Book Review: Disrupted – The Dark Side of Silicon Valley

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I gave this book five stars not because I enjoyed the authors negative attitude or focus on himself, but because it is an easy, fun read for those of us in the business of developing software delivered on a SaaS basis over the Internet.

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The Association’s Pursuit for Relevance: What Role Do Certifications, Certificates and Micro-Credentials Play?

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They hold strong to their roots, of lending books and providing a space where people can come together to meet. The post The Association’s Pursuit for Relevance: What Role Do Certifications, Certificates and Micro-Credentials Play?

Learning’s Role in Innovation

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John Kotter, the father of organizational change, in his book “Accelerate” is now calling for a dual operating system structure for organizations to successfully integrate execution and innovation. Appropriately reconciling roles will be a critical determinant of success.

The Role of Today’s Trainer

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As they have a learning need, they can access what they need when they need it because technology has changed the role of today’s trainer (or at least part of it). But it does mean the role is a bit different. The Role of the Structured Trainer.

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Gamification Books

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Here are some books that can be read that discuss different elements of “Gamification.&#. This book primarily focuses on massively multiplayer online role play games (MMORPGs) and is focused toward a business audience. This book covers game-based engagement methodologies through the perspective of marketing. The book spends a lot of time describing how companies can create “games” to attract and, more importantly, retain customers.

The Evolving Role of E-Learning in Corporate Training


e-Books. E-Learning 101 – Concepts, Trends, Applications : This e-book from TalentLMS provides an introductory level overview of the e-learning field. The post The Evolving Role of E-Learning in Corporate Training appeared first on Learnnovators.

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The Purpose Effect – Book Review & Interview With Dan Pontefract


We, at Learnnovators, are privileged to review Dan Pontefract ‘s second book, “ The Purpose Effect ” that is scheduled to release on May 10, 2016. Below is our review of the book and an insightful interview with Dan… THE PURPOSE EFFECT – REVIEW. In his book, The Purpose Effect , Dan Pontefract brilliantly distils the malady that pervades many corporations today. Role purpose (which is about why a role exists in an organization).

Book review: Corporate universities. Drivers of the learning organization

Challenge to Learn

Martyn Rademakers has a refreshing view on the position of corporate universities, focusing on their role in strategic change. In this book Martyn and his co-writers give a great example of the Metropolitan Opera. I do like this book but there is a but.

L&D’s Role In A Purpose Driven Workplace


L&D’s Role in the VUCA World. Role of Community Management in Workplace Learning Today. Assuming we have such Purpose Driven Workplaces (PDW) what would be L&D’s role?

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L&D's Role in a Purpose Driven Workplace

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Italics mine - [link] Assuming we have such Purpose Driven Workplaces (PDW) what would be L&D role here? This post is inspired by last week's # ihrchat on Twitter hosted by Dr. Tanvi Gautam and supported by Team #ihrchat. The chat was full of insights and learning, as always.

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Top 10 learning theory books

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These 10 learning theory books offer a range of approaches and specialities. You can get the ball rolling with an overview of theories, or focus on a specific area that is most relevant to your role. Formats : Hardcover, ebook, audio book.

3D Virtual Immersive Environment Role Plays

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A 3D Virtual World role play provides a realistic environment in which two or more people act out a scenario. Role playing is valuable for immersing a trainee in a job she would actually be doing. Retail sales role play in a virtual world.

How to become an eLearning Professional

E-Learning Provocateur

That’s the title of a free e-book to which I was flattered to be invited to contribute a chapter. The book is introduced by the editor, Christopher Pappas, as such: This is not your average looking, cliché reproducing, metaphysical, theory-loving free eLearning eBook.

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Want to help someone learn? Have them assume a role.

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Assume a Role. A role-play that involves speaking to a nurse. To foster higher level skills, the player should assume a role during the game and not just play. One solution is to that problem is to deliver the role play in a pre-scripted, self-paced branching e-learning module.

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The Vital Role of Culture in Training Localization

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Thus localizing training content has become inevitable and culture plays a critical role in the success of e-learning localization. Recognize the Roles of Gender. Check our free e-book: Delivering LOCALIZED training to your GLOBAL workforce.

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Book Review: Visual Design Solutions by Connie Malamed

Learning Visions

As designers of learning experiences (and no matter your role in that process — be it a writer of instructional material that you handoff to a graphics team, or a one-stop-instructional design shop where you do it all) one essential skill that you should be honing is visual design.

Radically rethinking the role of L&D

Jane Hart

In July 2016 I read a number of blog posts and articles that argued the case for a radical rethink of the role of L&D in today’s workplace. Josh Bersin also writes how there now seems to be a clear recognition that L&D role needs to change, in Using Design Thinking to Embed Learning in Our Jobs (HBR, 25 July). If you’d like to find out more and/or to share what you have been doing to radically rethink the role of L&D, then come and join us.

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Learning in 3D Book Information

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DESCRIPTION: Learning in 3D provides a clear and cogent analysis of how emerging immersive technologies are changing the nature of business in general and the role of the learning function within the enterprise in particular. This book also offers an ideal resource for those responsible for teaching the next generation of learning on the Internet. Tags: book

Understanding the Role of Training in the Extended Enterprise


Taking that to a new level, Kathy Sierra in her book Badass, advocates that what matters is making customers awesome and that includes developing their ability to succeed. And again, this is a role for L&D. There’s much talk about the ‘extended enterprise’ today.

