Rapid (Collaborative) Authoring Tools for developers/SMEs in multiple locations

Janet Clarey

I’ve been slicing and dicing our Authoring Tool KnowledgeBase and doing some online research in response to a question about collaborative rapid authoring tools that developers in multiple locations can use. Collaborative across locations = Server-based authoring environment that one or more content developers access simultaneously using their browser for collaborative authoring. Content Authoring Software (Mediapro Education Technology Pvt. myUdutu (Udutu).

e-Learning Authoring Tools Crash Course -- Follow Up

Learning Visions

Note: you can generally tell if info was provided by a real user or by an authoring tool company ;) Bryan Chapman, Brandon Hall Research Report, Authoring Tool KnowledgeBase 2009 (A Buyer's Guide to 120+ of the Best E-learning Content Development Applications). Janet Clarey of Brandon Hall Research recently wrote up a nice review of My Udutu. e-Learning Authoring Tools The Brandon-Hall Authoring Tools database currently includes over 120 tools.