How the Brain Learns—A Super Simple Explanation for eLearning Professionals

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In his book, The Art of Changing the Brain , Dr. James Zull , notably suggested how David Kolb''s famous four-phase model of the learning cycle can be mapped into four major brain processes. He believed that better understanding the learning processes that occurs in the brain encourages a more flexible approach to learning. After all, it''s what''s going on in the learners'' brains that matters the most.

I’ve been depressed. You?

Jay Cross

It was physical (the juices in my head) and mental (the belief-set that controls my interpretation of the world). Brain Science Just Jay Psychology I’ve been depressed. Telling you this will blow my chances of running for president, but what the hell: I have been clinically depressed for the last two years. It’s a form of going crazy. I lost interest in my work, stopped blogging and taking photos. I became a near-hermit. .

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8 Benefits You Didn’t Expect from Learning a New Language

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Bilingualism is good for your brain. Another remarkable benefit of learning a foreign language is its positive impact on brain health. Psycholinguists admit that being bilingual may delay dementia and help recover after the consequences of brain injury. All because learning a foreign language is a great stimulating mental activity and a perfect way to exercise your brain. Our brain likes pleasure. So now you can see, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

Boost your intelligence: 6 ways to maximize your cognitive potential

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You have to keep your brain calm and should do meditation on a daily basis to gain the mental peace. Eat a brain-boosting Mediterranean diet. Avoid drinking tea, and you should consume fresh juices. In today’s world, the health should be the primary concern to every person. The health can be mental, physically, emotionally or psychologically. Among all these types, the primary factor that many people forget is his or her mental health.

Offline is the new luxury

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In terms of neuroscience (sorry this is the learning specialist speaking), creativity and inspiration are actually stimulated when the brain is also in a state of relaxation, which means that you can benefit from this digital time off to be more creative and have new ideas. And by the way…the fruits juice in the picture was my first detox initiative this morning…orange + kiwi is a great vitamine shot!

Learning Activities that Matter

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Training activities should not only engage the body but the brain. We must incorporate activities that strengthen the brain – we do this through practice, feedback loops and assessing performance. Think of this as a dance we do with the brain. With each step, we create stronger knowledge links within the brain. Reciprocal scaffolding helps the rubber meet the road when connecting learning to the brain.

Five top tips to boost creativity

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When you’re being creative, your brain releases dopamine, which is a natural antidepressant. Keeping your creative juices flowing can help you combat this, embrace change and feel more in control. This inner clock is embedded inside your brain. Five top tips to boost creativity. Liggy Webb explains how creativity can boost your mental health, and shares her tips for embracing a new way of thinking. Creativity is contagious. Pass it on’ Albert Einstein.

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Book Writing Tips

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I call the morning work “wet work” because the brain really needs to be juiced up to be writing and then the afternoon/evening “dry work” because to me, assembly and organization are boring. Recently a number of great folks I know in the L&D field have indicated they are working on a book. Writing a book is a great experience. Writing helps me clarify thoughts, focus my ideas and explore content.

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How to Add Color and Use Creativity at Work

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So, since we all need to use creativity at work, whether you’re putting pen to paper, or pointer finger to mouse, we have to try different ways to get our creative juices flowing. It engages the other side of my brain and gives my creative side some downtime. • Keep your writing/creating tools nearby: Many famous writers started their best-selling works on napkins, but it couldn’t hurt to have something a little more permanent!

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How to Think Outside the Box at Work

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Even if your office has progressive, trendy furnishings (like ours), there are still plenty of times when a change of perspective would help get those creative juices flowing. Make small changes to your routine: Every time you repeat a daily task, you are strengthening the synaptic pathways in your brain that have molded themselves around that task. If we are really supposed to think outside the box at work, why do so many of us sit inside of cubicles?

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How to Think Outside the Box at Work

Bottom-Line Performance

Even if your office has progressive, trendy furnishings (like ours), there are still plenty of times when a change of perspective would help get those creative juices flowing. Make small changes to your routine: Every time you repeat a daily task, you are strengthening the synaptic pathways in your brain that have molded themselves around that task. If we are really supposed to think outside the box at work, why do so many of us sit inside of cubicles?

