue will be working with HIPAA and patient privacy. Innovation in Learning Learning Technology Strategy Managing eLearning blogs CME ehr health analytics improving healthcare performance improvement population health

The Ultimate Facebook Guide for eLearning Professionals: 16 Golden Tips to Follow


While Facebook does not allow you to have multiple personal accounts, you can adjust the privacy levels on each individual post you share. Subscribe to the Everything eLearning Blog for more great guest posts from eLearning experts, free resources, and how-to articles. Blog How-to

Cloud Authoring

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This of course, has caused there to be a lot of legal issues of ownership and privacy of data along with companies trying to discover ways to capitalize on utilizing their servers as “clouds.”. The “Cloud”.

The Community Responds


In almost every comment on the blog and sentiments shared with me via emails and Skype and instant messages, there’s near universal support for a modular approach to standardization. A fourth standard to cover retention policy, privacy, protection, access, delegation and security. What must be accommodated in terms of privacy and security, at a standards level, is unclear. We must also seek out privacy and security laws in other parts.

How Data Analytics Helps Boosting Your E-Learning Experience


Online knowledge in the form of wikis, discussion forums, blogs and videos shared by contributors is increasing becoming significant learning resource for corporate learners. In addition, managing data privacy is also a big concern. Whitepaper on Analytics in Learning.

Is Your m-Learning Secure? The Threat and How to Avoid It.


In mobile education, privacy is particularly important for sensitive data such as learners’ personal details and communications, confidential information about learners, assessment data and data confidential to the company deploying training.

Training vs. Just-In-Time Resources: 5 Tools You Can Use Today

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Eight years ago, I wrote a blog post on training versus learning. There are alternatives to YouTube if privacy is a concern, but being able to go to YouTube, type in “How do I…” and locate short videos that show as well as tell is hugely helpful.

Overcoming 4 Common Concerns of Outsourcing Training

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Information privacy and security. Data Privacy and Security Concerns. The privacy of confidential data and trusting an external agency with your groundbreaking research and proprietary information become major concerns.

Getting the bloggers to write

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In an article entitled Could blogging be the key to raising a generation of great writers? By encouraging students to write on their own blogs, savvy teachers are helping kids take their writing out of the classroom vacuum, and cultivate a broader audience.'

NEW: Camtasia Studio Vimeo Integration

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There are several more benefits to hosting with Vimeo as a Vimeo Plus or Vimeo PRO member including: Advanced privacy settings. The post NEW: Camtasia Studio Vimeo Integration appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. You asked, we listened. Vimeo integration has arrived.

The interview

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We shared some useful resources, talked about our favourite blogs and books, and discussed the concept of '' e-learning 3.0 '', the digital natives and immigrants theory (don''t miss that bit!), reasons why I use Twitter, and why teachers should adopt blogging as a professional practice.

What You Need to Know About Software Training

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That can be a privacy concern. If you’d like to read more about training, learning, and instructional design check out the rest of this author’s blogs. It’s no surprise that software training is often delivered as eLearning.

Growing Use of Social Media in Education


The survey asks educators to report their use of the following platforms: Blogs & Wikis. The most used social media methods are blogs and wikis, but all five increased in use from 2012 to 2013.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "World Privacy Forums Top Ten Opt Outs"

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» October 31, 2007 "World Privacy Forums Top Ten Opt Outs" Click here for info on opting out of everything from telemarketer calls to junk mail. October 31, 2007 in Errata | Permalink TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference "World Privacy Forums Top Ten Opt Outs" : Comments The comments to this entry are closed. typekey e-Clippings (a division of blogoehlert) Me in Second Life Blog powered by TypePad Member since 08/200

Trending Discussions in Employment Screening Webinar

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In many cases, the government protects users of prescription medications under the American’s with Disabilities Act and Health Privacy Laws. Blog background checks Compliance drug testing hr post-hire screening social media webinar

Hey LMS Santa!

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Along those lines realize that LRS – its premise is changing – due to the vendors (as a whole), which is another whole ball of coal in your stocking (and a future blog post). Want to safeguard yourself in terms of privacy?

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Countering Social Media Fatigue (SoMeFat)

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What I update on my Facebook status can be viewed by lots of people (not anyone – I have designated my FB friends and set my privacy settings, but 300 people isn’t really a private place, is it? I wrote once in my blog – an all time low.