5 Ways Video Role-Play Will Transform Your Training Effectiveness


One technique that deserves particular attention is video role-play; in fact, here are five ways in which utilizing online video coaching can transform your training effectiveness. Role-playing is particularly effective in sales training environments, due to the high-pressure situations reps can encounter. Through video role-playing, these situations can be better anticipated and learned. Video role-playing could be the exception.

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New Book: Learning in the Modern Workplace 2017

Jane Hart

The book is available as a Paperback or PDF. There is also an online resource that contains all the colour images used in the book as well as clickable link lists. “This book is easy to read, easy to make sense of – and to my mind, makes absolute sense. New L&D roles.

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Book Review: “Be Bad First – Get Good at Things Fast to Stay Ready for the Future”

She’s written at least 4 books, the latest of which is Be Bad First – Get Good at Things Fast to Stay Ready for the Future. She describes a client who was stepping into a CEO role where much of her job was new. What I learned from this book. Today’s competitive advantage?

Interactive: What Does It Really Mean?

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Is a choose your own adventure book interactive? Role-playing. I do count picking which page to turn to in a choose your own adventure book as meaningful. Merriam-Webster ’s online dictionary defines “interactive” as, “involving the actions or input of a user.”

Free e-Learning books


> If you have read any of the following books I will highly appreciate if you share your opinion with the e-Learning community. => Educating the Net Generation - An EDUCAUSE e-Book The Net Generation has grown up with information technology. Hi Jeff, awesome book!

The 10 best Instructional design books: Resources for beginners and professionals


That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 books on Instructional Design (ISD) and related topics that, in our opinion, are considered “must read” or “highly valuable” resources on the subject. Plus, what’s better than taking a book to the beach?

Learning Rebel Book Review: The Social Leadership Handbook by Julian Stodd

Learning Rebels

Recently I was asked to give a book “interview” and I could choose any book I wanted. What book would you like to discuss in this interview? What drew you to that book? . So when I was afforded the opportunity to read his book, I jumped on it.

Book review: Social media for trainers

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

Hence I was thrilled to find Jane Bozarth's book: Social media for Trainers. Anyhow, the book is very practical and has lots of good tips. So it is definitely a great book for trainers new to using social media!

The Power of Role-based e-Learning

Clark Quinn

The Power of Role-Based e-Learning: designing and moderating online role play is a new book out that talks about simple methods to get powerful learning outcomes from collaborative games. Here’s the publisher’s blurb: Written for educators seeking to engage students in collaboration and communication about authentic scenarios, the power of role-based e- learning offers helpful, accessible advice on the practice and research needed to design online role play.

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BOOK REVIEW: “Design for How People Learn” by Julie Dirksen

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Design for How People Learn” by Julie Dirksen is a heavy book, both literally (top-quality glossy paper) and figuratively. Dirksen’s easy-to-read and well-illustrated book accomplishes that goal in 300 full-color gorgeous pages. © Ugur Akinci.

Blog Book Tour: Learning in 3D #lrn3d

Learning Visions

When Karl Kapp invited me to join the blog book tour for Learning in 3D, he dangled a little carrot in front of me. So I am reading this book as a scavenger hunt (leave it to Karl to turn it into a game!)…my

Self-service learning and the role of manager as coach

Connect Thinking

Today I’d like to explore a little more about the role of manager. Years ago when I was completing my MA (e-learning) I read a book by Cunningham, Dawes and Bennett.

How to Create Awesome Organisational Change – The Book

Growth Engineering

This week I share the ‘Why,’ the ‘What’ and the ‘How’ of organisational change (with a little ‘Wow’ chucked in for good measure)… 2017 is the year I write my first book! Witnessing ideas put to the test to successfully transform workforces worldwide, inspired this book.

E-Learning Provocateur: Volume 2

E-Learning Provocateur

Following the modest success of my first book , I decided to fulfil the promise of its subtitle and publish E-Learning Provocateur: Volume 2. • the role of L&D.

11 Must Read Books for E-learning Professionals

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To make this pursuit a little easy, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 books in the field of e-learning for you. This book provides a brief overview of things involved in designing great learning experiences. This book explores gamification in detail.

Blog Book Tour: Social Media for Trainers--stop #9

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#SoMe for Trainers: Beating the Forgetting Curve This is the 9th stop of the Blog Book Tour for Jane Bozarth's new book, S ocial Media for Trainers. This book addresses the sceptics, the doubting and the uninitiated as well as those experienced in using the tools.

Gamification Blog Book Tour, Week Four Stops and Week Two Recap

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The Gamification of Learning and Instruction blog book tour has been a lot of fun, with interesting comments and exciting dialogues and some in-person stops. During the week, there was a review of the book published at Learning Solutions Magazine. We started the evening by playing a game to get everyone familiar with the various elements of games such as challenge, roles and feedback. Here are some images from my in-person book signing.

Learn About The Role Evaluation Plays in Grants

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I do work as an evaluator on several National Science Foundation (NSF ) Advanced Technology Education (ATE) grants. learn a little more about the ATE programs ) I have been asked to share some of my experiences in an upcoming webinar about NSF ATE Evaluations. Here are the details in case you are interested in attending.