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The Power of Surprise in Story-based design

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Surprise is like crack in your brain. Scientists at Emory and Baylor used MRIs to measure changes in human brain activity in response to a sequence of pleasurable stimuli, using fruit juice and water. The patterns of juice and water squirts were either predictable or completely unpredictable. Contrary to the researchers'' expectations, the reward pathways in the brain respond most strongly to the unpredictable sequence of squirts.

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E-Learning Design Part 5: Learning through Creating (Blooms 21)


As Wright asserts, “the more churn a brain experiences, the more likely it’s going to retain information,” and so asking a learner to begin with creating is a really effective way of getting those cerebral juices flowing. At CDSM, we draw on a range of theories – from the past and the present – to form the method and practice behind our award-winning e-learning. This is known as our ‘ pedagogy ’.

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The best way to onboard employees in retail


That video can be shown in a learning moment and followed up by a couple of questions to keep those brain juices flowing. Most of us know it as one of the most difficult parts in retail to find the right employees and keep them interested and motivated. As a matter of fact, 30% of new employees leave within the first year. No wonder it is perceived as an ongoing battle. Well, we’re here to tell you: It shouldn’t be!

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4 Ways to Design Learning Spaces That Foster Engagement


Think about it: If you’re feeling totally uninspired, getting up, moving around, and maybe even finding a new place to sit could be a simple way to get juices flowing again. Certain colors actual stimulate brain function and can be used to encourage better learning. We’ve talked about the best way to create a personal learning environment and how to create a company culture that embraces training. But when talking about actual, physical space, the discussion shifts a little.

Recording Games with Camtasia: Star Citizen

TechSmith Camtasia

Based on the premise of encouraging the sharing of fantastical and innovative ideas, it’s hard to go more than a moment on their site without encountering at least one wild beast of an idea that delivers a shot of imagination juice straight to your brain. It’s no secret that we TechSmithies are fond of the new and interesting.

Social networking is king

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Spike Jones , the “Firestarter&# at Brains on Fire ; and. Juicing the orange. As the Brains on Fire website states: …fans embody loyalty. Like Brains on Fire, Kate and her colleagues focused on igniting a movement. In my previous article , I explored one of the principles to emerge from the recent AMPLIFY09 festival, namely “Everything big started small&#. Another principle that resonated with me was, in my own words: Social networking is king.

Discover 4 Ways to Find Your Creative Zen at Work


When your tech is outdated, slow, inaccessible, or inconvenient, it can seriously disrupt your creative juices. It signals the brain to focus without the disruption of lyrics. Feng shui and meditation aside, tapping into your office zen doesn’t necessarily mean yoga at your desk. Instead, it’s a state of mind that allows you to be calm and creative, even when you work in a high-stakes position.

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17 ways you can develop your creativity and improve your design performance

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When you are in a conversation or situation of conflicting perspectives your brain will go into solution mode. MusicListening to music whilst you work, walk or unwind can help you relax and give your brain the capacity to think clearly and calmly.13. Go for a walkSometimes you simply need a change of pace to get the creative juices flowing, and a simple walk could be the perfect remedy. Is creativity a natural born talent or a nurtured skill?

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Accelerated Learning: Where Does It Fit In? | Social Learning Blog

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Accelerated Learning attempts to change this imbalance by including activities that trigger the other intelligences, for example, Brain Gym® , games that involve movement, MindMapping® tools, songs and raps, and word cards. Organizations such as PACT, ASTD, MNISPI, and the Digital Learning Forum get my creative juices going to generate new ideas and synergies.

How to use ActiveCampaign with Your Online Course or Training Based Membership Website with Kay Peacey of Slick Business


Chris Badgett: That was probably V8 Juice or whatever, tomato juice or something. And I have to ask you, my brain is wired more like yours as a marketing person and automation and a systems thinker and stuff like that than like Melissa, who’s creative expert, amazing designer.

