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Meet David Frazier, State of Alabama technology trainer

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It's relatively easy to use but it still needs to have some familiarization training and most employees don't have the time or the knowledge to "play" with something to learn it--they need to be able to use it productively right away. How do you get from concept to finished product?

The Power of Surprise in Story-based design

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Surprise is like crack in your brain. Scientists at Emory and Baylor used MRIs to measure changes in human brain activity in response to a sequence of pleasurable stimuli, using fruit juice and water.

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Social networking is king

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Spike Jones , the “Firestarter&# at Brains on Fire ; and. Juicing the orange. What if your customers advertised for you? The members aren’t obliged to promote the Fiskars brand or its products. As the Brains on Fire website states: …fans embody loyalty.

Accelerated Learning: Where Does It Fit In? | Social Learning Blog

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Accelerated Learning attempts to change this imbalance by including activities that trigger the other intelligences, for example, Brain Gym® , games that involve movement, MindMapping® tools, songs and raps, and word cards.

Kirkpatrick Revisited | Social Learning Blog

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Organizations such as PACT, ASTD, MNISPI, and the Digital Learning Forum get my creative juices going to generate new ideas and synergies. View all posts by Barbara → ← Brain Rules for Learning: Who Knew?

E-Learning Strategy – The Right Way to Success

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If you plan to offer e-learning for internal as well as customers, then list it. Think of learner projections in the same way you look at deliverable of products sold. I focused only on general learner projections, but it was always a nice to know on our attrition rate with our customers/clients and even internal -and it depended on a few factors: If I had final say and didn’t need to present to anyone, I bypassed it. If you are doing B2C – find some customers.

GE TV: Elliott Masie on the Future of Learning Technologies

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I thought that one of the interesting games would have been to take Angry Birds and turn into an Angry Customers game. You look at SharePoint, an incredibly sophisticated product from Microsoft, and probably the most abandoned technology in the universe.

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48 Books Every Aspiring Chief Learning Officer Should Read


This is the book you’ll want to keep on your desk and refer to when you’ve run out of juice or need a helping hand. From chess champions, star athletes to entrepreneurs and brain surgeons, Ericsson has searched to find the common themes that bind them together.

Informal Learning – the other 80%

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Keeping the promises made to our customers. Situating our brains in our heads oversimplifies the situation; our brains are distributed throughout our bodies. Consider Cisco, a company with a staggering thirst for new-product information and detail.