Elearning Statistics 2020

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Even before the global pandemic hit, however, the introduction of eLearning and microlearning were already on the rise to train professional teams. Now that we know eLearning trends were on the rise before the global pandemic, let’s unpack the why.

eLearning statistics and trends: 2020

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Even before the global pandemic hit, however, the introduction of eLearning and microlearning were already on the rise to train professional teams. Now that we know eLearning trends were on the rise before the global pandemic, let’s unpack the why.


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eLearning statistics 2021

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This global shift to digitized workplaces dramatically changed how we approach learning and development in 2021. . Skip ahead to statistics on: Microlearning. Microlearning Statistics. Mobile Learning Statistics. Gamification Statistics. ??In eLearning Statistics.

eLearning statistics and trends: 2020

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Even before the global pandemic hit, however, the introduction of eLearning and microlearning were already on the rise to train professional teams. Now that we know eLearning trends were on the rise before the global pandemic, let’s unpack the why.

Benefits of e Learning


Global Market Insights, Inc. reports that the global eLearning market is projected to reach $300 billion by 2025. Now that’s a statistic to take back to the boss! Follow Follow Follow. The benefits of e Learning extend far past the desk of your employees.

ILT is not Dead


While this trend continues to grow, statistics are showing that instructor-led training (ILT) is not dead. In fact, according to the 2019 Brandon Hall Study , ILT remains the primary form of learning delivery in organizations – a whopping 94%, as opposed to eLearning at 77%. FM Global asserts the centrality of Instructor-Led Training to its learning strategy through its recent purpose-built and resource-intensive learning center.

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Nine Amazing Online Learning Facts

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A study by Research and Markets predicts the global e-learning market will grow at a CAGR of 17.81% during the period 2016-2020. Let us now look at a few interesting statistics about online learning. A Brandon-Hall Study revealed learning online typically requires 40% to 60% less employee time than learning the same subject in a traditional classroom setting. The global revenues for game-based learning market reached $2.6

Social Learning pays off! A Success Story

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Recognition by Brandon Hall and the CLO forum is considered prestigious. In addition to these visible impacts, if the ROI has to be calculated in direct comparison to comparable company statistics using a particular year prior to product roll-out as the benchmark, then results show a significant saving in direct system costs in comparison to legacy systems and delivery costs of required training per new employee, among other things. Learning by force is passé.

Six Reasons Corporate Organizations Prefer E-learning to Train Their Employees

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According to Global Industry Analysts , the share of eLearning is approximately $107 billion out of $200 billion of the Corporate training industry, while this was only $56.2 These statistics show the pace of expansion of eLearning in corporate training. The world of training has undergone myriad changes since the introduction of computers and the Internet.

With L&D in Focus, Here is How an LXP can Help Achieve Desired Outcomes and Improve Performance

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Sixty-six percent of L&D pros globally agree that Learning and Development is focused on rebuilding or reshaping organizations this year to improve performance overall. For instance, let us take this statistic from a report recently published by Brandon Hall Group.

Beyond Buzzwords: The Down & Dirty Realities of Modern Learning


In fact, the 2018 HCM Outlook by Brandon Hall Group cites that 76% of companies see aligning the learning strategy with the business is an important or critical priority for achieving business goals. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average time spent working in a single job is now only about four years. People are reinventing themselves more frequently than generations before and, according to the statistics, will have to do so many times in the course of their careers.

Free learning & development webinars for September 2020

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Join Sarah Danzl, Director and Head of Global Communications at Degreed, and Peter Manniche Riber, Head of Digital Learning at Novo Nordisk, to find out what successful people leaders in healthcare are doing differently. “ Chestnut, tree, nature ” by Holger Schué is licensed by Pixabay.

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Free L&D webinars for May 2019

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019, 11AM – 12PM PT: Disrupt and Add Value: VR Training on the Rise (Free for ATD members) Dive into the benefits of VR for training with the global head of VR for Training at HP, Jay Fraser, the CEO of VRAINIUM, Dean Slawson and CEO of VRSpeaking, Jeff Marshall. It’s understandable, though, when you realize it often feels like you need a statistics degree to understand HR analytics. “ Cat, Animals, Sonchus, Oleraceus ” by Dagny Walter is licensed by Pixabay.

