7 Innovative Thinkers Who Will Up Your Knowledge Management Game


From strategizing employee development to integrating new knowledge management tech to fostering a supportive company culture, keeping up with the latest thought leaders on so many topics is no easy feat. Follow these people to expand your mind and, hopefully, inspire a fresh take on workplace knowledge. She’s an expert in how we teach and learn from each other, and is the author of an upcoming book called Brilliant: The Science of How We Get Smarter.

27 Books for L&D Folks.

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I have listed down a few books that have shaped my thinking over the last one year. 6 Knowledge Management Cultivating Communities of Practice Etienne Wegner, et al. 7 Knowledge Management/Workplace learning/Innovation/Business Collaboration Morten Hansen.

Trust, Tacit Knowledge and Social Business

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As I read the post on Resolvingthe Trust Paradox by John Hagel, I was reminded of two things—the talk on the power of vulnerability by Brene Brown and what Morten Hansen says about tacit knowledge sharing in hisbook Collaboration:How Leaders Avoid the Traps, Create Unity, and Reap Big Results. I hadwritten about the latter in my post Molotovcocktail = Weak ties x complicated knowledge. Enter social business!

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The Six Hats of a Community Manager

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graphically represents a number of things a community manager needs to be aware of in her/his role. In my post, I want to explore all the "hats" a community manager needs to wear to execute her role. This shift callsfor some intense community management and community building, and the postfocuses on the different roles a community manager needs to play during thistime. As community managers, we need to set in place a system thatenables findability and accessibility.

"Social Technologies in Business"


Know what happens when a bunch of your friends get together and assemble the best compilation ever of thinking in the social-social media-collaborative learning-knowledge management-narrating work realms? This book.

Molotov cocktail = Weak ties x complicated knowledge

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Preamble Some time back, I was asked to conduct knowledge transfer sessions for a new team member. I was afraid that most tacit knowledge would be lost unless I had someone with me who “understood” what I meant. I finished reading the book Collaboration by Morten T.

Creating Multilingual Online Courses is Important for Business Global Outreach


But imparting knowledge by a mentor is an age-old method, traced back to the 19th century. Even, schools and colleges prefer a unified and standardized online training platform for passing on the knowledge. For any business to run properly, it is important to know your customers better.

Taking Stock and Making Choices: Working from home and other such stuff

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Mostly, business as usual at work and crisis situations at home took my time and attention. Work —complex knowledge work requires solitude as well as collaboration. The book revealed me to myself, clarifying why I made some of the choices I did. If anyone reading this is a knowledge worker and is thinking about working from home, read Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's Flow. Are you a knowledge worker working from home? Knowledge Management Reflection

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Fostering a spirit of innovation: A necessity today.

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While reading Gary Hamel ’s The Future of Management , this paragraph drew my attention (there are other equally and even more memorable passages in this iconoclastic and must read book) for a reason. Others got busy creating clouds out of thermocol sheets and some painted trees. Tags: creativity Human resources Knowledge Management Gary Hamel Innovation and Idea Management

Why Should You Let a Freelance Writer Create Your Content?

All Roads

Just as you’re an expert in your business, you need a content expert to bring your thought leadership to life. Your calendar is booked solid running your business; you’ve got enough to-do as is. Writing a book is one thing. But How Can a Freelance Writer Understand Your Business? As a business leader, you must be thinking, “How could freelance writers possibly write about my business? Knowledge Management

Online social networks, learning and viral expansion loops

Sticky Learning

For me though I see a real role for social media as a platform for business learning. Social media - a platform for learning This year I have become more and more interested in the use of online social networks as a platform for business learning and knowledge management.

Tips for Storytelling in Learning

Experiencing eLearning

Why don’t we just give learners a book and command them to read and learn? Retold for instructional designers on focusing on the big picture and business impact rather than getting lost in the details of “order taking” for developing courses. Activate prior knowledge.

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Inventing the future

Learning with e's

His book WTF (What''s the Future?) of Business, looks inviting, and is on my must-read list. He showed some statistics that reflect teacher attitudes to technology and our knowledge management in the digital age.

The how to guide on the principles of the #elearningmanifesto: 1 Do Not Assume that Learning is the Solution

Challenge to Learn

Of course I do not have the knowledge nor the experience to cover this completely by myself. Maybe performance support is, maybe coaching is, maybe a knowledge management system is, maybe social sharing is, maybe an apprenticeship program is, maybe … is learning not the answer.

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30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Day 17: Trainers Helping Trainers

Learning Rebels

When asked about informal learning and how they progressed their own knowledge of the training industry, the room got silent. The people in my group all admitted they are update within the business industry, but not training. It all starts with one new piece of knowledge at a time.

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Learning Resources from Informal Learning (Jay Cross): Part 1

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Apart from the book, which is a must read for anyone interested in the field of learning, the resource links are gold mines of knowledge, information and insights. Gurteen Knowledge Center : Knowledge Management, learning, creativity, personal development, innovation.

