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What You Need to Know About Visuals, Video, and the 2019 Internet Trends Report

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In June 2019, Mary Meeker released her annual report on internet trends. The human brain has a vast visual GPU that processes signals like crazy, and so we are naturally drawn to it.” – Camtasia Technical Product Manager Brooks Andrus. 2019 Internet Trends Report- slide 72. How are these trends carrying over to business? 2019 Internet Trends report- Slide 87.

Is Multimedia the Most Underrated Tool for Internal Communication?


Instant messages with embedded links, videos, and photos. Being creative with the way that you share your message might mean the difference between real change and just another workplace memo. We know that images are processed 60,000 times faster than text by the brain and that brains are ultimately lazy organs. Pictures; sounds; motion: they all capture attention in ways that an email never can.


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The Shift from Static to Multimedia Communication


Ensure a message is received and understood. Create more personalized, human-centric messaging. Emails fail to grab attention in the same way pictures, sounds, motion. And sending multimedia messages periodically to your team can get their creative flows going and will set a tone for your company. Instant messages with embedded links, videos, and photos. Sometimes your brain just needs a rest because we know that brains are ultimately lazy organs.

Make the Case for A Multimedia Solution At Your Company


Instant messages with embedded links, videos, and photos. Pictures; sounds; motion will always capture attention in a way that an email never can. Videos help to create a connection between the learner and the information, which is vital if you’re hoping to incite a big change or get an important message across at the office.

How to Design Addiction from “FOMO” into eLearning


It’s what keeps you scrolling through pictures on Instagram or checking Twitter every five minutes. Of course, we know that not every status update is a gem and every picture posted isn’t Picasso, but it’s not the actual content that keeps us glued; it’s the delivery method. New picture posted? That’s because when people fear that their friends are doing something cool or that everyone’s talking about the latest trending topic, they want to hop online and get involved.

10 Remote Training Ideas

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Remote training has been a trending topic in the corporate world for years, with training managers and L&D leaders seeing it as the most ideal and practical solution to reach and train their geographically dispersed and scattered teams. Here’s where microlearning comes into the picture. .

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