How Cloud Servers work and their Benefits?


It is a virtual server working in a cloud environment. A cloud is referred to multiple servers connected via the internet which is generally leased for application services or software. Cloud servers can give you extremely speed increasing the website’s capacity with better load time.

Reporting the Quiz Results to a local server

Adobe Captivate

One of the most requested features in Adobe Captivate was the ability to store the course results on the local servers or database. Adobe Captivate 5 comes with an all new reporting workflow, being highlighted as Alternate Reporting, which enables its users to store and track their course results using their own servers and database. Step I: Set-up the Web server. For integrating the course with a web server, first the user needs to setup a web server.


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Blogging to Build Your Business

Experiencing eLearning

I recently gave a presentation to the Online Network of Independent Learning Professionals about blogging to build your business. This is specifically about what I have learned about blogging to build your reputation as a learning consultant over my 9+ years of blogging. I started blogging in December 2006 as a tool for my own professional development. Now I have my business in one place and my blog in another, which splits my online identity.

Why Should Educators Think About College Information System?


If not then read out this blog to understand why it is helpful for your institution and why you should think about automating the college operations.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Google AI Blog (2014), ‘A picture is worth a thousand (coherent) words: building a natural description of images’ 4 Give Your Video. servers in the world Just like other sectors, L&D teams are increasingly. wanted to hire servers to deal with your courses and.

Higher Education ERP: What is the Future Scope in Institution Management?


Campus Management Software Cloud ERP Education ERP ERP Solution ERP Solutions with Cloud Server Knowledge Center Education Management Software ERP System

Implementing Learning Analytics for Microlearning? 3 Enabling Options

CommLab India

This blog post gives you insights into the enabling options to implement learning analytics for microlearning. eLearning Design LMS microlearning web serverLearning analytics is a trend that’s catching on and can be used to measure the impact of learning.

Streaming Digital Media for E-Learning 2: Delivering Content via a Web Server

The E-Learning Curve

Deploying streaming media content with the web server approach is very similar to the download-and-play model I described in yesterday's post: it's a pull technology. The E-learning Curve blog shares thought-provoking commentary and practical knowledge for e-learning professionals. Using this paradigm, the. Find out more.

Lecture capture — as ubiquitous as online teaching


Visit The WizIQ Blog for full content and links. Server-side Recording Teaching Online Training and Education Technology Virtual Classroom leacture capture Online Teaching teach online virtual classroomDigital technology has been a massive boon for students and educators. By incorporating online learning components, teachers can make the material more compelling and engaging, allowing students. This is a short summary of this post.

Streaming Digital Media for E-Learning 3: Using a Dedicated Media Server

The E-Learning Curve

The E-learning Curve blog shares thought-provoking commentary and practical knowledge for e-learning professionals. According to Adobe, organizations use streaming media for corporate communications, electronic learning, and sales & marketing. In a learning context, streaming media technology is a central. Find out more.

The Rapid eLearning Blog » Your 10 Most Popular Posts of 2007

Rapid eLearning

5 Simple Ways to Get Started with E-Learning Development - The Rapid eLearning Blog

Rapid eLearning

The Rapid Elearning Blog. By reading blogs and connecting with experts, you will be continually reminded of what’s going on. If you want a good place to start, Gabe, our Director of Customer Support, had a recent post on his favorite learning blogs. MKFC Stockholms Folkhögskola » Blog Archive » Cathy Moore bloggar om e-learning. Via: Rapid e-Learning Blog [.]. Basically, I just publish to web, and then put the published file on the server.

Why you should Look for in a VPS USA Provider


The truth is that you would not know what to do if you try to access your website at a random time only to find out that the server is offline. It is pretty obvious that when it comes to finding a proper VPS server in USA services, you need to have a list of qualities in handy.

TCC08: Wikis and Blogs and Tags: Oh Why?

Experiencing eLearning

Blogs. If it is text, a blog is good. Add “real world&# content by bringing things in from outside (podcasts, blogs, etc.). Privacy issues: Edublogs may be better than Blogger, or do it on your own servers to control information. Technorati Tags: tcc08 , tcc2008 , wiki , blog , diigo , privacy , education , writing Presenters: Alice Bedard-Voorhees, Colorado Mountain College, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA.

Wiki 170

Q&A from Blog Readers on E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

Especially when it comes in the form of questions from readers of the blog and various followers on my social media channels. Especially when some vendors use Rackspace or other server farms. There is nothing like interaction. I have done a segment like this in the past and it was very popular. So, back for another installment.