Kirkpatrick Revisited | Social Learning Blog

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Organizations such as PACT, ASTD, MNISPI, and the Digital Learning Forum get my creative juices going to generate new ideas and synergies. View all posts by Barbara → ← Brain Rules for Learning: Who Knew?

Curiosity Drives Employee Engagement

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A sense of intrigue primes the brain for learning because it signals that something important is about to happen – something worth remembering! Simply thinking a little differently about life gets our creative juices flowing. Each week I explore a theme featured in my upcoming book, Unleashing Superheroes. This week, embrace your adventurous spirit as we explore the role of curio…Well, you’ll have to read on to find out! Curiosity. It’s powerful stuff.

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Elearning innovation: examples, tips and technology


Let’s take a look at these and get the creative juices flowing! Introduce brain-friendly solutions. Try taking advice from Learning Psychologist Stella Collins, who specializes in applying brain-friendly methods to improving communication and performance. Inspiration can be hard to find. It can be even harder to be continuously innovative. So then, how do you keep your ideas fresh, your production process smart and your elearning strategy current?

E-Learning Strategy – The Right Way to Success

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So, relax and stop drinking Red Bull, that stuff rots your brain. To jump start the creative juices, I recommend using my vendor LMS analysis or Authoring Tool Details templates available on the site. Right now you may be sitting there reading the headline. You are anticipating a magical cure, because you are suffering from seeing some team named Dayton ruin your March Madness bracket. I hear you. I feel you (well, not really), but I get it.

GE TV: Elliott Masie on the Future of Learning Technologies

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We’re going to see some brain research coming out, probably in about a month, that looks at a new map of the brain. They found this one area of the brain that’s only stimulated by a story. It’s good organisation, but it doesn’t exactly get our juices going. But how do we get the learning juices of our learners going? They become part of our brain, just because we process that differently. We’ve got a whopper of a guest on this week’s episode of GE TV !

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Sharing the Simple Life Transformation Through Courses, Books, and More with Veteran Gary Collins


Gary Collins: And it’s the chemicals actually crossing my blood brain barrier and it’s causing some weird psychological, I shouldn’t even say some neuro weird response that is unhealthy. My brain is going, what did you just do? I was on a plane recently and I had like a juice, like a mass produced juice in the can and then they gave out a cookie and I felt like crap.

Meet David Frazier, State of Alabama technology trainer

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I also go to one of those "mega-churches" that has its own TV station and uses a lot of video during their services; so I pick the brains of the people that work there to get ideas on how I can or can't do something. I just hope that you will get some more of these from Digital Juice and make it available to us all. Our newsletter Editor, Daniel Foster , caught up with a Camtasia Studio user, David Frazier. David was kind enough to share his story and screencasting insights with us.

HP Is Playing Learning Games

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“Neuroscience teaches that solving puzzles raises the brain level of dopamine — the juice that produces motivation and the feeling of reward. To develop its large, global workforce, HP implemented game-based training to capture employees’ attention. Information technology company Hewlett-Packard (HP) develops and maintains a workforce of more than 250,000 employees.

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48 Books Every Aspiring Chief Learning Officer Should Read


This is the book you’ll want to keep on your desk and refer to when you’ve run out of juice or need a helping hand. From chess champions, star athletes to entrepreneurs and brain surgeons, Ericsson has searched to find the common themes that bind them together. As unputdownable as a psychological thriller, but far more useful Make It Stick explains the human brain, how we learn and gives practical advice on how to put these evidence-backed ideas into practice.

Informal Learning – the other 80%

Jay Cross

Situating our brains in our heads oversimplifies the situation; our brains are distributed throughout our bodies. Now everyone has at least one calculator, some of us have dozens, and they’ve become so cheap that it’s easier to get a new one than buy batteries when the original cells run out of juice. Years ago a start-up commissioned me to write a white paper that would help put them on the map. I wrote the paper that follows.