Oculus Rift Is Going To Be Awesome for Enterprise Training


Have them practice with interactive software that gets them up to speed, at their own pace and in privacy, before subjecting them to a final test. The post Oculus Rift Is Going To Be Awesome for Enterprise Training appeared first on Grovo Blog.

This Week in MakingBetter: Teamwork and Tough Questions


If the blog posts , tweets and pictures are any indication, a good time was had by all. Our friend, Joe Fournier , wrote about his questions about privacy with xAPI (and other forms of data). Marshawn to me on if he's surprised he didn't get the ball on the 1: "No.

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What digital literacies?

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I will try to develop my commentary around each of these in future blog posts. In June this year I presented a keynote speech at Middlesex University entitled Digital Tribes and the Social Web. One of the themes I developed during my speech was around the concept of new digital literacies.

The Top 5 Things Organizations need for Mobile Learning

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1] https://www.upsidelearning.com/blog/index.php/2014/04/16/top-5-ways-companies-are-using-mobile-learning-technology/. [2]

To tweet or not to tweet? P1

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You could also use privacy and time locks on certain contacts to avoid the impulse to message friends - the options are endless. Be sure to visit the Spicy Learning Blog next week for my top tips for presenters. Accessibility Blog Top tip e-Learning


New Snagit release: Sometimes it’s the small things

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Protect your privacy or hide things you don’t want people to see by making an area blurry or pixelated. We’d love to hear from you … Oh, and be sure to subscribe to the TechSmith blog so you don’t miss an update!

How to Grab and Keep Interest in Any Presentation

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To both maintain privacy and add interest, I am able to cut just a portion of the document and edit, annotate, and highlight the important aspects. The post How to Grab and Keep Interest in Any Presentation appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. David A.

YouTube vs. Vimeo, What’s the Difference?

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Privacy Options. Vimeo offers a variety of other privacy options as well. appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. At TechSmith, our goal is to help our users take advantage of the power of video in their daily jobs. But, making the video is just half of the equation.

7 big opportunities that MOOCs offer corporates

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Regular readers of my blog will know that I’m quite the MOOC fan. This wades into the murky waters of privacy and ethics, but theoretically at least, a company could purchase access to a particular MOOC’s analytics.

Learning Technology Trends in 2016


mLearning allows for people to take courses on the train home from work, a plane on the way to a convention, or in the privacy of their own home. Keep an eye out for the newest trends in learning technology and elearning by reading the OpenSesame blog! . . . . . . Each year, the research firm Brandon Hall conducts a study across the Learning Technology industry to discover trends, desires, and new technology in the business.

xAPI, LRS – The Interview

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Reach out to someone I know who is not only the best and what he knows, but is the foremost expert on the subject and present a special blog post. . My next questions are related to privacy and security.

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5 Corporate Training Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Your Training Edge

The use of social media in training has been somewhat controversial, as organizations are understandably concerned about the privacy of their proprietary information. Last week, we looked at seven predictions for how technology will affect training and development in 2015.

Internet Time Blog » No thanks

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New spaces, new pedagogies

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Students now have the capability to create and share their own content through blogs, wikis, video- and photo-sharing services such as YouTube and Flickr. wikis privacy digital identity Tags: MySpace YouTube iPods blogs augmented reality Flickr FaceBook Web 2.0

Building the Next Generation of SCORM

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It has challenges including security/privacy complexity, verb and activity definitions, and reporting complexities in the LRS. This eLearning blog is brought to you by Integrated Learning Services , an eLearning design & development company. by Jonathan Shoaf. Last Thursday was the kick off of project Tin Can. While project Tin Can has been championed by Rustici software for years now, it is speeding up activity to produce a 1.0


How to Edit a Screenshot

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Using the blur tool in Snagit, you can easily blur out anything you don’t want to be visible, successfully editing your screenshot to maintain privacy. The post How to Edit a Screenshot appeared first on TechSmith Blog.

Office 365 Video: Your Corporate YouTube

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Office 365 Video feels simple in comparison to more mature video offerings like YouTube, yet it’s privacy and security features are likely to be more important for companies trying to keep their video content confidential.