Gamification Blog Book Tour: Week Five Stops and Week Four Recap

Kapp Notes

TODAY’S BLOG BOOK TOUR STOP:May 14: Andrew Hughes Designing Digitally. There are other studies, of course, that show that games do teach (many are cited in the book) and even serveral meta-analysis studies (studies of studies) that show games do teach. Stops for Week Five. May 14: Andrew Hughes Designing Digitally. May 15: John Rice Educational Games Research. May 16: Christy Tucker Experiencing E-Learning. May 17: Bob Becker The Blended Learner.

Gamification Blog Book Tour: Week Five Stops and Week Four Recap

Kapp Notes

TODAY’S BLOG BOOK TOUR STOP:May 17: Slight alternation in the schedule. There are other studies, of course, that show that games do teach (many are cited in the book) and even serveral meta-analysis studies (studies of studies) that show games do teach. Today’s stop is Gamification Happenings. It is the Pinterest page for the book and all things gamification. Also, today would be a good day to revisit some of the great posts of this week.

AccessAlly 2016 Releases


When using aal_updateuser to release a module / program at a set time for multiple clients, the amount of HTTP Post / Ping URL traffic might cause the WordPress server to fail, so not all of the clients get the… Blog Latest ReleasesAccessAlly 2.0.8

UPK Sunsetting Compare Epilogue Opus vs. Oracle UPK

Epilogue Systems

No on-premise server or client installation required. Oracle UPK is a legacy on-premise application, requiring local server installation. Server and database access and administration are required. Publishing is complex and requires a second server for deployment.

Oracle 104

Camtasia Saves the Day! Guest Blog Post - Nick Beaugeard

TechSmith Camtasia

I asked him to do a guest blog post. After producing them in the right size for Powerpoint (I find 1024x768 WMV works best), I put the videos embedded in my presentation and placed the entire deck on my FTP server. Have you ever been to an event only to see a presentation break down and fail due to technical problems? It's not fun to watch and it's not fun to be the presenter. The other day, this tweet caught my eye on Twitter. I had to hear this story!

BLOG: 5 Things We Should Learn From Heartbleed

Unicorn Training

Heartbleed has served as timely reminder that no one who deals in data protection and online security – both server-side and client-side - can rest on their laurels. Client-side security is as important as server-side, and data protection and information security are among the key compliance obligations for any firm or organisation. The Heartbleed bug made headline news recently.

SaaS LMS: Everything You Need to Know


A self-hosted LMS is installed locally on your company’s servers. It also leaves you and your team handling applications, like servers, databases, resources, and budgeting. The learning and development industry has adapted to rapid change.

eLearning Trends for 2015: Here to Stay or Go Away?

Association eLearning

In short, it is software and services accessed through the internet, through a remote server so you can access your content from anywhere. Trends in eLearning come and go, but a good LMS is forever. Ok maybe not forever, but a provider can dream. Below is a list of eLearning trends we expect to see in 2015. Will they last or fade away? Only time will tell. MOOCs. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are definitely trending in eLearning.

Tell Me How – A Quick Guide on Integrating Raptivity Output with WordPress


Next is to have access to your organization’s WordPress server to be able to upload the files. <iframe src=”[link] width=”900″ height=”600″ scrolling=”no” /> Note: The above-highlighted path is for demonstration, and it will change as per your server path. eLearning content creation is super easy with Raptivity. But so is sharing it further with the learners!

10 tips for using eFront


Then just unzip on the server. 3) [professor] Use the open-source version to create locally lessons and then just upload them to you distant server. Recent Comments Blog Archive ► 2011 (3) ► January (3) Free and Open Source Text to Speech Tools for e-Le. ▼ 2010 (24) ► December (3) Top 10 e-Learning Blog posts for 2010 Free Storyboard Templates for e-Learning e-Learning Glossaries ► November (4) The most updated and informative e-Learning commun.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Single-Site Browsers: Interesting Design Development or Battle for the Desktop?

Mark Oehlert

In the beginning there were dumb clients and the server reigned supreme. Then came the powerful desktops and the server lost control. Then came the Web and while there were still powerful desktops, peoples desire for storage, search and functionality and small devices, drove them toward the Web as a platform and servers regained much of their power - although, where before it was like a monarchy, this time its more of a bicameral system with a strong executive.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: I Heart My Wiki

Learning Visions

We installed MediaWiki on our local server a couple of weeks ago and Ive been using it to record everything I can for my e-Learning strategy project. 10:12 AM Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Cammy Bean Greater Boston, MA, United States View my complete profile About This Blog Subscribe in a reader Subscribe via email Are you an Instructional Designer?

