Inspiring E-Learning Quotes from the Great Masters


We’re still seeing an avoidance of social learning, the continual use of courses as the only solution, and consequently organizations that can’t adapt fast enough…This need to change.” – Clark Quinn (From our interview with him). “

Three Reasons Why Corporate Training Departments Could Become.

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Tools like Mindflash and Brainshark are quickly gaining traction in the marketplace, as ways to turn everything a company has “laying around,” like Powerpoints and videos, and turn them into training. Brainshark) Are you kidding? Learn about Social Learning.

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How to Solve 10 Common Training Problems With Video

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This process, called social learning, doesn’t happen formally, or at management’s request. Problem #7: Slide decks get boring…fast. Slide decks fulfill a useful function: to organize and present content-heavy training sessions with short, bullet-point summations and visual media.

New E-Learning Rankings: Authoring Tools

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6 Brainshark - I have never been a fan of these guys in the past, but that has now changed. Everyone loves lists. Lists for the best books written in 1899 (right?), best products that work under water (summer time) and from the e-learning prospective – the best authoring tools.

Think for yourselves, plagiarists

Jay Cross

From her slides: . by Brendan Cournoyer , Director of Content Marketing, Brainshark. ” How social networks and Web 2.0 Eight of the 33 slides were copied from a colleague’s presentation deck without attribution.

Free L&D webinars for June 2019

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Thursday, June 6, 2019, 9AM – 10AM PT: Ten Hacks for Better Slides in Five Minutes You’re spending too much time on your slides. Get ten quick slide hacks that will turn “meh” into marvellous. You’ll learn techniques for creating clear, professional slides in PowerPoint.

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Free L&D webinars for September 2019

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In this webinar, Brainshark’s Amy O’Brien will share a 7-step process for designing sales training programs that work—no previous experience required. Learn how to build a relevant and inspiring online social media presence without it taking over your life.

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Free L&D webinars for September 2018

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How to add Fluid Boxes to the slides. During this session, you will learn how to create virtual reality courses, 360-degree slides, interactive videos, webcam + screen recording, and more. Join Brainshark for this introduction to an agile sales onboarding methodology.