How to Train Your Customers

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Research this year from Brandon Hall Group indicates 54 percent of organizations are now doing some form of extended audience training for business partners or customers. “That is a growing statistic, and considerably higher than, say, three to five years ago,” said Stacey Harris, group vice president of research and advisory services at Brandon Hall. Global investment manager Franklin Templeton understands this distinction.

Free L&D webinars for June 2018

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And that makes sense, because it often feels like you need a statistics degree to understand HR analytics. Claude Werder, VP/Research Operations and Principal HCM Analyst for Brandon Hall Group, will discuss the latest trends in Leadership Development. According to a MarketsandMarkets report, the global gamification industry will be valued at $11.1 " Green, bugs, insects, fly, flies " by Emilian Robert Vicol is Public Domain.

Free L&D webinars for January 2018

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Join David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, and Adilson Borges, Chief Learning Officer at Carrefour, as they discuss why an omni-channel approach is so important to meet very specific needs and promote content tailored to each individual situation. Tuesday, January 16, 2018, 10AM – 11AM PT: Reinventing and Democratizing Leadership Development Brandon Hall Group conducts Leadership Development research every year.

How to Fuel Innovation

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Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 3.9 In the same vein, a June 2012 report from the McKinsey Global Institute in Washington predicts that employers worldwide could face a shortage of 85 million workers with high- and midlevel skills by 2020. According to Michael Rochelle, chief strategy officer for research and analyst firm Brandon Hall Group, “It can’t be emphasized enough: the learning function’s role isn’t just to create content and build courses.

Free L&D webinars for April 2019

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Join David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Litmos, as they explore the various ways learning can help you create great customer experiences and the types of learning that can have the most impact. Brandon Hall Group and Blue Circle Leadership created a toolkit that provides resources for leaders who are working to expand the pipeline of women technology leaders so your organization can compete in the global marketplace for the best talent.

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Getting Buy-In for eLearning: A 3-Step Process

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In fact, a Brandon-Hall Study , reported that eLearning requires from 40% to 60% less employee time than the same material delivered in a traditional classroom setting. Also, find some hard statistics to impress your company''s executives and make your point even clearer. Global Investments in eLearning to Double by 2015 [Infographic]. eLearning Benefits and Statistics: Reach More Learners in Less Time.

Free L&D webinars for October 2017

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In fact, according to Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Learning Technology Study, 44 per cent of companies are actively looking to replace their existing learning management system (LMS). Join David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group and Caitlin Bigsby, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Saba, as they discuss the evolving learning technology landscape and strategies for finding the right LMS for your organization.

Free L&D webinars for August 2018

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Join global workforce innovator Laura Goodrich, who has been helping organizations with change for over 20 years, as she coaches you and your organization on how to develop a mindset for change. There are many sources of data about employees, from hiring statistics to benefits utilization, diversity representation, attrition and job performance, to name a few. Statistics and predictions are driving everyone to try and use more video in their instructional design.

Free learning & development webinars for July 2017

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Topics will include how to: Train your global new hires at a significantly lower cost Transform onboarding into an interactive experience Weave coaching and mentoring into the onboarding process Improve new-hire satisfaction and retention Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 12PM – 1PM PT: 7 Advanced Models of Story-Based Learning Design At the core of Story Lessons is interactive stories and how they engage and help learners discover relevance and quick application of ideas.

Invest in Collaborative Learning to Foster Engagement

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In April, Brandon Hall Group released its 2016 “Learning Technology Study,” which indicated that 48 percent of companies expressed a desire to find a new learning technology. Whatever the reason, statistics like that one from Brandon Hall allude to the need for innovation in the learning and development space. Deloitte’s 2016 “Global Human Capital Trends” report discusses employees’ demand for continuous learning opportunities through innovative platforms.