Wiki 100

SaaS LMS vs. hosted LMS: Why the SaaS LMS rules e-learning


Because you have to install the proper equipment into your servers, it’s commonly noted that this more ‘old school’ way of delivering online training requires more maintenance than cloud-hosted LMS platforms. Docebo Blog SaaS

Gamification Blog Book Tour: Week Five Stops and Week Four Recap

The Learning Circuits

TODAY'S BLOG BOOK TOUR STOP:May 14: Andrew Hughes Designing Digitally Stops for Week Five May 14: Andrew Hughes Designing Digitally May 15: John Rice Educational Games Research May 16: Christy Tucker Experiencing E-Learning May 17: Bob Becker The Blended Learner May 18: Surprise Stop (stay tuned for more info) Plus we have added a few new dates and stops (stay tuned) we are also having a webinar event with Dan Bliton who challenges attendees to the game "Are you smarter than Karl Kapp".

Games 43

Coronavirus Update


Due to the anticipated increase in online learning and remote instruction learning, we will be dedicating more resources to ensure that our servers and databases are performing optimally. Explore All Blog Posts Troubleshooting.

Captivate 8 and 9 security updates

Adobe Captivate

Captivate 8 and 9 updates (release date 13 June, 2017 ) fix some vulnerabilities when reporting quiz results to a server. In this update, we have sanitized the php files that you need for internal server reporting. For more information, see Report quiz results to an internal server. Blog Security adobe captivate 9 Captivate 8 internalserverread.php internalserverreporting.php Quiz Results Analyzer

Security Awareness Tips for LMS Administrators

Web Courseworks

As the software industry continues to move away from purchased client/server applications and toward cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) solutions, LMS administrators must rethink the means that they employ to keep their system free from attack, and most importantly, keep their data secure. They might attack a server, your PC, or even your phone. Managing eLearning Blog associations elearningKeeping Your SaaS Data Secure.

Supporting Learning in the Flow of Work

Tesseract Learning

In this blog, I will help you determine how organizations can blend learning as a part of the daily workflow. . Create an online space for learning: Create an online space, in the company server or LMS, for learning where employees can make their contribution. Blog Custom elearning

SCORM Supports It But How About Your LMS?

JCA Solutions

MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, MariaDB, SimpleDB, NoSQL, no problem. What server? Any server. It sends data via AJAX to a file on your server that accepts SSLA data in JSON format. SCORM Supports It But How About Your LMS?


The Current State of Certificates in Open edX


We hope this blog post will shed some light on the matter! The PDF will typically be stored on the server or an external storage system like Amazon S3, and will have a URL to a web-page, generated by Open edX and specific to each certificate, where the cert’s authenticity can be verified.

PDF 52

Learn about Appsembler’s Tahoe APIs


APIs enable 1) users to send requests from a 2) client to a 3) server, which returns a response. Client: computer sending the request to the server. Server: computer responding to the request. URL: the client uses this to tell the server what it wants to interact with. Method: the client uses this to tell the server what kind of action to take. GET: requests data from a server. POST: sends changes from the client to the server. Blog Technical

4 Difficult-to-Ignore Benefits of a Cloud-Based eLearning Authoring Tool

gomo learning

You can rest assured that cloud-based updates happen on a provider’s server, on a provider’s time. Also on the blog: ‘ 8 Reasons to Replace Your eLearning Content Authoring Tool ’. Blog cloud-based authoring

Learning Suite: The past of learning systems

Learning Pool

LMS systems that had been developed within a client-server environment had to be rewritten for the web as more and more systems moved to the SaaS (software as a service) model (competing with newer systems that were “born on the web”). Blog Learn & Connect

Suite 80

The Benefits of SaaS: Hosted LMS

Association eLearning

It means software that is hosted on the provider’s servers instead of servers in-house. The client subscribes to the software rather than licensing it outright and running it on their own servers. The provider runs back-ups, does server maintenance and security upgrades, and provides IT services that support the clients usage of the software, while the client runs their organization. SaaS stands for Software as a Service.

On-Premise vs Cloud LMS comparison: 7 things to consider when choosing


Understanding the relevance of acquiring an LMS system that is hosted on your servers or in a private cloud is key before deciding on one of these options. It is essential for you to know the characteristics of each platform, the services that it offers, the capacity of its servers, the quality of the technical staff, support and, of course, the reputation of the company. Also, if your server crashes, you are the only one responsible to fix it and make it work again.