Joe Sabia – opening keynote at Brainshark #sharkmeet12

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Joe Sabia – opening keynote at Brainshark #sharkmeet12. What could be transferred to business communications? The mullet approach to news – business up front, party at the bottom. Kineo. Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE. Video maker. TED Talk. link]. Joe follows viral culture. From the world of viral video? Think about a presentation you’ve given in the past month. Based on the principles Joe is going to talk about, how might you integrate those principles?

Tools to make you drool – video training toys for IDs

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VIDIZMO’s ( ) value proposition is that it’s the world’s first true “Business Video Platform”. Brainshark ( ) has been a strong player in the video training market for several years.

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Three Reasons Why Corporate Training Departments Could Become.

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Most likely by small, specialized teams focused on business results. As a result, many business leaders no longer rely on the training department for performing, or outsourcing, technical eLearning development. Brainshark) Are you kidding?

10 Training Tracking Tool Options To Boost Team Learning


Some of the other key features include the ability to create knowledge, retain top employees through onboarding, and drive business to meet organizational goals through learning. Brainshark. Brainshark offers either a Pro or Premier option.

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Think for yourselves, plagiarists

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by Brendan Cournoyer , Director of Content Marketing, Brainshark. Miscellaneous The Learning BusinessIn 2006, Jossey-Bass published a book of mine on Informal Learning.

Best of Elearning! 2015 Finalists Revealed


Business Skills Library. Brainshark. Brainshark. Executives Nominate 100 Solutions Across Expanded 30 Categories for Excellence. Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines, the industry voices of the enterprise learning and workforce technology market, announced today the Best of Elearning! Awards 2015 Finalists. Readers and professionals from both the private and public sector cast more than 4,000 nominations for the best-in-class solutions across 30 product categories.

A showdown between quality eLearning and rapid development? #ASTD2014

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The Serious eLearning Manifesto should (in my opinion) be understood as a dagger aimed at the heart of Articulate, Adobe Presenter, Lectora, Brainshark, and other “rapid development” tools. Rapid development is, of course, a threat to the custom eLearning business—i.e.,

Video Training – why it’s here to stay

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Brainshark , an online video presentation firm, reports on the wave of video content in general pouring out across the web. And it’s not just adolescents sitting in front of their screens – 75% of C-level execs report watching business videos in a given work week.

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Inspiring E-Learning Quotes from the Great Masters


Learning doesn’t just happen during business hours in the office or in the classroom. THE QUOTE: “ The key to success is getting people to do the right thing at the right time.” – Michael W. Allen, CEO, Allen Interactions. THE JOURNEY: Where is e-learning heading?

Permanente ?Elite Learning ?Performance

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The pillars of HPI’s programs — maintaining strategic alignment with business objectives, offering a wide variety of robust learning content, focusing on the importance of performance analysis, and developing strong assessment and evaluation tools — have been their formula for success.



Learning doesn’t just happen during business hours in the office or in the classroom. THE QUOTE: “ The key to success is getting people to do the right thing at the right time.” – Michael W. Allen, CEO, Allen Interactions THE JOURNEY: Where is e-learning heading?

Salesforce Learning Solutions: AppExchange Buyer’s Guide

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Last week in San Francisco it was impossible to miss the presence of Salesforce , with more than 170,000 customers, employees, developers and business partners swarming the streets during the annual Dreamforce conference. The Business Wisdom of Salesforce AppExchange.

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Free L&D webinars for June 2019

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Surviving Your New Training Job You were minding your own business and doing your best at a task. Understanding the particular nature and unique challenges of family businesses is central to the well-being and prosperity of our economies.

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Free L&D webinars for September 2019

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But it’s always worthwhile to make time for learning, and this month there’s a great selection of free webinars to support you in your business goals. When you, your team and your business are facing these challenges, you need some added support to prepare for transformation that lies ahead.

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Learning Systems RFP and Tier4 NexGen

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” If they want your business they will. Right now, SAP Litmos (LMS) and Brainshark (a Sales Enablement Platform) definitely have it. Built-in business intelligence component which is the metrics/data back-end of the system. EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it, that is what the kid on the street corner back in the 1800s and early 1900s would shout to get your attention to buy the latest penny press.

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Five Tips for Effective Distance Learning

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Distance learning programs are being adopted by a growing number of businesses. For many businesses, this means a greater investment in on-demand learning programs. After all, the majority of business professionals depend on their mobile devices for everything these days. Brendan Cournoyer is a content marketing manager with Brainshark Inc., Here’s how to make them effective.

Recommended Learning Systems

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A system made for SMB/SME and mid-market, although personally, I think they could do well in small business too. Has a built-in Business Intelligence tool (rare in the space). Ideal for small business and SMB, although they would work for mid-market. One of the few that is ideal for small business and SMB/SME. Brainshark – Very good SEP, with strong metrics and data visualization.

Top 85 Learning Systems for 2020

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I never understand vendors who spin, we are not in the content business – really? As I have done the past few years, the vendors in the Top 50 rankings (those that make it) are placed in comparison, which means, that if you are targeting small business, you are not compared to someone who targets 10,000 plus employees; nor if you are B2B customer training compared to an employee-only system. Brainshark. That sounds about right.

Forecasts for 2020

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I know of vendors who tell me they are not in the content business. If a vendor tells you they are not in the content business, I can only assume they must be in the web server business, because without content, that is all you have – a web server. I love forecasts.

TechKnowledge 2012 – Post Assessment

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Zero web conferencing vendors – I guess business is booming for you – the economy clearly is not playing a factor. BrainShark. “ Him: “Only ours” Me: “Okay, you can create your courses with your SaaS tool, upload them into your system – and only your courses built with Brainshark, you have some reports and analytics.” Brainshark’s new product which they pitch is 100% free. Last week, I attended TK 2012 in Las Vegas.

Free L&D webinars for September 2018

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Businesses should always look for an easy-to-use toolkit that facilitates rapid creation and distribution of eLearning at scale. How open-source platforms can be optimized to inspire a culture of learning in the workplace that aligns with business objectives.

On Fire in 2013 – What’s going to be hot in e-learning

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Education is going more and more with tablets, businesses are going with tablets (in some cases, expecting the consumer who has the tablet to bring it into work and use it), consumers as a whole are using tablets. Global tablet sales will exceed 450 million units by 2016 (Business Insider).

My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

mLearning Trends

The acceptance of mobile learning within the business community probably won’t happen with much fanfare, it will just happen and be accepted as a “norm” wherein the market no longer asks “should we offer learning to our employees (or partners or customers) via mobile device?”

Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

mLearning Trends

As I stated in the previous post assessing my 2010 predictions, the size and complexity of mobile learning projects/programs will continue to expand across all geographical and line-of-business boundaries. a.k.a. How On Target Were My 2011 Predictions?

How to Solve 10 Common Training Problems With Video

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But high-quality training in less time is a real possibility and is necessary for businesses that want to curb costs and inconveniences tied to face-to-face job preparation. This means businesses are under pressure to teach employees faster in a shorter time period.

Top 20 Learning Systems for 2020

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Built-in Business Intelligence component. Personally, I find them better than Brainshark and Showpad. . Okay, this is the continuation of the Top 50 Learning Systems for 2020. Below are the Top 20 Learning Systems (of those Top 50). .