Ten People Every Learning Pro Should Know

Mike Taylor

Here are some of my favorite workplace learning resources: Books. These are the books I recommend for anyone working in Workplace Learning. One good way to manage Twitter and avoid being overwhelmed by it all is to use lists.

Fear of Change in Learning & Development

Your Training Edge

To my disappointment, many businesses are still reliant on traditional training paradigms, which is also one of the results of their fears of incorporation of newer technologies in their training scenario or apply contemporary training with poor efforts.

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Gurteen Knowledge Letter celebrates 10th birthday

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

David Gurteen has written his “Knowledge Letter&# every month for the last ten years. I’ve followed David’s adventures in Knowledge Management for years. David’s site also provides reviews of KM books, biographies of thought leaders, and more.

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Six Obstacles To Building Communities In Organizations


In reality, this leads to pockets of experimentation and duplication of effort without a holistic view of or alignment with the organizational strategy and business goals. highlight in their book Leading Digital…: “ …we saw no successful transformation happening bottom-up.

The key to informal learning is autonomy

Jane Hart

He writes: “I thought I had made a sound business case for investing more in informal learning, but few organizations changed their ways.

The Six Hats Of A Community Manager


Community Management is an evolving role and organizations are beginning to see the need for this role. In this post, I want to talk about the different hats that we need to don as community managers. The post The Six Hats Of A Community Manager appeared first on Learnnovators.

Conversation with Jane Bozarth

Kapp Notes

Jane is the author of many books about learning including her newest book Show Your Work. I started out as a classroom trainer, did some time in as an L&D manager, then moved into eLearning. It just doesn’t happen, especially with tacit knowledge.

Managing Learning?

Performance Learning Productivity

Learning can only be managed by the individual in whose head the learning is occurring. But they can’t manage the learning process for you. One of which is “if learning is managed by the learner, what will the technologies that support her look like in the next 3, 5, 10 years?”

Learning goes small, social, savvy

Origin Learning

The transitional phase of learning has altered the sphere of business and day-to-day lives. The next day a business trip awaits. ” Statistics reveal that 64 % of the American adults own a smartphone and 42 % a tablet, triggering excitement among professionals in this business.

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Industry News: elearning Company Purchase

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a top provider of knowledge management solutions that assure regulatory compliance and improve business performance. EduNeering designs and deploys knowledge management solutions for organizations in the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, energy and manufacturing sectors. EduNeering has outstanding management and a long-standing commitment to delivering the highest quality knowledge solutions,” said William Macpherson, CEO of Kaplan Professional.

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Managing Diversity through Community Management

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On the positive front, I have been doing a lot of reading—mostly around organizational behavior, organizational development, culture and diversity, motivation and communication, and how these relate to social business and knowledge management.

Edublog Award Nominations


Home > Uncategorized > Edublog Award Nominations Edublog Award Nominations December 2nd, 2010 Goto comments Leave a comment I wanted to take a little bit of time away from busy year-end deadlines to nominate some of my favorite social media resources for this year’s Edublog awards.

L&D’s Role In A Purpose Driven Workplace


I have been writing about the shifts required by L&D to meet the connected and collaborative knowledge economy for some time now. Role of Community Management in Workplace Learning Today. To start with, L&D needs to be integrated with business.

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Social Technology, Community Management & Organizational Development


Organizations and the corporate world will require deep and fundamental transformations in business practices including leadership, governance, processes, customer orientation, etc. I am not going to tread into management theory or organizational structures in this post.

Mobile Learning Will Make You A Master Of Everything


However, with mobile learning, you can actually take charge of the knowledge management process. Time management is key in the learning process. Next time you’re on the bus, brush up on some of the newest insights in the business.

L&D needs New Skills

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While we would love to think that employees will--seeing the looming complexities and unpredictability of work today--become self-driven, autonomous learners keen to acquire all the skills and knowledge required, this is not what usually happens.

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The future is people, not technology

Jay Cross

An active community of practice is a different animal from a bottom-up knowledge management network or a corporate news channel. Producers manage the contributions of others, drawing out the best in them while also opting not to include contributions that aren’t as good.

Contest - Win a Free Copy of Digital Habitats via LearnTrends 2009

Tony Karrer

So naturally when Nancy and John (with Etienne Wenger) put out the book Digital Habitats; Stewarding Technology for Communities I was very excited. Sadly I think their new book, Digital Habitats, will give them strong cause to suggest I should RTFM: Read The Flipping Manual.

It’s All About the Brand, ‘Bout the Brand…

Learning Rebels

Book mark this page, and start putting one together. Leadership does not care about the words “Personal Knowledge Management”, “Performance Ecosystem” or “Content Curation”~ they care about the concept , but not the words.

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